Her Empath Zodiac Cyborgs #05

Her Empath Zodiac Cyborgs #05[EPUB] ✰ Her Empath Zodiac Cyborgs #05 By Mina Carter – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Even a rogue can be brought to heel by loveLyssa Ryland is the rogue of the fleet Feared and wanted by half the admiralty no one can control the redheaded General Half human half alien her nature has Even a rogue can be brought to Zodiac Cyborgs eBook ¸ heel by loveLyssa Ryland is the rogue of the fleet Feared and wanted by half the admiralty no one can control the redheaded General Half human half alien her nature has made her tough and years of war have given her a backbone of steel Commanding one of the most fearsome battleships in the fleet and friends with the largest mercenary clans in the galaxy no Her Empath ePUB ô one dare mess with herHe must walk into the lion’s denJJ is the sacrificial lamb One of the fleet’s Empaths he’s been tasked with controlling Lyssa and bringing her back under the authority of the Fleet Expecting a dried up crabby nun of a woman JJ takes the chance for a one night stand on the base the night before his new assignmentOnly to find out the unforgettable woman he spent the night with Empath Zodiac Cyborgs PDF/EPUB ¶ is none other than his new assignment And this time she’s not welcoming him with open arms Between the pressure from the powers that be a mission gone wrong and a homicidal cyborg can JJ convince Lyssa that this time his seduction is genuineNB THIS TITLE WAS PREVIOUSLY RELEASED AND HAS NOT BEEN SUBSTANTIALLY ALTERED OR EDITED IN ANY WAY. It is what it is snake lady shapeshifterempath pornSnake Lady is the kickbuttest of kickbutt Marines a general who pilots a starship on some vague mission about terrorists Of course all of her steely competence earned from three decades of active duty melts into a puddle of reptilian vaginal juices upon the appearance of the Empath assigned to the mission one Brick Piledriver Actually his name is JJOf course the manwhore always willing to stick his dick in anything finds himself floored with a sudden case of yearning monogamy Meanwhile his Blastbody smexitude makes this no nonsense officer want to spread herself on a glass coffee table and beg for orgasmsBut when thrown into a combat situation he really is out of his league and she is the cool commander in control of the situation with her head screwed on straight when it comes to her troops Although his ass still tends to distract while under fire Some things are worth getting your head shot off for I guessThe world building got dumped willy nilly though I don't read enough scifi fantasy to know what is too much not enough and just right But it seemed clunky to me in parts I had absolutely no idea what the actual plot was Something about an air drop a commando mission and cyborgs with model names based on the ZodiacSome of the writing wasn't all that brill with lines like He was cute when he was mad one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter Yeah his kitten was like a cat on a hot tin roof She was a puzzle wrapped in an enigma and Beg me to fuck you hard and fast over this table until we both scream in releaseStuff like thatBut the use of the phrase traitorous body always earns extra points with me I like fluffy smut or in this case faux tough iron codpiece Special Ops smut to be humorously self aware And the hero saying I’m an Empath not a miracle worker made my little Bones McCoy fangirl heart give a little suee of delight no matter if the author meant it in that way or notAverage read Better than a lot of the Ellora's Cave titles I've read A sexy half alien with stunning red hair and a bossy human empath Lyssa is half humanhalf alien She is the leader of a big military ship and works for the fleet However she is very powerful and tends to go a little rogue so the fleet demands she accepts JJ a human Empath into her crew so he can keep her in check and report back to the fleet None of them expected to fall for each otherIt was a great short and smutty sci fi read with a DOMSUB theme Also add an age gap if that’s your thing👏Read 300820201st rating 3 starsGenretropes Alienscyborgssmutsci firomanceage gapCover 3 stars POV’s Dual 3rd person JJ LyssaWill I recommend Yes DNF'ed at 19 % A little warning would have been nice that this is a Ds story so I could have stayed away I'm miffed that I spent my hard earned money for that The EC serial numbers haven't even been filed off supposed kick ass tough bitch turns into toothless kitten for the right magic wangWomen like dominamt men Huh? Maybe many do I do not Actually I prefer them on their but that doesn't belong here 🎁 FREE on today 8162020 🎁 Title Her Empath  Release Date  #AlreadyReleased Author Mina CarterReviewer Ingrid Stephanie Jordan Genre #SciFi#4Stars☆☆☆☆•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••     Nothing like a short little story to get you going in the afternoon Ms Mina really had me going there for a while Wondering if Lyssa was going to get JJ killed Definitely recommend this book you'll love it too      General Lyssa Ryland with her red hair and amber eyes showed her Telatian heritage She might be fifty two but she looked thirty No one could control her she was Half Human and Half Telatian it was said she had a backbone of steel And so they called her Rogue of Telat–Moire Her battleship is the USS Arcadia They wanted to control her instead she found something she never thought she'd ever find      Commander Jacob James Meyers aka JJ is an Empath and his new assignment is to take control of General Ryland and keep her under control for General Reilly Especially with the issues with the Telatian Council Sometimes things don't happen as planned going to the bar the night before he's supposed to report to the battleship he discovers this beautiful woman and before long they were in his room oh they were a total match for each other Sure he finds her now and he has to leave and never see her again What was he going to do? Well it didn't matter when he woke up she was already gone and he had to report and so he had memories or did he?     A copy of this book was provided to me with no reuirements for a review I voluntarily read this book and my comments here are my honest opinion This is a great sci fi romance about people with neat abilities in a space ship and on a mission on a planet One of the bad buys is a cyborgI really like the heroine She is partly human partly a being descended from humans whose DNA modified to have some snakelike ualities that are really cool He is a general and a fighter She is older than the hero but her race lives longer and ages differentlyThe hero is really neat too He is the empath a special kind of human that has neat mental abilities The world of the future is a bit unpleasant though the powers that be openly us empaths to control people Empaths are secretive even the ones using them don't seem to understand them The hero is strongly dominant which fits well with the sexual needs from her heritage The sexy scenes are pretty hot and there is talk about the dominance than descriptions of BDSM type stuff which is my preferenceThe battle they go into together brings them into a situation where they have to open up to each other and trust each other to extreme levels and it brings them even closer really fast A half breed snakelike kickass female with a Hot Empath how can you go wrong? Lyssa has always been the tough female with all the males under her command and JJ who was supposed to be the one to control her because the Fleet believes that she is out of control but what happens is not exactly what the Fleet expected Wooo there are some hot moments here A good start to the series Liked itSome funny bitsStory a bit too patNeed world building and less dominantsubmissive focus for my taste Well I have to say this book was no where near worth the99 I paid for it Basically here's the book in a nutshell Hero meets heroine both are attracted to each other some steamy sex they make a half ass excursion that had zero excitement then it basically just ends as they decide they want to be together???? No real closure at all No relationship or character development at all The plot was pretty boring overall especially for such a short read Aside from sex very little of actual relevance even occurred This isn't one I recommend and not a series I will continue ARC was given by the authorThis was the beginning of the series I actually like how this was written Ms Carter never fails to amaze me The simple way she writes is good and there are times that I would like to read of the current book Then i realize making it long will ruin the over all effectSince this is the start of the series it was okay However I really like how Jj and Lyssa interacted There was a certain chemistry and their feeling was like wow I enjoyed this and looking forward to reading the next book