The Merciful Crow

The Merciful Crow Ebook The Merciful Crow Margaret Owen The First In A YA Fantasy Series That Follows A Girl From A Caste Of Mercy Killers Who Can Steal Magic From The Teeth Of The Dead When Her Persecuted Clan Is Targeted By A Ruthless Usurper Queen, She Must Smuggle The Crown Prince And His Bodyguard To Safety Publication Is Planned For Spring 2019. Oh my friends This book is breathtaking My only regret in reading it so early is that it s not published yet, so I can t buy about 50 copies for all the writers and YA fantasy lovers in my life Next holiday season, hopefully Let s start with worldbuilding from the first page, you know you re in the hands of a master We re talking Jemisin or Rothfuss level in terms of att
AHHHH I don t know how to start this review except to start with this book is amazing And if this is not on your to read shelf you are missing out The only problem with this book is I read it too early and have to wait to have the actual copy in my hands and waiting for the sequel This is really an amazing world that I was sucked into right away There are different castes each represented by a different birds In each caste there are also witches wi
I had the privilege of reading this one early This is a big book, my friends This book is really special.Fie is one of my favorite heroines ever, the system of magic uses TEETH, the world building is SO BRILLIANT, the boys are ADORABLE RASCALS, the Crows are so cool, and there s a Lady General that rides a mammoth and wields a battle axe, and it has all my favorite things put together tied with a hugely emotionally satisfying ending Like I wanted to cheer
badass mercy killer who gets magic from the teeth of the dead is this Daughter of Smoke and Bone no but in all seriousness this looks amazing