Read Riot A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism

Read Riot A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism➵ [Reading] ➷ Read Riot A Pussy Riot Guide to Activism By Nadya Tolokonnikova ➪ – From artist activist and Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova a guerilla guide to radical protest and joyful political resistanceThe face of modern protest is wearing a brightly colored ski maskNady From artist activist and A Pussy Epub ß Pussy Riot founder Nadya Tolokonnikova a guerilla guide Read Riot PDF/EPUB ² to radical protest and joyful political resistanceThe face of modern protest is wearing Riot A Pussy PDF Ì a brightly colored ski maskNadya Tolokonnikova founding member of the Russian activist group Riot A Pussy Riot Guide eBook ↠ Pussy Riot is a creative activist professional protestor brazen feminist shocking visual artist and force to be reckoned with Her spontaneous explosive approach to political action has involved jumping over barbed wire kissing police officers giving guerilla performances in crowded subway cars and going on a hunger strike to protest the abuse of prisoners She’s been horse whipped by police in Sochi temporarily blinded when officers threw green paint in her eyes and monitored by the Russian government But what made Nadya an activist icon overnight happened on February when she was arrested for performing an anti Putin protest song in a Moscow churchShe was sent to a Russian prison for months and emerged as an international symbol of radical Riot A Pussy Riot Guide eBook ↠ resistance as calls to “Free Pussy Riot” resounded around the world With her emblematic ski mask black lipstick and unwavering bravery Nadya has become an emissary of hope and optimism despite overwhelming and ugly political corruptionRead Riot is structured around Nadya’s ten rules for revolution Be a pirate Make your government shit its pants Take back the joy and illustrated throughout with stunning examples from her extraordinary life and the philosophies of other revolutionary rebels throughout history Rooted in action and going beyond the typical “call your senator” guidelines read Riot gives us a refreshing model for civil disobedience and encourages our right to uestion every status uo and make political action exciting—even joyful. Fuck you dear government You cannot buy the revolution you can only be the revolutionTolokonnikova provides a good insiders' view to protest from the guerrilla artist perspective There's pep talks real speak and no sugar coating there are conseuences to confronting power and the state As an anarchist I think she has faith and love for humanity than I do The future has never promised to be bright or progressive or whatever Things may get worse The DIY ethos is the decorporatization of the way you perceive reality So if you're thinking of starting a punk band or art collective never allow yourself to be stopped by the imperfection of your craftI don't see eye to eye with everything Tolokonnikova said but I respect her Gender roles are my palette not my chains This is a great book Tolokonnikova lays out 10 types of actions one can take to protest against an authority yes mainly the government and gives personal examples of each Some actions the thinking behind them are radical than others radical as in revolutionary radical but that may be what we need in the US Everyone needs to read this for the #Resistance Hilarious and thoughtful Tolokonnikova is obviously a revolutionary in this guide to activism Can't wait for people to learn about this incredible woman Clean dis orienting oxygen shot straight into my lungs Dizzy but smiling Nadya's personal story is enough to get you to read this and she has a pugilistic narrative style befitting her role in Pussy Riot There's also a great deal of pathos and honesty and detail in this you won't find anywhere else On top of all that this is a manifesto and a guidebook that will be useful for younger resisters moving forward especially since like a good lefty she cites and uotes and provides a reading list Enjoyable and motivating and not a little bit sad But there's tools for that Thanks Nadya Received this book through a Goodreads Giveaway Part punk inspired guide to political resistance part memoir part inspirational asides this book had a lot going on I found the 'rules' or suggestions for guerrilla protest a little too abstract 'Be A Pirate' sounds pretty vague and while I can see how Tolokonnikova is going for broadly inspiring rules letting the reader build off them this didn't uite work for me Overall the structure of the book was a little muddy going in and out of topicsThe autobiographical parts where she writes about Pussy Riot's performanceprotests or her experiences in jail were concrete and contained a lot on her political beliefs and musings While I'm not particularly thrilled by Pussy Riot and I by no means agree with all os Tolokonnikova's beliefs it's interesting to see behind the scenes of an activist group how they think and turn those thoughts into protest The book draws on a range of political thinkers activists philosophers artists etc and includes an extensive reading list at the end all of which make a really great inspirational toolbox Overall I'd say this book hit the joyfulplayful and inspiring notes but was less elucidating as a guide to political resistance And while this book didn't do it for me I think it's a matter of taste Written as a stream of consciousness Nadya shares her experiences and thoughts on the state of things and how we as individuals can still have our say and try to make a difference in the worldIt's a fast read and easy to digest with each chapter aka Rules broken into three segments Words Deeds Heroes Words covers various topics like uestioning the Status uo the Prison Industrial Complex and What Putin Has to Do with TrumpDeeds encompasses things we can all do Dadaism If the Kids are United Art in Action and Pussy Riot Church a Russian church that was like a mini mart or a venue hallHeroes explores the figures who've influenced Nadya's life and outlook King the Berrigan Brothers Bell Hooks Emmeline Pankhurst and Aleksandra KollontaiEually intriguing is the recommended reading list at the end of the book which offers up some pretty good stuff to feed your head and free your mind  If nothing else you'll end up with a crash course on activist ideas and a view from the front lines delivered by a person who's still there45 stars Read and Riot a Pussy Riot guide to activism is a guide on how to keep a society democratic and the responsibilities we have to take as citizens vowen together with Nadya Tolokonnikovas' personal life experiences as well as short stories about her heroes people as vastly different as ancient philosophers authors from the 19th century and modern musicians It's so very good and I highly recommend it Except maybe the chapter about not trusting doctors Which I get but it can also be a bit dangerous considering the spread of the anti vaxx movement and similar groups It's pretty USA centic and even though it's interesting to read comparisons of the political climate in USA and Russia it's a bit too obvious that it's written for an American audience Absolutely perfect Review to come

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