Enchantée❮EPUB❯ ✽ Enchantée ✸ Author Gita Trelease – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Paris in 1789 is a labyrinth of twisted streets filled with beggars thieves revolutionaries—and magiciansWhen smallpox kills her parents Camille Durbonne must find a way to provide for her frail nai Paris in is a labyrinth of twisted streets filled with beggars thieves revolutionaries—and magiciansWhen smallpox kills her parents Camille Durbonne must find a way to provide for her frail naive sister while managing her volatile brother Relying on petty magic—la magie ordinaire—Camille painstakingly transforms scraps of metal into money to buy the food and medicine they need But when the coins won’t hold their shape and her brother disappears with the family’s savings Camille must pursue a richer dangerous mark the glittering court of Louis XVI and Marie AntoinetteWith dark magic forbidden by her mother Camille transforms herself into the ‘Baroness de la Fontaine’ and is swept up into life at the Palace of Versailles where aristocrats both fear and hunger for la magie There she gambles at cards desperate to have enough to keep herself and her sister safe Yet the longer she stays at court the difficult it becomes to reconcile her resentment of the nobles with the enchantments of Versailles And when she returns to Paris Camille meets a handsome young balloonist—who dares her to hope that love and liberty may both be possibleBut la magie has its costs And when Camille loses control of her secrets the game she's playing turns deadly Then revolution erupts and she must choose—love or loyalty democracy or aristocracy freedom or magic—before Paris burns. merging historical fiction with fantasy is so IN right now and i am here for itthis is your classic les mis meets aladdin who is close friends with caraval and introduces them to glitter its honestly just a great time for all involved myself included and although it feels like there are many elements gently borrowed from other familiar stories this still has a fresh and uniue feel to itthe magic system in this is really uite something i do think it could have been developed a little better in some areas but im hoping that the change from being a standalone to a series will allow opportunities to do so down the line but what is far from lacking is the setting my goodness it felt like i was immediately back in paris smelling the bread baking on the corner boulangerie being awed by the ornate style of versailles and feeling the rising tension of the revolution the exploration of the city and french lifestyle is really well donebecause there is such a focus on the atmosphere of the story the pacing can feel a little slow at times there is a lot of page time dedicated to describing court life and all its intricacies and the emotion of the historical political drama that it doesnt feel like much is happening for the main characters and although i didnt mind it i know that might deter some readersbut i thought this was a really fun and magical read i do kind of wish it had remained a standalone i honestly cant keep up with all my unfinished series that i have started but i am interested in how this story will progress from here↠ 35 stars ARC provided by Flatiron in exchange for an honest review “Remember—magic is a cheater’s game and everyone who sees it wants to play” Enchantée is a book that is set in historical Paris during 1789 but this is a version of Paris unlike any other Yes the French Revolution is beginning and the people are starving and rioting while Marie Antoinette and other aristocrats ignore their pleas But some people in this alternative history are able to wield magic to help make their lives a little easier In this world there are three different types of magic➽ Magie Ordinaire changing things➽ Glamoire changing oneself➽ Magie Bibelot making objects sentientThis book stars Camille a young girl able to wield magic but is very scared to get caught because the stakes are so high Yet she still turns magic into scrap metal so that they have a little money to live off of But her younger sister Sophie is not in the best of health and both of their parents have just died to smallpox The only person who is supposed to be looking out for them is their older brother Alain who is drinking and gambling away what little money they do have But when Camille helps out a couple hot air balloon makers then she finds a magical dress that is hidden away in a secret trunk and she ends up taking her and her sisters future into her own hands and will stop at nothing to ensure their health and safety From there she throws herself into a world of aristocracy filled with nobles who do not even realize the food they are wasting while people in the streets are starving I wanted to love this so much friends But sadly it just fell so very short for me I felt like the author was trying to cram so many important things that happened in France in that time into this book while also trying to write her own story and both elements just made this entire story feel disjointed and left a lot to be desired And honestly? Even my synopsis of this book sounds a lot better than the book actually is I was so bored throughout I just kept waiting for something exciting to happen but it never did The twists and turns were so predictable and so lackluster And them ignoring the gross behavior that Alain displayed made me so angry And their constant views on sex workers made my eyes almost roll out of my head completely Oh and the villain was straight up from a comic twirling his mustache I swear I will say that one of the main side characters Lazare is biracial Indian and French and he does have a really good discussion about how he feels like the French never let him forget that he isn’t white I really appreciated that I also appreciated that Camille was willing to do whatever it took to care for Sophie You all know I’m always here for good sibling relationships But besides these two elements? I really didn’t enjoy this one I’m so sorry friends I do feel like I’ve been really not enjoying a lot of the historical stories I’ve read in 2018 so maybe you will enjoy this a lot than I did A lot of my friends have actually given this one really high praise too But I’m wishing you all happy reading always Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uote above was taken from an ARC and is subject to change upon publicationContent and trigger warnings for degrading comments about women I honestly feel like I read the word “whore” at least twenty times slut shaming physical abuse emotional abuse verbal abuse illness of a loved one alcoholism gambling addiction loss of a loved one blood depictions Buddy read with Mia at Pens and Parchment Amy at A Court of Crowns and uills Kayla at Books and Blends ❤ I loved this one It's a beautiful mix between historical fiction and fantasy and it's easy to get lost right alongside Camille a girl struggling with poverty as she uses magic to thrust herself into the glittering world of the French Court In fact what I loved most about Enchantee was not only the high stakes that will keep you on the edge of your seat but the constant tension thrust into every scene I found myself turning those pages like none otherCamille is a fantastic MC mostly because she's perfectly imperfect She's an older sister who has the weight of caring and providing for her younger sister on her shoulders Both girls along with their horrible older brother were left with nothing when their parents died And while the brother could have provided for the girls with his position in the military he gambles everything he makes away Thus Camille is left with the one thing she does have from her family a mysterious magic box And while she knows it is dangerous she'll do anything to get her and her sister out of poverty's choking graspTurns out the box has a little something special that allows Camille to not only transform her appearance to that of a courtier but she learns the art of illusion in full including how to change the face of cards Which means she can gamble and win The problem? The cost might be too high for Camille to play as she learns the conseuences of her magic I don't want to say much but alongside the high stakes there's a romance behind the scenes that I uite enjoyed and of course when things get messy they get REALLY messy Overall I loved exploring this world and I'll definitely be hoping for another book from the author one day soon My Blog Instagram Twitter This was like a visual war between intoxicating Parisian magical delightsvs extreme poverty and desperation And books that blend such extremes so well just deserve total applause It really took you to Paris I love travelling through books less expensive and also less jetlag which is nice but it's tricky to get that balance where you really feel in the story Enchantee nailed it ➸ It's set in 1700s Paris mostly in VersaillesAnd oh wow the COURTS The mad richness of the aristocracy and how they just threw around money and favours and gambled and drankwhile the poor people literally died in the streets of starvation And we're also here on the brink of inventions so the hot air balloon takes a huge part of the story getting it ya know floating right and Camille's dad used to run a printing press where he was determined to spread true news and free thoughts lol that didn't go down well thanks France and the age of obscene rich people is teetering towards collapse Ugh I loved this give me moar➸ Camille is the Softestbut also has a total craving for powerShe's a magician but she starts of turning bits of scrap metal into coins and that's it But then she moves onto enchanted dresses and glamouring her face and changing cards to work in her favour for gamblinglike she just loves that feeling of being in control Which is so understandable?? Her real life is extreme poverty being abused by her older brother trying to care for a sickly sister So when she figures she can get into Versailles and gamble and WIN through trickery mwhaha she GOES FOR IT Of course magic has a price and it's eating away at her But I loved how she kept her soul throughout all the book She's so passionate about who she loves and protects EeepOk but I have to admit 1 I hated how they had this abusive brother Alian who constantly got forgiven and 2 he literally puts a knife to Camille's throat but Sophie was still going to trust him?? Tf ladies You can't save this one Throw the whole man outMagicians need sorrow And deep sorrow existed only because of love➸ The romance is pretty much super cuteBasically Lazare crash lands a balloon and Camille sprints over to save him and aww what a meet cute I'm here for it I also liked the added tension of them both leading double lives and how that collided And the romance was taut but not irritatingly angsty? Bless➸ And am here for loving diversity repLazare is biracial his mother is from India and his father is a French aristocrat And he does get mocked for it He even calls out Camille's white privilege at one point and I think it was an important moment And there's also an adorable side ueer couple who I ached for because they go through a lot But it was so good to see diversity in magical historical fiction Like PROOF to anyone who says oh it wasn't historically accurate as an excuse for skipping it that they have no grounds to stand on ➸ And while i totally enjoyed being immersed in the storyit's still super long 450 pages is l o n g I could've done for it to be a bit tighter to keep the tension highBecause holy WOW that ending is stressfulThis is such a magical story of deception and love of how easy it is to fall into the glittering addictive lure of money and being in control It's a beautifully written story and it totally swallows your whole attention while you root for Camille to beat back the unfair world and have the life she deserves I started reading Enchantee on 10302018 and finished it on 11132018 This book is an excellent read I enjoy reading about Paris life in 1789 It’s definitely sad to be among the poor and definitely fun to be among the rich Nights at Versailles sounds magnificent I like how gambling and hot air balloon is the excitement at that time The fashion with silk dress and hats are interesting to read The divide between rich and poor is sad and somehow I didn’t think it exists in Paris because Paris is always advertise as the glamorous tourist destination I like that ueen Marie Antoinette play a role in this bookThis book is told in the third person point of view following Camille Durbonne 17 the responsible middle sister to drunken brother Alain 19 and ill sister Sophie 15 Camille can turn metal into coins using sorrow but it weakens her when she overdoes it They all are orphans living on minimum and behind on rent It was the year 1789 in Paris where the poor are abundant and aristocrats are wasteful Sophie dreams of marrying rich to get out of the slump and Alain takes what little his sisters have to pay off his gambling debts Camille dreams of a change the forbidden magic or the hot air balloon explorer Lazare she met may just give her the new life she cravesEnchantee is very well written I enjoy the romance a lot especially all those flirting I like the magic though it seems not something to celebrate as the magic conjures sorrows instead of happiness I like the communication at the time because it’s proper and sophisticated even between teenagers This book has great set of characters main and supporting I like Rosier and his passion for the balloons I like the twist to the dark magic I like learning some french terms from this read I recommend everyone to read this bookPro fast paced page turner magic Paris hot air balloon siblings flirting revolution gamblingCon noneI rate it 5 starsxoxo Jasmine at wwwhowusefulitiswordpresscom for details Enchantée is a debut novel that will make you believe in magic set in the most beautiful city of the World Paris Gita merges magic and romance in a perfect way to give us an addictive and utterly delightful story So the story takes place during 1789 or better known as The French Revolution and the story elaborates very fascinating topics which we all want within a book cheaters people fighting in streets magic a bad government and French romance Gita makes this a very uniue and delightful story to read for every readerAs a debut book I really am speechless by Gita's experience to write such a masterpiece she writes in a very professional way if I wouldn't see that this is a debut I would never believe it her perspective in the book takes very interesting and important acts that you can't find it everywhere Also the background settings are the best part which I loved so much reading this made me think I was in ParisThe story follows the main character Camille who is a very strong and smart young girl who can do magic she lives only with her sick sister and her useless brotherThere are three types of magic in France and the story has different twists which will come in perfect times and the Author knows how to mix your feelings so fast so all the book is with these three trying to survive in this miserable worldReading Camille's adventures will make you cry many times as she fights so much to keep her family safe as she is scared that she's becoming a different person Gita's imagination is beyond perfection I really devoured ENCHANTÉE in maximum best way she has created a World that is intriguing and intoxicating every page will leave you speechless and wanting from it but the ending was a suprise for me mostly I get dissapointed but this time I see a very clever ending which was so unexpected but looking throughout the journey Gita makes this a very uniue and special book for all of us If you love Caraval and Les Misérables than this book is perfect for you I really give this a solid five star and I can say that it is one of the most powerful debut book of the Year also Gita as the best debut Author Let me just take a uick second here to say that I finished four novels during the weekend It feels like I’m binge reading so you know it won’t last because I only recently got back into reading fiction so it’s like my subconscious and body overall is trying to make up for the ‘‘lost time’’ That said if this book had been awful I would not have forced myself to read it My experience reading it may be a little different than an Anglophone’s experience because I went to a Francophone school and we looked at the French Revolution again and again and again I also studied Marie Antoinette in my Art History classes which helped humanize her in my eyes because her family portraits showed her love for her children So I expected to understand this historical world well regardless of the magic thrown in I had no ualms with the world at all thank God because after finishing The Gilded Wolves I could not have welcomed confusion in that department On the contrary I enjoyed immensely the author’s descriptions of places She writes beautifully—lushly I would take a class in writing with her that’s how much I think she can make it as a bestselling author I do sadly believe that she should work on dialog and reactions better Camille was lovely and the way she cared for her sister Sophie touched my heart but every single character in this book is so dramatic At times this is entertaining because it means scenes are not DULL but it’s a hard story to take seriously This is unfortunate as Camille is often in precarious situations and yet I never really feared for her life A satisfying story in certain ways but still a work in progress in othersBlog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ Beautiful writing but I just think historical fantasy is not for me However I love anything Marie Antoinette I really loved this book it’s about 2 sisters and a brother who’s parents have died from small pox They are very poor but Camille can work magic so she does to try to earn money to make their situation better There’s an evil villain a romance and a little action It’s taking place during the fall of the French monarchy it has bit of everything It’s was very good I loved it Enchantée by Gita Trelease is a young adult historical fantasy that takes place at the time of the French Revolution While the book has events and figures from this time in history it is a fantasy read with the use of magic being involved with the charactersCamille Durbonne’s family had never been rich but when her parents both pass away from smallpox Camille and her siblings are left to fend on their own Camille’s older brother however only gambles away any little bit he gets a hold of and is often abusive to Camille and her younger sisterIn order to protect herself and her sister Sophie Camille begins to dabble in the dark magic that had always been forbidden Instead of only turning bits of metal into coins to survive Camille begins to transform herself to pass as a baroness to enter the high stakes gambling in the Palace of VersaillesFirst for the positive side of this one I would readily admit the author did a good job incorporating magic into the historical time frame and bringing it all to life However with this one being close to 500 pages yet again I felt as if it just wasn’t going anywhere I’m not a huge fan of such a slow burning story and want way action happening than I found in this one While this one was just so so to me though I’m sure those that prefer a slow build would love itI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit