The Necromancers Reckoning The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3

The Necromancers Reckoning The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3❰Reading❯ ➿ The Necromancers Reckoning The Beacon Hill Sorcerer #3 Author S.J. Himes – Every action has conseuencesFor a decade Angel Salvatore has been the most powerful sorcerer and only necromancer in all the Northeast Never one to ask permission nor apologies he has acted with near Every action has conseuencesFor a Reckoning The eBook ☆ decade Angel Salvatore has been the most powerful sorcerer and only necromancer in all the Northeast Never one to ask permission nor apologies he has acted with near impunity for yearsUntil nowThe High Council of Sorcery has come to Boston and Angel is their target Charged with numerous violations of practitioner laws his freedom and family are placed The Necromancers PDF/EPUB or in jeopardyIf found guilty Angel's apprentice Daniel will be imprisoned to serve out the remaining years of his apprenticeship Isaac his brother is too vulnerable to be left unguarded and Angel fears for his sanity and health And Simeon Elder vampire and Angel's mate refuses to see Angel convicted under the laws of the Council and his actions to keep Angel free threaten to Necromancers Reckoning The eBook ´ start a war that could destroy their world And Angel faces the severest of punishments—the castration of his giftsThe Council has never cared for the people of Boston and Angel doubts their motives They have come for some insidious reason and it has nothing to do with upholding the law and everything to do with AngelDealing with an impending trial a wayward ghost and Necromancers Reckoning The Beacon Hill Epub / a graverobbing ring of thieves leaves Angel on the edge He thinks he may have a handle on things until violence erupts across the city and a stranger comes to towna stranger with his own dark powers of necromancy. UPDATE Book has been released Happy readingAvailable for sale in ebook format exclusively from ; enrolled in Kindle Unlimited as well Paperback for sale wide allow up to 6 weeks to see it at retailers other than The timing of distribution and which retailers pick up the paperback is out of my hands once it's for sale 5 StarsI’m dishing out 5 full stars for this magical heart stopping romantic AF fantasy thrill ride for holding me enraptured from word one Three books in and The Beacon Hills Sorcerer series has now become my official favourite MM urban fantasy series Combining smooth writing great storytelling and supernatural characters to die for these books really have left an indelible mark on me Here necromancer Angel and his vampire mate Simeon are back for high stakes adventure as they simultaneously hunt for a gang of magical grave robbers while also duking it out against nefarious members of the High Council of Sorcery who seem to have it in for Angel and those he holds most dearThis plot was very action packed and multi layered in terms the number of problems and enemies Angel and co faced throughout It was executed exceedingly well too because the story flowed effortlessly and although there was a lot happening with a lot of drama unfolding and plenty of magical histories being discussed it was never confusing and it was certainly never boringI’ve also come to the conclusion that Simeon might just be my favourite vampire hero of all time This seems like a huge statement for anyone who has read extensively in this kind of genre but the guy really is remarkable His love for Angel knows no bounds – every time he starts in on Angel with his sexy and swoon worthy Gaelic endearments I’m positively done for Simeon and Angel are an epic book couple to be sure but I’m also as eager as a raging bull ready to be let out of the chute to get my hands on future seuels that feature soon to be couples Isaac and Baptiste Angel’s bro and the vampire master of Boston and Daniel and Rory Angel’s apprentice and the recently resurrected fae These stories couldn’t be higher on my must reads list if they triedObviously I loved the hell out of this This story clearly filled my definition of pure entertainment and as such I can’t recommend this series highly enough to any and all fans of MM urban fantasy 4 HeartsThis series just gets better and better and what I love about this is the complex world that’s full of sorcerers and vampires and all sorts of supernatural beings that live in a tentative harmony with humans Here it’s that very harmony that is threatened when the High Council of Magic a powerful entity that governs practitioners expresses a not so friendly interest in our hero AngelThere’s not really any point in rehashing the plot If you haven’t started this series then I highly recommend delving into The Necromancer's Dance where it all begins What I will say is that this is fast paced full of action and magic and never short on the power plays encompassing the complex magicalsupernatural hierarchy that aboundsBit by bit Himes reveals about this fascinating AU and it wasn’t nearly enough Let’s just say Angel and Simeon continue to make a formidable pair and it’s their very bond that is coveted for nefarious means However they’re nobody’s pawn and whoever deigns to think they’ll easily submit or succumb are in for a brutal rude awakeningThis had some editing issues for those who need to know It was also lite on the smex than the previous installments However those things hardly mattered There’s enough to propel the reader through including blossoming romances regarding brother Isaac and vampire master Batiste as well as a nice nudge for apprentice Daniel towards an enigmatic fae AND don’t forget the bestest cutest dragon familiar ever who steals every scene he’s in I love you ErochSo I obviously enjoyed this The only thing that sucks donkey balls is the unknown amount of waiting I will have to endure until the next book comes out Darn Thank you to the authorpublisher for a copy in exchange for a honest review Reread November 2018 So far this is the best one in the series Keeping my fingers crossed Isaac's book is out soon Originally read May 2018 OMG I had hoped this book would be good and it did not disappoint SJ Himes is a goddess I love her writing and the worlds she createsThere are many trials and tribulations in this one I was on pins and needles and I couldn't stop reading Characters healing or coming into their own New relationships forming Holy Shit I can't wait for Isaac's book and then Daniel'sno spoilers as to their love interestsBut I just know I'm going to be mega swooning This is definitely one of my favorite series and I'm looking forward to ASAP Re read 17112019 I only have two uestions after this uick very uick re read; is Nica powerful than Angel? And will this book be the last book in this series centering around Angel and Simeon as the main characters? ⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱Can Contain Spoilers⋰⋱⋰⋱⋰⋱ This time you get the POVs of the only necromancer in all of Boston Angel Salvatore's 30 mate First Elder of Boston bloodclan Simeon Ó Daimhín over 400 years old Angel's brother Isaac Salvatore 23 Angel's apprentice Daniel Macavoy 20 and Angel's familiar Eroch And of course Angel Put it's nice to see others perspectives as well specially the new one Eroch I'm always wonder what is going on in that little dragon's head Wanting to know if he truly likes Angel or not The book was filled with magic betrayals action magical creatures tears blood and sweat but also love friendship and family It literally has all and this series is definitely recommendedOverall I liked seeing the family grow even closer though it sucked that Isaac was apart from the family most of the book It's also uite obvious as to who Isaac and Daniel's love interest will be in their books As I've heard Isaac's book is next in the series then Daniel's I certainly hope we'll get another book with Angel and Simeon as I don't want to say goodbye to them yet They are a great couple both powerful in their own right and absolutely beautiful together As we've seen Angel as a bit of a parental figure to both Isaac and Daniel I hope we'll get to see them actually have a child of their own where we can see Simeon as a father would've been amazingOther Characters I've added this is a spoiler tag as the list is a bit longview spoiler→ Dame Mildred ‘Milly’ Fontaine anywhere from her early 40s to 60s Angel's teaching partner and friendmom figure Milly’s affinity was for air the wind and weather magic→ Detective James O’Malley Angel’s liaison on the Boston Police Department→ Lord Cian Brennan the fae that killed people in book two so he could resurrect his almost dead twin brother Ruairí ‘Rory’ Brennan who's been asleep the last two hundred years Angel healed Rory in book two→ William Bridgerton newest clan member and Elder view spoilerBecame a traitor and Simeon challenged and killed him at the end of the book hide spoiler Re read 3rd 4th January 2019With the fourth book Mastering the Flames on the horizon I thought I’d do a re readThis is the third book in this series and yes the previous two books need to be read first I even did a re read and I’m so glad I didI loved this bookI also think it’s the best one so far although it has some strong competitionAngel’s life is much fuller than he ever imagined it would be But his brother is suffering and that means Angel is suffering too Angel knows he has to do something to save his brother but what effect will it have on their tenuous relationship?Daniel is thriving under Angels care but danger is hovering in the form of The High Council of Sorcery They want Angel and seek to control him through Daniel but they have to get Daniel first And there’s no way Angel is letting him goAngel and Simeon grow stronger by the day and their love for each other completes themThere’s so much happening here that I’m not even going to start to summarise I couldn’t put it down and I spent most of the book gripping my kindleIt’s an incredible world that’s been created here and the characters have worked their way into my heartI can’t wait for the next book This thrilling third book in The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series is by far my favorite I might have said that with the last book but I was proven wrong and I could very well eat my words again Probably will but firstI LOVE ANGEL AND SIMEON Okay sorry grin I had to get that out We pick up where the last book left off They just want to live their lives and yet the world continues to need them Daring rescues dramatic duels and love so true your eyes will mist without your permissionyes this book has all of that and A time of reckoning has come This addictive action packed story held me captive from the very first page If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Angel and Simeon yet there’s no time like the presentgo And join me in my infatuation The ride’s not over there’s still to come But first let’s uickly recap what happens hereWhat's to like Angel’s brother Isaac has been walking across the edge of a slippery slope for years and he’s losing his footing Angel has always protected him that’s what he does but it’s time to admit Issac needs than Angel can give him Tough love forces difficult decisions and thankfully Angel has his own support system now We are introduced to several new faces and I embraced most of them Gotta have some bad guys and Angel boldly faces them with fierce bravery Simeon wouldn’t deny how attractive his fearless mate is but I must agree courage is hot As much as I enjoyed their entertaining adventures what I truly loved most wasthem Their passion and deep faith in one another is sigh dreamyWhat's to love This potent tale consumed me As with the previous two books the charismatic characters were than entertaining they have become special to me Of course my heart races for Angel and Simeon but I’ve also grown fond of the others That includes wee beasties and hounds With Isaac away taking care of himself Daniel is alone and feeling vulnerable When the Big Brothers of witchcraft suddenly appear in town Angel knows they are up tosomething Getting to the bottom of their malicious intentions is not a task too great it’s merely inconvenient There are other issues to tend to Unfortunately they force themselves to the top of Simeon’s beloved’s neverending to do list This dazzling couple battles side by side and will fight anyone or anything that dares to threaten them or their family It was exhilarating but than that the heady rush of their love overwhelmed me Solid stuff my friendsBeware of Bloodshedif they want a war they shall have one Affectionthere’s nothing uite like a brush with death to remind us how precious our loved ones are Rapid firethe clip is swift but the navigation is clear uick tip? Hang onThis book is for Calling all urban fantasy and paranormal romance loversthis spectacular series deserves your attention I hope it brings you a fraction of the joy it has brought me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I moved straight on to this after finishing Dilemma thank goodness I didn’t have to wait because it was everything I’d hoped for and Angel is up against so much and I love that he never once let it get on top of him or beat him Simeon is his other half his 110% support and man oh man I LOVE the way they love Utter perfectionThe world building is even better in this third book if that’s even possible The author’s imagination and storytelling ability is beyond superb Yes I’m gushing but there really is no other way to sum up just how blown away I am by this series days later and I’m still thinking about it and have the mother of all book hangovers Now I need Isaac’s book do I ever Don't mess with the necromancer45 starsOne thing Angel will not stand is someone coming after his love ones So when the high council of sorcery threatens to take Daniel into custody and put Angel on trial for infractions he has supposedly committed he is angry and won't stand for it No matter the challenge Angel does not fear it He knows the council is after something else and is using his connection to Daniel to lure him in With Angel's bond with Simeon he is protected by the blood clan and the council has no power over them It doesn't mean they won't do everything in their power to try and get to him Angel along with Simeon will fight with everything they have to protect what is theirs The one positive is whole time Angel is fighting off the council his brother Isaac is protected and in rehab Which gives him at least on less thing to worry about lolOverall this was another great read It was an action packed ending to Angel's POV So much went on in this one I'm just glad it was all resolved I'm not sure how I would cope with a cliffhanger lol It is bittersweet that Angel's POV is over but the next book will be in Isaac's POV and I really look forward to reading it especially to see what happens between him and Constantine Unfortunately I have to wait for a release date on that one 😭 For now I'll just console myself with the shorts The Beacon Hill Sorcerer series is one of my favorite urban fantasy series and part of that is just how mind blowingly well Joel Leslie brings this cast of characters to life Leslie is simply brilliant performing a ton of character voices with distinctive tones andor accents and highlighting everything happening in The Necromancer's Reckoning from the sweeter romantic moments between Angel and Simeon to the kicking ass and taking names portions of the story I was completely immersed from the first minute and honestly surprised by how fast the nine and half hours went It's a great listen with fantastic world building and I love how Angel always handles everything in his own inimitable style as a complete badass Plus we get to see from Simeon's point of view what happens when you kidnap the Leannán anam of a vampire elder But a Wendigo Angel?You know who I really feel for in this series? Detective O'Malley I wonder if O'Malley's boss ever called him in and laid out the whole He likes you he works as well as can be expected with you so we're just gonna have you be the liaison to Angel Salvatore and any bullshit he does and O'Malley went home drank a bottle of scotch and decided to just stop fighting it and relax into it That's a short story I'd be into reading but I digressThe Necromancer's Reckoning is told mainly from Angel's POV but does include multiple POV including one from Eroch I love the beastie The whole story is action packed with Angel taking on the High Council of Sorcery a grave robbing theft ring that uses the ghosts of dearly departed and multiple attempts on Angel's apprentice Daniel while also dealing with vampire politics and getting his brother Isaac into rehab I'm not going to lie Angel and Simeon's love makes me gooey and the series as a whole is written so well I highly recommend you picking it up but if you have the extra coin available I'd definitely gently push you towards investing in the audiobooks because they're fantastic and absolutely worth it I will love you forever mo ghra Our love will outlast the sun Simeon promised right before kissing Angel breathless Recommended45 Stars Audio copy of The Necromancer's Reckoning provided by the author in exchange of an honest reviewThis review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews