It Wasn't Me

It Wasn't MePDF Epub It Wasn T Me By Dana Alison Levy The Breakfast Club Meets Middle School Mystery In This Story Of Six Very Different Seventh Graders Forced Together In The Aftermath Of A Vandalism Incident.When Theo S Photographs Are Vandalized And Trashed Beyond All Recognition, There Are Five Kids At The Scene The Nerd, The Princess, The Jock, The Weirdo, And The Screw Up.All Anyone Will Say Is It Wasn T Me Theo Doesn T Care Who It Was, He Just Wants To Stop Being The Victim The Sooner The School Forgets The Whole Humiliating Thing, The Better But His Favorite Teacher Is Asking The Six Of Them To Spend Vacation Week Together Learning To Trust And Getting To The Truth She Calls It A Justice Circle He Calls It His Worst Nightmare.Theo Knows Everything He Needs To Know About His Classmates, And He S Sure This Justice Circle Is Going To Be An Epic And Totally Mortifying Waste Of Time But After A Few Days Of Sock Puppets Gone Wrong, Artificial Flesh Wounds, And Dangerous Candy Reconnaissance Missions, He S Not So Certain As They Share Their Secrets, Theo Realizes That He Doesn T Know Anyone As Well As He Thought, Not Even Himself And The Truths They Share Might Change Their Lives Forever.Hilarious, Awkward, Surprising, And Ultimately Heartwarming, IT WASN T ME Is A Guessing Game That Keeps Readers Wondering What Lies Behind The Labels We Wear DISCLAIMER I received a digital review copy of IT WASN T ME via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review4.5 StarsHOLY FREAKING COWAs mentioned in my RECKLESS CLUB review , I love THE BREAKFAST CLUB, so when I heard about this book, I instantly requested it And once I got the acceptance email, I was super excited and immediately started reading it Let me tell you, my friend, that I flippin loved it.Like THE BREAKFAST CLUB, you have the classic Princess Molly Claremont , Athlete Erik Estrale , Brain Andre Hall , Criminal Jax Fletcher , and Basket Case Alice Shu this time labeled as the Overachiever, the Jock, the Nerd, the Screw up, and the Weirdo and they do excellent justice to their similar counterparts And the book is complete with some iconic quotes and scenes from the original BREAKFAST CLUB.So, yeah, perfect for fans of THE BREAKFAST CLUB, or even people who want a nice, feel goo
NEW DANA ALISON LEVY BOOKSeriously, this showed up in the mail at work, I grabbed it, started it, finished it All in the same day I won t say too much this far from pub date, but this is another win by Levy who, as usual, handles difficult issues with humor, charm, characters who are relateable and easy to become attached to as well as coming off as full fleshed out , and a deft touch in general This is definitely the heaviest of her books, facing issues of bullying, family difficulties, and general social issues a little head on, kind of in the style o
Fan s of Breakfast Club are going to enjoy this book Steals quite a bit from the movie, but it s ok, I can handle that nod to a great film I think middle schoolers through adult fans are going to enjoy this little mystery story Dana Levy nailed it I receiv
I was super excited to read this, as was my twelve year old, who has loved all of this author s previous books It s a very different sort of story school based, rather than family based from her other books, but with the same humor, heart, and voice The pitch of Breakfast Club for MG is DEAD ON, so perfect, it made me want to go back and watch The Breakfast Club again And in addition to the humor and wonderful characters, it brings up a lot of really important
I expected this to be much of a mystery There s a mystery element, but it s really a group therapy book But an interesting twist on that restorative justice circle and the characters are fun I love Alice. Note I read this as a free e ARC from Netgalley The description of this book is Breakfast Club middle school mystery and that is right on the mark Six students are brought together during a school break to hopefully find out who has vandalized one of the student s Theo art work Each of the other five affirms each day they were not involved, but all five admit to being in the area They participate in an activity called a justice circle During the week, each of them realize something pivotal about themselves and each other I really liked the mystery and their internal conflicts, but the author who readily admits The Breakfast Club is her favorite movie borrows too heavily for her story line Each student is a stereotype, jock, nerd, art freak, etc Even some of their antics are right out of th
It Wasn t Me by Dana Alison Levy will draw readers in with the nod to The Breakfast Club and keep them interested with the modern take on dealing with school labels Like Theo I struggled wanting to know and not know what really ha
E ARC from NetgalleyI generally like Levy s work, but I don t know that my students will really get the heavy Breakfast Club references Also, I couldn t believe that a guidance counselor would be allowed or want to have a group of students in during spring break for a week long justice circle,
A different twist to the breakfast club Did not expect the ending, loved it Solid MS book that has a Breakfast Club vibe I liked how i was wrong who vandalized the artwork and how you really got to know each character Loved how the POV of the main character a boy didn t overtake the secondary characters stories or character development.