Mascot❦ [KINDLE] ❁ Mascot By Antony John ➡ – Noah Savino has been stuck in a wheelchair for months He hates the way people treat him like he’s helpless now He’s sick of going to physical therapy where he isn’t making any progress He’s ti Noah Savino has been stuck in a wheelchair for months He hates the way people treat him like he’s helpless now He’s sick of going to physical therapy where he isn’t making any progress He’s tired of not having control over his own body And he misses playing baseball—but not as much as he misses his dad who died in the car accident that paralyzed NoahNoah is scared he’ll never feel like his old self again He doesn’t want people to think of him as different for the rest of his life With the help of family and friends he’ll have to throw off the mask he’s been hiding behind and face the fears that have kept him on the sidelines if he ever wants to move forward. E ARC from Edelweiss PlusNoah Savino lives in the St Louis neighborhood of the Hill which is great because he loves baseball Well he used to After a devastating car accident he is in a wheel chair and trying to figure out a new normal This doesn't include Logan his former best friend and teammate who has been a jerk When uirky new student Ruben moves to the area calling himself Double Wide because of his size Noah is glad to have one person who doesn't know all of the details of his accident It helps that Ruben is also very matter of fact and has some slight autism spectrum characteristics and just ASKS Noah about issues that have to do with his wheelchair bound state if he doesn't understand them When another former friend Alyssa runs afoul of Logan and gets roped into competing against him in an upcoming pitching contest Rben and Noah offer to help her So does neighbor Mr Riggieri after they break his car windshield Noah is not happy that his mother is starting to date Mr Dillon a neighbor who has a younger daughter Makayla Mr Dillon being friendly and helpful and his mother being happy just doesn't sit well with him since he is still processing his father's death His physical rehab isn't going very well because he's not working as hard as he should a fact which his gym teacher Mrs Friendly is able to point out to him Along with learning how to catch from his wheelchair for the pitching contest Noah has a plan to make Mr Dillon look less appealing to his mother and for Mr Riggieri to reconcile with his children Life goes on and while Noah is generally moving forward with his life there are some moments where he has to process his recent loss in order to keep making progress Strengths If you want readers to gain empathy about people who are facing challenges they are not it's not very effective to have a slow paced lyrical novel that discusses and analyzes these matters A lot of the readers are going to claim the book is boring and give up If you throw in dog farts practical jokes some friend fighting and a sport readers will actually pay attention to the book and get information about what it would be like to be in a wheelchair how you might feel if your father passed away how to be friends with someone who is uirky how to deal with a parent dating and how fathers sometimes fall out with their children over issues like same sex marriage That's all in this book but in a way that is fun to read I also adored the details about life in this very specific neighborhood Noah's personality and coping mechanisms were brilliantly described He doesn't wring his hands but does admit he doesn't work hard enough The reasons his friends uit talking to him are very realistic The fact that sometimes happy things can make a grieving person inexplicably sad is a very true thing that I have not seen represented in middle grade literature Very well done Mr JohnWeaknesses I got to the end of this and I could remember mascots being mentioned several times but completely missed which one the titular mascot would be Also I'm not sure that there are many tween girls comfortable enough in their own skin to ask a boy if he's looking at her boobs Since Noah is in a wheelchair that's his eye level It's the only detail that seemed unlikely What I really think Can't wait to hand to students Great cover wish we would see like this especially if girls are the main character It's one thing to say boys should read books with girl protagonists it's another to get a 13 year old boy to check out an aggressively pink book with a girl on the cover Librarians need a tiny bit of help in overthrowing cultural preconditioning A story centered on a young man Noah whom we meet months after he is involved in a car crash Noah must navigate the normal teen issues like crushes school and tormentors while also dealing with paralysis and the loss of his father The author created some interesting layered characters and shares them with the reader without exposing too much of them If you are St Louis or Cardinals fan you will enjoy the details of both peppered throughout the book I a curious to see how my students respond to it and hear their thoughts on the book A good book about doing the mental physical and emotional work to overcome tragedy Fun heartwarming story about friendship second chances and perseverance Noah narrates this story that starts after the accident that kills his father and puts him in a wheelchair He is back at school and just wants things to go back to normal He just wants to forget what happened and have everyone teat him like before But Noah finds that that isn't possible Life needs to change to go forward He meets Dee Dub a new student and together with Alyssa Noah slowly removes his mask and they navigate middle school and life Schneider Family Book Award winner Antony John does not disappoint with his second book about a disabled teen and his first middle grade book Noah a middle school student who must use a wheelchair thanks to the accident that killed his father is as realistic as seventh graders come Devious irritable moody and somewhat self loathing he's the kind of guy any twelve year old can identify with But he's also a good friend a smart kid and a powerful catcher even after the accident Join Noah and his buddies Alyssa and Double Wide as they plot to bring down their enemy Fredbird the beloved mascot of the St Louis Cardinals This book is especially good for Missourians and redbird fans I've been following Antony John's career for a while and while I've enjoyed all of his books my favorite of all time was Five Flavors of Dumb He just captured those characters so beautifully and I laughed and cried along with them and felt like we were friends by the end Mascot is the first time I've had that same feeling since Dumb and it was honestly like coming home There are different characters and storylines but the feeling is the same Noah Savino has been in a car accident that ended in tragedy for multiple reasons and he is mad at the world understandably He doesn't want to try and he gets mad at the people who love him because they are trying to make him care again This book is about friendship but also making your way back from a huge challenge I loved the side characters John's side characters are the best Double Wide who is likely on the spectrum with his very concrete way of thinking and difficulty making friends and dealing with his emotions and the terrific Alyssa who is the Hermione of the trio And we can never forget one of the younger characters who I won't say too much but she is a firecracker with her own character arc Overall a wonderful middle grade read that doesn't dumb itself down for its readers and makes you want to stand up and cheer A must read What happens AFTER the accident when the first reactions are done and everyone else has moved on with the normal lives? Noah once star catcher is now the kid in the wheelchair on the sidelines His teammates side with the bully who taunts him his mom struggles to get him in and out of the car and the endless physical therapy just seems pointless His steadfast best friend Alyssa is still by his side but Noah even wonders if it is because she feels sorry for himA new kid in his class Dee Dub Double Wide who has his own issues a baseball duel and Noah's mom's new friend who claims to be the mascot of the Cardinals team are the catalyst that finally gets Noah off the sidelinesI loved this one with its unusual look at the uneven trajectory of recovery and the picture of three great kids who help each other Lots of great baseball stuff here too I loved this book There is so many reasons why I loved it and those reasons kept mounting as I read it I’m only sorry that it took me a while to find this book and now I’m wondering what else this author wrote that I should be reading In the beginning pages of Mascot you will meet Noah who is adjusting to life in a wheelchair Noah was with his father in a car accident were his father was pronounced dead and now Noah is a paraplegic From his tone Noah isn’t happy with the way his life is headed During his weekly physical therapy sessions Noah’s passivenegative remarks have him moving nowhere whereas another patient in the room who Noah has been watching is slowly making progress His former teammates taunt and bully him every chance that they get The pitcher once his close friend is the leader in this cruel act Once a star catcher on the school’s baseball team Noah can’t use his legs any With his father gone he must rely on his mother for everything and the way things are going Noah feels this might be a long time When Ruben enters the picture this book just blew up Ruben cracked me up Ruben aka Double Wide or Dee Dub arrives in his true form When he was first introduced to the class I had many thoughts going through my head as Dee Dub basically says the honest truth without any filters Like Noah thought Dee Dub was crazy or a total genius that knows that being a new kid he can get away with anything I think he was a little bit of bothRuben ends up sitting next to Noah and they form a friendship Ruben is now associated with Noah which gets the attention of everyone especially the baseball team I wondered how Ruben would handle the harassment now that he was a part of it Noah and Ruben were now a pair but could they do anything against a team? We meet Alyssa who is a friend of Noah’s I thought she was one tough girl Noah needed to start hanging around her as she would teach him something for she was not taking any gruff from anyoneRuben was not afraid of speaking his mind and now Noah finally has someone to talk to Ruben helps us as readers get to know the characters as he’s not afraid of talking to them and inuiring into the lives of each of them What a remarkable outstanding book I loved the characters as they felt realistic and I liked how they felt a variety of emotions There were fears and bleak situations but they worked through them Now to see what else I need to read by this author Increasingly there has been a push in children's literature for strong female characters and books that celebrate girl power Even though strong female characters have always been the dominating force in children's literature Jo March Laura Ingalls Wilder Anne Shirley to name a few and authors and publishers are promoting feminism Problem is boys are often overlooked Yes Harry Potter made a lasting impact but for the most part single realistic novels center around girls Fortunately Mascot fills at least some of this void British born Antony John has written a delightful book with one terrific male protagonist at its helmNoah Savino was partly paralyzed in a car accident that left him without a father Grieving sarcastic yet determined this highly likable kid narrates the story of his transition from bitter and frustrated to navigating his way through life in a wheelchair With his mother and a couple of very good friends Noah comes to realize life not only does go on but it can be pretty darn good even if you've been sidelined Noah Medina is confined to a wheelchair after a car accident that takes his father’s life This book is a great read for middle school students who want a combination of characters facing adversity middle school school students navigating first crushes and rocky friendships and families struggling to redefine themselves after tragedies Noah struggles to figure out who he is how to move on from his father’s death without forgetting him and how to redefine who is friends are It has a great story a great lesson I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because the book almost takes on too much and the reader can get a bit lost in all of the different ideas

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