Out On the Drink

Out On the Drink✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ Out On the Drink By Bill Bunn ✼ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Sean Bulger is a 16 year old alcoholic from Newfoundland His life revolves around avoiding his abusive stepfather and sneaking booze wherever and whenever he can One of his party crashes goes wrong wh Sean Bulger is a year old alcoholic from Newfoundland His life revolves around avoiding his abusive stepfather and sneaking booze wherever and whenever he can One of Out On Kindle - his party crashes goes wrong when a group of fellow teens dare him to check out a condemned Russian cruise shipStone drunk and obsessed with the promise of alcohol Sean scrambles aboard the ship and blacks out when the boat is towed from harbour and soon he's adrift in a ruined ship looking for fresh water food navigational tools or anything that will help him surviveWhen rescue finally comes it's not who he expected and Sean gets a first hand look into the shady worlds of ship breaking and piracyA YA adventure for ages and up Bill Bunn's latest book will grab your attention and make you feel the waves and the cold sea spray of the North Atlantic. Actual Rating 1 StarTrigger WarningsAlcohol abuse physical abuse I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my ownI just want to get this out there right now if you have a phobia of rats or are at all uncomfortable with vivid and at times disturbing discussion of rats then you don't want to go near this book There are some things you can't unreadI don't think there is anything I liked about this book The characters were flat even the main character who directly addresses the reader on many occasions The writer is creative in some ways but it needed serious editing There were typos and misused words everywhere Beyond that there were so many inconsistencies plot holes and just things that don't make sense that they were impossible to overlookThere was almost no plot For most of the book the main character is stuck on a boat where nothing happens besides him talking to the rats and doing a poor job of survivingOverall between the mediocre writing and editing rats vomit and being stuck on a boat where nothing happens for 50% of the book I was bored and slightly nauseated This is a tale of survivalfrom the clutches of a severely dysfunctional family to being stranded at sea At times this was hard to stomach but ultimately hard to put down Not your average adventure tale VIEW FULL REVIEW○ i have a physical copy○ read an e version will definitely purchase physical book● read an e version a physical book will be appreciated○ read an e version not interested in its physical book● a page turner● less than 500 pages○ diverse in any way○ something’s lacking○ took me a long time to finish● an LMAO read● i laughed than a few times○ it’s j u s t awkward○ gave me goosebumps● one of the best books i’ve read I’M NOT KIDDING IT’S REALLY AWESOME○ painful sad○ tear jerker○ a roller coaster of emotions○ thrilling○ confusing○ sooo relatable○ it is kind of annoying○ it has a lot of flashbacks○ it moved me● would recommend● great even for a reread● definitely a YAY○ i’m sorry it’s a NAY○ it’s between YAY and NAYWhat made me read this? Netgalley Did I regret reading this?Even with all the rats abuse and such? No I’ve seen other reviews about this and while it’s true that there are some missing plots and misspelled words the story’s still thereP L U SI love a lot of things I know But it’s so easy to connect with the main character Sean He definitely felt like an old friend As a reader it’s rare to find characters like him I loved it You may want to skip this but here are the terms I encountered there drunk rats pirate and many It’s a fun read I'd like to thank NetGalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review even if my review is not a positive one The story for Out on the Drink was fine if a little oddly paced You spend a good 80% of the book kind of drifting pun intended until suddenly BAM everything happens all at once and you really have to keep up if you don't want to miss everything And even then you'll miss things because a lot of points just aren't explained as clearly as they could be For example and I'd say Spoilers but why did the people are Carly's party send Sean to the cruise ship? Did they intend to have him stranded in the middle of the ocean slowly dying of thirst and starvation? When what's his name said I'm going to save your life did he intend to actually help Sean with his drinking problem? Did they plan any of this or were the really just going to give Sean that bottle of gin if he succeeded? It's all very confusing And by confusing I mean convenient And that may be my biggest problem with the story Everything that happens in the story is convenience Sean conveniently gets stranded at sea although I'm still calling possibly pre meditated attempted murder from Sean's classmates Sean conveniently finds such and such items on board Sean conveniently gets rescued and then pirates attack and then I think he nearly gets made into a slave? I'm not sure everything happened very uickly It wasn't an awful story self discovery character focused plots are my favourite but there just wasn't much too it especially with handling such a heavy subject like alcoholism and it's very hard to believe Sean would just be left in this self abusive lifestyle Other characters obviously knew he had a problem but no one did anything? Teachers? That one bus driver? Literally no one thought to help this obviously self destructive minor? It could have been handled better I guess is my thoughts on it Here I feel like I would have gone on to talk about the characters but there really is only one and it's Sean Everyone else is just the backdrop to his story and there wasn't much need to pay any attention to them Sean like the story was fine but and I mean this is the gentlest kind of way has the author never spoken to a real 16 year old before? I'm glad Sean reminds us of his age every now and then otherwise you could read the story thinking Sean was an old man Although I'll admit his dialogue was one of the highlights even if they were mostly dad jokes Overlooking the grammar mistakes which I can forgive being a ARC what's left is story that's fine I can't say I was bored reading but I also wasn't on the edge of my seat weeping away with Sean and his struggles which is a shame because I feel like it really could have worked A little bit of extra care and a comb through of the story and there definitely could be something wonderful there Reviewed for Netgalley If you can ignore the many many typos misspellings missing words and misused words Bill Bunn’s Out on the Drink is an engaging uniue tale which follows young alcoholic Sean on his biggest dumbest blunder yet In the middle of Newfoundland snow storm he accepts a dare to climb aboard an abandoned cruise ship where he promptly passes out and awakens much later to find that the ship has torn aware from its moorings and is adrift on the oceanSean must learn not only how to live without alcohol but how to live alone on a decrepit ship with little water and food that expired almost three years prior to his misadventure His very survival depends on itBunn did a nice job with the pacing of the story Sean’s stint aboard the Lyubov Orlova slows the momentum a bit but I think that was intentional to show how long Sean is stuck aboard the cruise ship and how lonely he is during this time The pace definitely picks up again when company comes aboard The story is original and engaging Despite Sean’s many stupid mistakes I found myself hoping he and his ship imposed sobriety would both survive I recommend this book despite the many errors I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewDon't read this book okay?This book has little plotGrammatical and spelling errors at least the ARC I read didAn excessive amount of gross things described in detailI have to say the last 50 pages of the book were the most interesting but not interesting enough to read through the other 150 plus pages to get to I am reviewing this book for Bill Bunn Biting Duck Press and NetGalley who gave me a copy of their book for an honest reviewI usually like adventure survival stories but I found this one so hard to get into

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