Mark (Mallick Brothers, #3)

Mark (Mallick Brothers, #3) ❰Read❯ ➵ Mark (Mallick Brothers, #3) Author Jessica Gadziala – Mark Love and commitment might be great You know, for my brothers Not for me But then, in a chance meeting, I came across her Why was she different I couldn t say for sure Maybe it was the fact that s Mark Love and commitment might be great You know, for my brothers Not for me But then, in a chance meeting, I came across her Why was she different I couldn t say for sure Maybe it was the fact that she was the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen Maybe it was the the sharp edges she wore like a shield that made me want to see what was beneath Or maybe it had something to do with whatever secret she was trying so desperately to hide Scotti Love and commitment weren t even in the realm of possibilities for me My life had one purpose, one mission, and I couldn t afford to let anyone get in the way But then there was Mark Mallick ladies man, loanshark enforcer, and very determined to know my secrets That was problematic any day, but especially so with him Why Maybe because the things he would offer me, the things he would show me were possibilities for me, could make me reevaluate the mission that had completely consumed the last ten years of my lifeBut could I have those things Could I escape the life I had been trapped in for so long With Mark Mallick by my side, I was thinking maybe it was possible For possible triggers, please visit my website and find the triggers section from the main navigation bar. Get it here The heroine was almost a badass, the hero was as I expected.I m not fond of playboys, and the colorful past of this one was thrown in my face a couple times too many.Overall interesting read, especially regarding side characters.Can t wait to read Eli s book But also the King s heroine s older brother he was my favorite I m hooked with this author Going to read her MC series I actually don t like biker stories, but I need of Jessica Gadziala 4.5 starsThis was ANOTHER swoon worthy, insta love story from the criminal world of NBMark was totally swoon worthy and 1000% over the top everything a girl ever wants in a man He was possessive and sweet, determined, sexy and a fighter He knew exactly what he wanted and he went for it, he didn t pussy foot around with his manly emotional games he just went out and refused to let it slip away.I ve always enjoyed JG s books and this was exactly her style easy to read, fun and just enough drama to keep you guessing I love how she creates familial bonds within her series, whether they are blood related or brotherhood or the girls club, she makes me envious of the loyalty, support and love they share We meet a shit ton of new characters which, like a kid in a candy store, leaves me giddy with what ifs The twist towards the end broke me and left me dying for MORE MORE MORE That seems to be all I ever feel when I end a book by JG.I m happy but not content I need these books faster THANK YOU, as always, Jessica G for the ARC You always fall into my inbox at the most perfect times 4 StarsThis was another lovely book in this series.I love this series and Mallick brothers, and how close they are I m glad that their family was getting bigger and bigger with the new additions And babies popping all around them And of course I love Jessica, so obviously I can t keep my hands off of her books Guilty here Mark was so sweet, nice and hot He was a hard worker and a badass as a enforcer And most importantly he knew when he got something good and appreciated it He didn t play games or tried to fuck with your head He was direct and made it clear about what he wanted and that was Scotti I really enjoyed him I want to pull her apart and see how the pieces worked I wanted to know what made her tick the way she did Then I wanted to put her right back into her own particular, perfect working order and enjoy the fuck out of her until the both of us were just piles of sweat and orgasm sated numb, tangled limbs. Scotti was a badass as well She could handle anything and protect herself from anything except maybe Mark She grew up with 4 hot brothers I might add and hope they ll have their own books in the future and that made her strong She was nice and loyal and smart and had Mark rapped around her finger chasing her around Her past was different and she was a nice addition to the Mallick family Let s just keep dangling him in front of her like a delicious piece of man meat while she slowly starves to death That ll be fun. Mark and Scotti were attracted to each other since the first moment they met, and that slow burning was difficult to let go without having a taste first So they made a deal and that s how their story began Thank God they gave it a try and had some mind blowing sex sessions in the progress, because Ohhh My God, they were totally HOT One of my favorite parts were when everything happened with Eli how close they were as a family and how supportive were the women for their men the moment they needed them the most Even though Scotti was new in the family she was there for Mark without pressuring him or demanding answers, just being there with whatever he needed That sealed the deal for them as a couple I was shocked with everything that happened with Eli I want his book like yesterday That ending was was SPEECHLESS.No words just Please Jessica, HURRY UP with Eli s book I can t wait HERE Another Mallick brother bites the dustHell, although I loved Mark Mallick playful manwhore enforcer whose balls got fried by a badass armed robber and they eventually sealed the deal, still he ain t Shane Yeah, my first Mallick bro, who won me over and brought me into this wide turmoilous spectre of Mallick family s trafe, lives and lovesAgain, filled with action, passion, and steam from hawt ALPHA and equally spunk of a badass lady, with introspectives of Mallick brothers lives, this story offers a short lived rush of adrenaline and a satiated sense of fulfillment after readingYet, this book ends with a sort of a cliffy, leaving us with a mysterious insight into one of the sullen soulful brothers, Eli Mallick whose rage streak turned his life upside down in the endand we are left with a question mark of where and how his life would play out next I dove into this book the moment I could yesterday after one heck of a work week I have to say again that Jessica Gadziala is a freaking word magician with how she weaves mystery, passion and connection into one hell of a love story in each book she writes It s like you get your main dose of Romance and add into that every kind of friendship or familial bond to strengthen and solidify the depth of the whole thing combined Might not make sense The way I m describing it But it s all so perfect when you experience it yourself Mark is just wow. He s everything, he s hot yea but his beauty goes soul deep He loves hard and he isn t shy to show it Scotti is steel and sweetness in a sarcastic yet loyal and protective package She s just what Mark needed and i ripped through the pages hungering for each moment The whole Mallick clan had me smiling or crying Eli oh Eli then. Yea mouth hanging open at the end. Simply can t wait.. These Mallick brother s certainly find the most interesting women to fall in love with As if Navesink Bank didnt already have enough crazy characters with the loanshark family of Mallik s, the Henchmen MC, Italian mob, drug dealers, snipers, hired muscle, underground fighting, and Hailstorm, now it has a family of armed robbers But as with all those other characters that walk a fine line with the law this new family too are good people at heart. Mark Mallik is one of 5 brothers He s the 2nd called in if someone doesnt pay up so he s pretty laid back enjoys working his construction company and lawn service business When he is in a store that get robbed he becomes fascinated with a woman he thought was just an innocent bystander like him but turns out she was part of the crew. This makes him even fascinated with her Scotti and her 4 brothers started out in a good family but after their father dies and their mother a few years later because she couldn t get healthcare from her big chain employer they decide to rob all the stores of that chain as payback Ten years later has them in Navesink Bank where Scotti crosses path with Mark and we find out she s tired of the life and would like nothing better than to be normal and go out with Mark but doesnt see how a loanshark enforcer and a wanted armed robber would ever work out When reading a new book from Jessica is not unusual for her to have some secondary characters we fall in love with and want their stories. Normally its just 1 or 2 but man by the end of this book you want all 4 of Scotti s brothers books added to the long list of future books you want written by her Something big went down in this book with another character that shall not be discussed but when we finally get that book it should be a doozy. As always another great story from the Navesink Bank world Keep em coming Jessica.. Love, lust, family, friends, it s all here once again as Jessica Gadziala tells the story of MARK the playboy of the Mallick family, whose ability to commit to just one woman is right up there with belief in Unicorns Sure, Ms Gadziala can melt the paint off a battleship with her romance, but she also knows about how to create some heartrending moments, bone chilling moments and turn her dark heroes and heroines into living, breathing humans with all of the needs, wants, hope and desires of Jane and John Q Public It could well be one of her greatest strengths as a story teller She teaches us that even those who may not live on the right side of the law can be amazing, loyal and after the same things everyone wants, to love and be loved, accepted and wanted and needed.Who knew the moment Mark decided to become a knight in shining armor to what appeared to be a damsel in distress that it be the moment his footloose and fancy free days would end and his heart would take up a new beat, a duet with the beautiful Scotti They are run through the gauntlet of life, with some horrendous low points and some amazing high points Through it all, we witness a coming together of two hearts who learn to share, trust and depend on each other, especially Scotti, who never had a safe haven outside of her brothers Mark s family becomes Scotti s family and Scotti s family blends right in, too Yep, another smoldering hot tale with heart and Jessica Gadziala rocks it, again I received an ARC edition from Jessica Gadziala in exchange for my honest review.Series Mallick Brothers Book 3Publication Date June 2, 2017Publisher Jessica GadzialaGenre Romantic EroticaPrint Length 221 pagesAvailable from For Reviews More Mark, the third book in the Mallick Brothers series, was adorably sweet, romantic and amusing It was also difficult, depressing and left me on tenterhooks, impatiently waiting to see how events will ultimately play out Unfortunately, I ll have to wait a bit for the next Mallick book Ms Gadziala has several other Navesink Bank books coming in the not too distant future, however, so the wait shouldn t be quite so tortuous I m loving this author with every release I completely invested in the entire Navesink Bank and related world she has created I also appreciate the variety of stories she tells, even within sub series, from light and humorous, to deliciously dark, with some deeply emotional, some action packed, some erotic, and some focused on an evolving mystery But whatever the type and tone, I m always sucked in from beginning to end and never disappointed.