There's Something About Sweetie

There's Something About Sweetie❴Epub❵ ➜ There's Something About Sweetie Author Sandhya Menon – Ashish Patel didn’t know love could be sosucky After he’s dumped by his ex girlfriend his mojo goes AWOL Even worse his parents are annoyingly smugly confident they could find him a better match S Ashish Patel didn’t know love could be sosucky After he’s dumped by his ex girlfriend his mojo goes AWOL Even There's Something Kindle - worse his parents are annoyingly smugly confident they could find him a better match So in a moment of weakness Ash challenges them to set him up The Patels insist that Ashish date an Indian American girl—under contract Per subclause a he’ll be taking his date on “fun” excursions like visiting the Hindu temple and his eccentric Gita Auntie Kill him now How is this ever going to work Sweetie Nair is many things a formidable track athlete who can outrun most people in California a loyal friend a shower singing champion Oh and she’s also fat To Sweetie’s traditional parents this last detail is the kiss of death Sweetie loves her parents but she’s so tired of being told she’s lacking because she’s fat She decides it’s time to kick off the Sassy Sweetie Project where she’ll show the world and herself what she’s really made of Ashish and Sweetie both have something to prove But with each date they realize there’s an unexpected magic growing between them Can they find their true selves without losing each other. 475 holi stic colorful heartwarming dancing stars singing baby’s got blue skies over head but in this I’m a rain cloudyou know she likes a dry kind of love oh ohhh sweetest thing starsYeap I’m singing Sweetest Thing from U2 after I finished this bookMy head turns because of overloaded feelings are now everywhere After reading this book I feel joy hope love genuineness wholeheartedness happiness freedom adrenaline optimism pumping into my bloodSweetie there is not something about her there is everything about her She can run sing whatever she seats a goal she may achieve She’s strong brilliant intelligent funny and she understands people she observes then empathizes and connects with their feelingsShe’s the one She might be overweighted but she accepts who she is she doesn’t have inferiority complex But unfortunately her mother hasOur story starts with our hero’s down to earth confused but mostly sweet friendly Ashish who’s feeling like he’s overshadowed by his brother happily in love with his girlfriend because his own girlfriend has cheated on him which destroyed his self confidence Now he decided his mother can play matchmaker and find a candidate trustworthy family for him to date Her mom finds the best candidate Sweetie Yesss But don’t get your hopes up Because Sweetie’s mother thinks that her daughter is too fat and she’s not eual to Ashish If they date everybody will laugh behind them so she rejects Ashish’s mother proposal on phone And the worst part Sweetie hears everything her mother told about her Yess I’m volunteer to give free punching gloves to everyone for teaching the lesson she needs to learn and all the mothers think low about their daughters plan to destroy their own child’s self confidenceBut Swetie not only cries and resents she acts behind her mother’s back and meets with Ashish And you know what Ashish likes her appearance and her challenge to race But our naive Ashish spills the beans and tells his parents his meeting with herSo their parents take the opportunity to teach their son Indian culture and show their blessings about dating with Sweetie by preparing a full contract designates their date locations activities From the sacred temples to Holi Festival and nuttiest aunt visit you can ever imagine At least fourth place will be decided by the couple Yeap Ashish’s parents in the middle of conservative and bad shit crazyYeap Sweetie accepts to sign a contract and obey it literally because Ashish’s parents promised her they are going to keep as secret their dating from Sweetie’s parents till her birthdayAnd Sweetie gotta prove her mother she can date a popular rich good looking boy for the first time in her life She has nothing to shame about herself or her appearance She loves who she is so her loved ones should respect her opinions This is her rebellion So I raise my hand and say hell yeahhh in Sweetie we trustI cut the points from the secrecy of Ashish who is texting to his ex she cheated on her but he is still heartbroken so he admits to Sweetie that their relationship can be only physical behind Sweetie’s back And his friends repeated too many times he should give Sweetie a chance What the heckWell at least Ashish comes to his senses and he meets with his only for closure And falling in love parts one on one basketball game Holi festival their text messages give you awwww yesss yayyy momentsI enjoyed this book loved the heroine and literally I wanted to give a big hug because she was so real so amazing I loved the couple’s passion chemistry emotional growingI also loved the references from Downtown Abbey to Dean Winchester Auaman to Popular Bollywood Star Hritnik RoshanAs a summary our hero has some flaws but our strong heroine successfully overcompensates his weaknesses It’s a great entertaining heartwarming story that I highly recommend to anyone who needs to learn love themselves Somedays you just need the cute and fluffiest of romcoms with a bit of angst because OF COURSE and this definitely delivered I think When Dimple Met Rishi will always be my favourite but aww there was so much to adore with this one➢ I loved how Sweetie was The Softest and so wise and mature but also not about to be walked over I love angry girls but soft girl rep is important too and I just adore her➢ I actually didn't remember Ashish much from Dimple Rishi's book oops but he was a cutie He was barely badass like he thought lolol A cutie➢ I do not like sport But I liked that they liked sport➢ Appreciated the parents' arcs; and just all the active parent involvement here➢ Of course it's epic to have such loving #ownvoices desi rep and there was discussion about culture; wanting to be modern and love traditional things too➢ Super hyped for Pink and Samir's book AHMy only drawback was that they fell in love FAST 😂I'm a cynic It just felt a bit Too Much at times they're 17 omg but at the same time it was ridiculously cute and sappy and I ship them so so much So maybe cynic me can hush for a minute Am I the only person who thought of Kal Ho Na Ho once they saw the tentative title?SpecificallySweetuThe adorkable Sweetu I’m absolutely here for Sandhya’s words and I was beyond excited to see Ashish get his own bookYou guys I can’t even tell you how much I love Sweetie She’s so good and such a lovely person I loved how she saw herself and how she was happy with herself Ashish took me a second to warm up to but he was uite a marshmallow and I was uickly invested And there’s such a great cast of secondary characters here both Sweetie and Ashish have excellent friends and I’m hoping we’ll get from themPlot wise it was everything I wanted There were sweet dates and open communication and lots of kissing Of course there are a few stupid decisions that make complete sense but the angst doesn’t last long and the gestures that come after that are fantastic Yes I’m being vague on purposeOverall this was an amazing story and I can’t articulate how important it is and will beHuge thanks to Simon Pulse for providing the arc free of charge I wish I could have given this a higher rating Books that are geared towards the plot irritate me and average and weak writing can ruin a story for me as well and it was the latter with this one On the whole this was sweet I enjoyed the overall story of a fat girl proving to herself and others that she doesn’t need to be thin to be considered worthy or to have success And she was doing this whilst challenging the Indian cultural norm and being respectful of it at the same time Their setup was uniue The two love interests are opposites and if you were to see them in person you wouldn’t pair them together Because apparently a fat girl and your ‘healthy looking’ guy aren’t supposed to be together But then they go on dates that have been selected by the male protagonists parents and instantly there’s a connection I found that there were a whole load of issues that were being tackled and they weren’t given the proper weight Because the writing was weak for me the overall storytelling lacked depth It needed meat added to those issues It’s not that they weren’t handled but it felt flimsy So I felt uite disconnected throughout the story But all in all it made me want to read books with fat main protagonists Wow wow wow Freaking wow Honestly how can I not give this book anything but 5 stars Matter of fact I would give it a million ObviouslyI mean what can you want from a book than for it to be extremely adorable and a swoon fest along with an important message This book is not just about a cute romance but it also digs deep into self love and worth It teaches us we are enough the way we are The society may create a gap between “thin” and “fat” but at the end of the day we are all eual We can achieve whatever we want though our will and not our weight Sweetie is confident and fierce I loved her from page one She is a force of nature that just keeps getting better and better She knew what she was worth form the beginning and proved it to everyone else too I loved how she never once self pitied She is strong and independent and just a total badass with a heart of gold Ashish Patel may seem all cool and confident from the outside but inside he is struggling It sure did get a little warming up to him but once I started to know him I fell hard He is like the sweetest person He is caring kind and just adorable And their duo is out of the world I shipped them from the get go And every interaction they had just solidified that Their exchanges were OBVIOUSLY delightful They fit and complete each other so well They are literally made for each other This was one of my most anticipated book of the year and I can gladly say that it did not disappoint Not that I expected anything less form Sandhya Menon but she blew my expectations away and created a masterpiece Sandhya Menon has managed to be one of my favorite authors in a very short time I love her writing style the humor and the care she pours in it I find myself literally laughing out loud from all the hilarious dialogues she includes And of course all the Indian aspects just makes my heart happy All the tiny details she includes about the Indian culture I LOVE it Plus she included a Selena Gomez reference so what can I want There’s Something About Sweetie will engross you completely It’s a journey it will make you happy laugh cry swoon and a little mad All you’ll think about is Sweetie and Ashish They will constantly make you smile form ear to ear There is nothing but utter joy and happiness in this book I absolutely love it so so much 100% recommend to everyoneAll the opinions are my own and completely honest Thank you to Simon Schuster for the ARC My meanest dearest cousin ordered recommended to read this book I absolutely hate love her for being stubborn thoughtful So don't pelt me with rotten fruit but I have to get this out of the way THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT SWEETIE was very sweet Kind of gooey I wonder if it was a deliberate choice in order to balance out the less than fun fatphobic elements of the story or if that's just the author's preference I've read WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI but it was a few years ago and I can't remember what the sweet factor was like so anyway Resisting fatphobic messages was one thing but what about the insidious internalized fat phobia she carried around?I was really keen on this one because of the aforementioned fat issue As per the summary Sweetie was toted to be big and beautiful and trying to be braver bolder in the face of her mother's criticisms and constant need to hold her back for fear of what others might say or do And this definitely lived up to that I actually really really adored Sweetie I liked how she pushed herself to take risks to stand up for herself how she was confident in herself despite the fact that everything society media and everyone family peers would have her believe there was something wrong with her But I also appreciated her moments of doubt of frustration with her body we all have that one area or no matter our size that we just dislike that just proved she was human too The word 'fat' isn't inherently bad or gross It's people who've made it the way 'Fat' is just the opposite of 'thin' and no one flinches at that one So to me 'fat' is just another word that describes me like 'brown' or 'girl' or 'athlete'As for Ashish this is where the connection to the first book came He's Rishi's little brother; confident cocky not uite connected to his culture and also recently heartbroken and reeling from the fact that for all his cool player ways he actually loved his ex and doesn't know how to move on Desperate to change things up get his groove back he follows in Rishi's footsteps and has his parents set him up with someone they approve of And in comes Sweetie Nothing like the previous girls he dated and yet Ashish was one of those naturally flirty people It was like his resting state He had resting flirty faceI loved their connection I loved their differences I loved their individual sets of friends and all the diversity within the pages I'll admit that some of the monologue y impassioned speeches or wise observations were a little much and kind of over the top and not hardly what I think we'd see from sixteen and seventeen year olds But they were passionate and wise and accurate So thumbs up but maybe a little too much and a few too many There's your typical 'hide something for good ish reasons and have it blow up in your face' drama which is hardly limited to YA and happens in all romance and some issues or conversations did feel repetitive plus Sweetie's mother as the sole hold out only to have the eleventh hour epiphany was kind of shrug Again typical and I would've liked to have seen gradual awareness in that transition but alas The romance too is definitely a fall hard and fall fast situation and again ooey gooey sweet but I still liked it He was doing his trademark smolder smirk; she could see it in her peripheral vision It was thirty percent smirk and seventy percent smolder and she didn't even have fire protection in the carIf you want a diverse feel good YA contemporary that's heavy on the romance and heavy on self acceptance this is the book for you I received an ARC from NetGalley and the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities I continue to adore every single one of these books but oh man this one really had the fat rep of my heart Also one of my favorite endings like literal closing lines of any YA ever I don't even know why but justyeah 3 THAT WAS THE CUTEST MOST WHOLESOME THING EVER AND MY HEART CAN'T HANDLE IT LOVED THIS even so than When Dimple Met Rishi Sweetie and Ashish were just wonderful characters and i love them so much and want the best for them both