Harry Moon Harrys Christmas Carol Color Edition

Harry Moon Harrys Christmas Carol Color Edition[Read] ➪ Harry Moon Harrys Christmas Carol Color Edition ➲ Mark Andrew Poe – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk While everyone is singing cheerful Christmas carols Harry Moon and the Good Mischief Team march to a different song Don't be Afraid of the Dark With their swords of light the team battles against the While Harrys Christmas Carol Color PDF/EPUB or everyone is singing cheerful Christmas Harrys Christmas MOBI · carols Harry Moon and the Good Mischief Team march to a different song Don't be Afraid of the Dark With their swords of light the team battles against the Fouling Curse threatening Harry's magic teacher Samson Dupree and the Sleepy Hollow Magic Shoppe As evil armies of toys rise up Harry must leave the sword Harry Moon PDF/EPUB ² behind to find a powerful means to take down the darkness threatening Sleepy Hollow's entire world. For fans of the Harry Moon book series this is a great addition to your collection Harry Moon Harry's Christmas Carol Color Edition reminds us that good still wins over evil and that the Christmas spirit is in the hearts of those who believe in it It is a short read and the accompanying illustrations will delight anyone who read this Don’t be afraid of the darkIt’s Christmas time in Sleepy Hollow or ‘Spooky Town’ as evil mayor Maximus Kligore turned the town into when it became a Halloween tourist attraction year round Now I’m all for year round Halloween festivities Bah humbug but Harry Moon is on a mission to light up the pervading darkness of the townHarry’s magic teacher and friend Samson has been attacked by the mayor and his evil hordes’ Fouling Curse and it’s up to Harry and his Good Mischief Team to battle evil toys and the powers of darkness to save Samson along with the town’s Christmas spirit Along the way Harry makes a new friend learning not to judge someone by their outward appearance I loved the inventiveness of the anti Christmas carols that the evil mayor pumps through the town’s airwaves and replacing chapter with verse was a simple yet appropriate nod to the carols anti and otherwise that featured in the book My favourite descriptions related to the colours of Lady Dra Dra’s wigs which at one point was puke lemonThe illustrations were a great blend of Christmas and Halloween with the images at the beginning of each chapter foreshadowing an event to come I find the expressions on the character’s faces in the illustrations for this series are particularly wonderful especially the evil grin on the mayor’s face in this bookI’m not uite sure why Jesus couldn’t just be called Jesus It is a Christmas book after all and while He is referred to as the Great Magician in keeping with the magical aspects throughout the series it irked me There are sections where the Bible is either uoted or paraphrased during the book but at no time are these attributed as such I did think that the Mr BL Zebub character’s name was clever thoughI expects children will love reading about the different varieties of jellybeans described blue Penguin Poop purple Reindeer Poop and for when the purple inevitably sells out there’s the standby red and green swirled Elf Poop The Halloween fans will also appreciate the town’s festive decorations green dragon tails forming garlands and light posts wrapped with white bandages mixed with fake blood to imitate candy canes Favourite sentence “For the Great Magician and his deep magic can best be seen in the selfless love between one to another”I received a copy of this book from NetGalley thank you so much to NetGalley and Diamond Book Distributors for the opportunity in exchange for honest feedback Review HARRY MOON'S CHRISTMAS CAROL COLOR EDITION by Mark Andrew Poe When a small community succumbs to anxiety despair and economic fear evil makes inroads promising solutions and fomenting greed and cruelty And where evil makes inroads the good get going In the once peaceful community of Sleepy Hollow Massachusetts NOT the Sleepy Hollow of Washington Irving for the past 15 years Mayor Kilgore has preyed on the economic fears of the townsfolk and turned the community into every night is Halloween To feed his greed he treats with darkness and darkness respondsArrayed against darkness are 13 year old eight grader Harry Moon and 10 year old sister Honey Moon and their respective mentors magic store owner Solomon Dupree and the town's librarian In this engaging series good magic battles against the ever encroaching spread of darkness which sometimes seems irredeemable and indefensible Harry and Honey will encourage middle graders to do the right thing no matter how difficult no matter the peer pressure This is a great middle grade Christmas storyThe mayor of the Halloween town of Sleepy Hollow doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas He fills the town with Halloween parodies of Christmas carols One is “Jingle bells Santa smells A hundred miles away” Another is “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer Had a very bloody nose” I can imagine kids singing these parodies after reading this bookThe whole story is a Christmas Carol The chapters are called verses so they seem to be part of a song At the end Harry sings his own Christmas carol tooThis story shows the power of Christmas magic Harry and his friends use Harry’s magic to rescue his friend Samson But the real Christmas spirit didn’t come from magic Harry and his new friend Thor find a way to give the town a Christmas celebrationI really liked this book It’s a great Christmas storyI received this book on NetGalley I received this book from NetGalley to reviewHarry Moon Harry's Christmas Carol is a story about Halloween town of sleepy hallow and how the mayor doesn't want to celebrate christmas so he creates halloween version of christmas carols Harry Moon wants to add some cheer to the otherwise pretty dark and gloomy town and is aided by his magic teacher friend and other locales The story takes you on the challenges that Harry faces This book is a great read its down very creatively and when you read the carols written you already know the tunes so you find yourself singing along

Harry Moon Harrys Christmas Carol Color Edition ePUB
  • Hardcover
  • 174 pages
  • Harry Moon Harrys Christmas Carol Color Edition
  • Mark Andrew Poe
  • English
  • 24 June 2014
  • 9781943785674