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Holy Envy Reading Holy Envy Author Barbara Brown Taylor Terrapin Info.co.uk The Renowned And Beloved New York Times Bestselling Author Of An Altar In The World And Learning To Walk In The Dark Recounts Her Moving Discoveries Of Finding The Sacred In Unexpected Places While Teaching The World S Religions To Undergraduates In Rural Georgia, Revealing How God Delights In Confounding Our Expectations.Barbara Brown Taylor Continues Her Spiritual Journey Begun In Leaving Church Of Finding Out What The World Looks Like After Taking Off Her Clergy Collar In Holy Envy, She Contemplates The Myriad Ways Other People And Traditions Encounter The Transcendent, Both By Digging Deeper Into Those Traditions Herself And By Seeing Them Through Her Students Eyes As She Sets Off With Them On Field Trips To Monasteries, Temples, And Mosques Troubled And Inspired By What She Learns, Taylor Returns To Her Own Tradition For Guidance, Finding New Meaning In Old Teachings That Have Too Often Been Used To Exclude Religious Strangers Instead Of Embracing The Divine Challenges They Present Re Imagining Some Central Stories From The Religion She Knows Best, She Takes Heart In How Often God Chooses Outsiders To Teach Insiders How Out Of Bounds God Really Is.Throughout Holy Envy, Taylor Weaves Together Stories From The Classroom With Reflections On How Her Own Spiritual Journey Has Been Complicated And Renewed By Connecting With People Of Other Traditions Even Those Whose Truths Are Quite Different From Hers The One Constant In Her Odyssey Is The Sense That God Is The One Calling Her To Disown Her Version Of God A Change That Ultimately Enriches Her Faith In Other Human Beings And In God. Barbara Brown Taylor is perhaps the best thinker and writer that I ever blew the chance to hear live Several years ago, I attended a conference at which she and Miroslov Volf were the featured speakers Volf was the opening plenary speaker, and Taylor was the closing plenary speaker I was not familiar with Taylor at the time, and I had a fairly small menu of flights to choose from when I booked the flight So I chose an evening flight back home that required me to miss the closing session To make up for it, I bought An Altar in the World and read it in the flight By the time I landed, I realized what a mistake I had made.Since then, I have come to see Barbara Brown Taylor as an indispensable Christian writer She combines depth and clarity, which are two traits that are rarely found together in any kind of writing Other Christian writers I admire are deep without being clear Miroslov Volf, for example and clear without being particularly deep Rachel Held Evans fills this category for me Taylor is both She has enough theological sophistication to write profound and unread treatises for fellow academics But she writes like, well, a writer And a really good one.Even though I knew this about her her book Learning to Walk in the Dark was one of the best things that I read last year I was fully prepared not to like Holy Envy I don t much like the
3.5 After she left the pastorate, Taylor taught Religion 101 at Piedmont College, a small Georgia institution, for 20 years This book arose from what she learned about other religions and about her own, Christianity by engaging with faith in an academic setting and taking her students on field trips to mosques, temples, and so on The title phrase comes from a biblical scholar named Krister Stendahl who served as the Lutheran bishop of Stockholm At a press conference prior to the dedication of a controversial Mormon temple, he gave a few rules for interfaith dialogue 1 When trying to understand another religion, you should ask the adherents of that religion and not its enemies 2 Don t compare your best to their worst 3 Leave room for holy envy Taylor emphasizes that appreciating other religions is not about flattening their uniqueness or looking for some lowest common denominator Neither is it about picking out the aspects that affirm your own tradition and ignoring the rest Of course, the divisions within Christianity are just as
I haven t been wow ed by all Barbara Brown Taylor s books some of them have seemed a bit fluffy but this is a good one While I don t agree with everything she says, I do agree with her mostly, and she makes me think about why I believe as I do, which is always a good thing. If you want to have some aspects of Christian elitism challenged, read this book.If you want to face up to the fact that we are not always right, read this book.If you want to find understanding for other religions, read this book.If you want examp
Reviewed for THC Reviews 4.5 star Holy Envy was our latest book club pick It s part memoir as Barbara Brown Taylor details, to some extent, her time as a professor of world religions at Piedmont College But really, as the sub title says, it s of a discussion about how we can find God in the faith of others The author has an interesting background, having grown up in a secular environment and not regularly attending church until she was a teen Yet she ended up becoming an Episcopal priest That later dovetailed into her becoming a professor of world religions which took her on yet another spiritual journey During this time, she found much to appreciate in other religions, but still kept coming back to Christianity as her foundation But along the way, she also discovered a healthy case of holy envy.What is holy envy, you may ask Well, it s all about finding those things in the religions of others to which you can relate to and appreciate, things that perhaps you wish your own faith did better, and then allowing those things to help transform your own beliefs If you think this sounds like cultural appropriation, it really isn t It s about finding common ground with those of other faiths and allowing it to deepen your own I think that many of us are pretty ignorant of other faiths besides our own if we adhere to one at all , and so by learning about what others believe,
An open messageThis book is well written and expansive I find the message to bring questions than answers and that is a good thing I recommend this for anyone who is interested in living peacefully in an interfaith world. I came to this with high expectations have enjoyed other books by Taylor, enjoyed hearing her speak, and anticipating hearing stories about her teaching experiences at a small rural Georgia college I was not disappointed She writes well, she is thoughtful and inspires thought in others, and has meaningful stories to share Book is about her experiences frustrations teaching World Religions course some of the things about other religions that inspired envy in her, that she wished she had in her own Christian faith Very nice to hear about the hospitality shown to her students as they made visits to Hindu Buddhist temples, mosque, and synagogue in the Atlanta area This book is not about saying one faith is better than others but does say that there are many pa
I was expecting something a little academic on comparative religion However, Holy Envy is one of the most important memoirs I have ever read. Over the years I have had the opportunity to experience from time to time the worship styles and expressions of faith of other religions In each instance, I have left feeling much richer for the experience and there have been times when I left feeling the impacts of these experiences quite deeply I couldn t put words to it at the time holy envy wasn t a phrase I had heard , but Barbara Brown Taylor does magnificently in this book If I tried to pull a few quotes to represent the beauty of this book, I would end up simply quoting the entire thing If I tried to summarize it, I would cut out something important So I will simply say this read this book reflect on this book and discover how this book enriches you both in a deeper appreciation of whatever faith o
I found this book fascinating The questions the author has struggled with mirror many of the ones I struggle with I am not sure I agree with all her conclusions, but she has certainly opened my eyes further to the perils of interpretation of holy scriptures The emphasis of action over belief or belief that leads

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