A Normal Pig

A Normal Pig[Reading] ➻ A Normal Pig By K-Fai Steele – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A picture book about a spotted pig in a class full of pink pigs who learns to accept her differencesPip is a normal pig who does normal stuff cooking painting and dreaming of what she’ll be when she A picture book about a spotted pig in a class full of pink pigs who learns to accept A Normal eBook ç her differencesPip is A Normal Pig who does normal stuff cooking painting and dreaming of what she’ll be when she grows upBut one day a new pig comes to school and starts pointing out all the ways in which Pip is different Suddenly she doesn’t like any of the same things she used to the things that made her Pip. Just finished reading this book to Miss S It’s so lovely A story told through the eyes of a child pig in school Having always been accepted for who she is she is terribly hurt by a new kid in school who bullies her about her differences Then her mom takes her out of the suburbs and into the city for a visit There she meets lots of pigs and realizes that pigs people come with variety When she returns to school she takes her renewed confidence with her and dismisses the bully Excellent story I’m so glad our brilliant librarian has found lots of books about diversity Aw I love this I like the reminder that there's a big world beyond the bubbles we live in with all sorts of different people and pigs And in the meantime if you're stuck in school or at work or wherever this book also has some good ideas for dealing with your detractors Truly it is the year of the pig A fun look at what it can feel like to be an outsider and how to embrace that which makes you stand out Pip looks different than her peers but it is not until a new student points it out that she realize it Thankfully her parents know just what to do to make her feel better Delightful story of a little pig who starts to feel different from her classmates You can read this as a story of a pig or you can use it to talk about prejudice and fear of the unknown—it works on both levels I love that the city is a solution and not a problem I love that the dad makes the school lunches And I love that the illustrations have so much going on in them A good story of about how a child can get insecure about something just because somebody else is making fun of them for it In this case one pig teases another pig about her lunch What's weird about her lunch I don't know 45 stars I adored A NORMAL PIG The pig in this story thinks of herself as normal She looks a little different than the other pigs in the class She enjoys food that's a little bit different too But this doesn't bug her until a classmate calls this out and she is thrown into a bit of a crisis is she normal? This sweet story explores a common concern for both kids and adults feeling singled out as well as the pressure to conform that is so prevalent even in the earliest grades This would be a wonderful choice for any kid who's feeling a little bit different and let's face it that's everyone at some point or another POC here stands for pig of colorhahahahaThe MC is a cutie patootie though I found the message to be a bit heavy handed and pedantic I wish that it was handled a bit gently A great story about tolerance and being yourself the pig art in this is everything to me?? I could look at these pigs for hours