Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search

Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search[PDF / Epub] ✅ Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search ⚣ Gabriela Casineanu – gt;gt;gt; A book endorsed by Recruiters, Career Advisers and even HR Managers!
Is your job search challenging? Do you feel frustrated, confused, less motivated…?
This book is for you! gt;gt;gt; A book Your Strengths PDF È endorsed by Recruiters, Career Advisers and even HR Managers! Is your job search challenging? Do you feel frustrated, confused, less motivated…? This book is for you! It’s thorough and practical! Presents all the aspects of the job search process… so you can identify the weakest points and strengthen them!Gives you the power back! It shows how to get faster results by becoming the project manager Introverts: Leverage MOBI :¿ of your job hunting process!Helps you create a strategy mix specific to your situation… to meet the employer midway while staying true to your introverted nature!What's inside the book? A holistic approach to job search often overlooked… which boosts your energy and motivationResume amp; interview tips to increase your chances to stand out without feeling salesySuggestions on how to proactively use Linkedin for job hunting… combined withstrategies fitting your Leverage Your Strengths ePUB ¹ personalityReal examples of successful jobseekers… to better understand how these strategies work introvert strengths and how to apply them in job hunting… to tap into the hidden job marketMany selfreflective exercises, flowcharts and tables, so you can customize these strategies to your own situation… for a powerful impact!An introvert herself, Gabriela Casineanu navigated successfully several career transitions Engineering, IT, Business, Coaching, Employment Counseling and Management With this book, she brings a powerful coaching perspective to employment counseling, presenting proven strategies that helped thousands of job seekers The book Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search will give you the roadmap you need to navigate successfully your job search, and build a meaningful career! EDITORIAL REVIEWS A thoughtprovoking book for both those who are seeking a job and those who are in the position of hiring As a former hiring manager, it was always easy to read the extrovert individuals, but it was much harder to ascertain the introverts’ true personality and working style This book addresses this issue and offers wisdom to introverts to be able to land the best job for them The author offers practical advice that is relevant in today's job market ~ Kandi Johnson ”Rich, Intelligent, Enlightening and Valuable for not only the introverted job seeker! What makes this book stand out is its unique fusion of concepts, techniques, exercises and reallife examples Its conversational style will keep you hooked from the first paragraph to the last My belief is that if all my introverted clients read this book, our collaborations may prove even fruitful!” ~ Mihaela Ignat, Founder amp; Executive Director of Global Talent Placement Inc Gabriela has created a caring guide that leaves you feeling empowered and proactive She never expects you to be an extrovert, instead helps you leverage your strengths I feel this author is very detailed and thought of everything. Introverts often have difficulty selling themselves - and nowhere more than in a situation where they must sell their own skills and services, such as a job interview. This is where Ms. Casineanu can help introverts - or anyone who has difficulty promoting themselves -- to conduct themselves with confidence and be proud of the outcome.
While the book is directed to readers who are looking for work, this book is also a must-read for hiring managers, everyone in the H.R. department, life-skills counselors (charities, government agencies and high school counselors) and everyone who wants to know how to network with more confidence and success.
This book is detailed - it isn't intended to be a 'fast read' dispensing the same-old advice and easy answers. Instead, it takes a hard and serious look at a problem almost every adult will encounter in life: how do you sell yourself in a way that is honest, ethical and effective?
This book needs to be on every educator's, coach's, human resources manager's and entrepreneur's reference self. I'd also give it to any new grad or job-changer looking for how to put their best foot forward! Are you struggling to find a job or want to change jobs? Are you an introvert who is uncomfortable with the job hunting process? Then this is the book for you.
“Introverts: Leverage your Strengths for an Effective Job Search” will give you the tools and strategies you need to find the job you want.
Unlike typical job search books that only show you how to write a proper resume, this book takes you through exercises where you will discover what your strengths are, what your short term and long terms goals are and how to achieve them, with a specific focus on the characteristics of introverts.
Packed full of activities that are beneficial to introverts and extroverts alike, Casineau provides a process that helps capitalize on your strengths to acquire the job you want.
Spare yourself the frustration of sending out hundreds of resumes and fighting through job sites. This book will give you clarity around your job search and help you find the job you’re looking for.

A very comprehensive book that is sure to become a market leader. Very useful even for extroverts, and for introverts not looking for a job. There is so much in it that hones one's focus, give direction, find inner strengths and help one look at the bigger picture.
This book is an amazing resource for job seekers, lecturers, life skills coaches and career advisers. It is a longish read and comes with useful graphs and downloadable templates.
The writer's compassion and passion to empowers shines through as she guides and educates the reader into empowerment.
I am looking forward to the paperback release, as I think this book is worth having as a handy referral resource for my coaching clients, and as an introvert myself I am awaiting more books from this writer! Simply Amazing and that's putting it Mildly!
Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search is a book that is beyond laying out strategies, tips, and techniques for a successful job search. While reading you will feel as if you have, your personal coach to help you through the process to discover the job that is great for you. The interactive approach that Gabriela has laid out will leave you empowered and energized. I highly recommend for the introvert as well as others. MUST-HAVE HOW-TO GUIDE FOR THE INTROVERT JOB-SEEKER!
This has got to be the most comprehensive guide for job-seekers on the market! Gabriela has done a marvelous job covering all bases by taking the job-seeker step by step from 'Where do I even start?', to confidently interviewing and landing the job. It's a real how-to-kit full of detailed instructions, helpful graphics, checklists of do's and don't's, and real-life anecdotal scenarios. If you're looking for a job and you're an introvert or otherwise, GET THIS BOOK! Finally, a career book that’s designed specifically for introverts! The author did a great job in presenting the challenges us introverts face and how to overcome them. I loved the simple and yet easy step-by-step approach in finding a career that’s aligned to your authentic self.

If you’re an introvert and you're stuck in your career or struggling to get the job you want—this is a must have book for your book collection! Taken to heart, this is a book that will open your eyes to how you can create new opportunities. By changing your own approach and align it with the strengths of what it means to be introverted.

It is written with care, experience and research and stands out with pearls of details to help you to where you decide to go! AN EXCELLENT AND RECOMMENDED BOOK!!!
I highly recommend this book. Why?, Because it’s written by an experienced Life Coach based on her coaching experience geared towards helping her specific niche. I love Chapter Four where the author used the Wheel Of Life as a form of exercise where it measures a person’s current state in the different aspects of life. This is a very effective tool that I used as well with my clients. There’s nowhere that you can find a book that is abundant in tips and information that will equip and prepare an introvert. Get this book now! Good book but of uneven quality

Author has lots to say based on years of experience delivering workshops. But too much sometimes, overwhelming the reader with her constant quips on anything and everything, including herself. Also too many typos and hyperlinks leading to the wrong pages. I was bored at times. Too bad: with the help a great editor, this book could take its place among other stellar job search guides.
Introverts: Leverage Your Strengths for an Effective Job Search Is an amazing book to navigate with confidence in the world of finding a job. It's not only for introverts persons, in my opinion, anybody can find it very helpful.