Thriving At Work: What They Didn't Teach You in School

Thriving At Work: What They Didn't Teach You in School❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ Thriving At Work: What They Didn't Teach You in School Author Michael Dam – If you are new to the workforce or want to jump start your career, Thriving At Work delivers a proven and practical roadmap to achieve success from day one and throughout your career More than a dozen If you Work: What PDF/EPUB ¼ are new to the workforce or want to jump start your career, Thriving At Work delivers a proven and practical roadmap to achieve success from day one and throughout your career More than Thriving At PDF/EPUB or a dozen executives from wellknown multinational companies have given their complete endorsement after reviewing this book Even though most companies today believe college graduates lack the crucial skills to be ready and to succeed in the At Work: What MOBI ò workplace, Michael Dam wants to help you prove them wrong Drawing from over twenty five years of professional as well as teaching experience, the author shares his insight and real life examples that will help you fast track your career, avoid potential pitfalls and not having to learn the hard way Designed and organized for easy reading, the book is split into different sections, so you can easily read about the topics you’re interested in at the moment, and be able to refer back to the book throughout your career The author discusses at length on topics such as getting the right job, getting a head start and standing out at work, handling pressure situations, dealing with difficult coworkers and managers, managing your career paths, and successfully navigating the many challenges you will face throughout your career A great companion for college graduates and seasoned professionals alike, Thriving At Work is a “timeless book for achieving career success”. Great advice for someone who has just graduated or just started at a new job. I had no idea what I was doing after college, but this book helped a lot. Showed me some things I didn't know, showed me some things I already knew but with an upgrade, this is probably the best all around guidance someone could get. I recently finished Thriving At Work: What They Didn't Teach You in School and I loved it!

It has so much relevant information that I look forward to implementing throughout the rest of my academic career and into my professional career.

Particularly, I enjoyed the section on How To Prepare And Conduct Interviews With Confidence. I intend to utilize the smart approach to solve problems by understanding the problem, finding out the root causes of the problem, brainstorming and identifying possible solutions, weighing the pros/cons and benefits/costs of potential solutions, and deciding the best solution.

Moreover, I enjoy the emphasis on listening throughout many sections of the book including the chapter, How To Communicate Effectively - Verbal And Written as well as How To Earn Trust. It’s such an important skill which many forget and its refreshing to read the emphasis made upon the necessary ability.

Finally, one of my favorite sections was regarding negotiation. UC Davis does not teach negotiation and it was invaluable to read. I look forward to determining my desired outcome and walkaway value.

I had many takeaways from this book and I look forward to returning to the numerous sections throughout my professional career. Very compelling read. I identify so much with the topics covered; it's like the author was walking in my shoes. The examples of real work and career situations are relevant. What I like most is the solutions and ideas from the author are practical and I can apply them to situations at work. I would've handled many situations I faced at work differently if I had this book. It's clear that the author was speaking from extensive experience, of being there and done that. What he shared is real instead of just vague concepts and hypotheses. I love the way the book is written by topics. It's like a reference book and if I have a situation in mind, I can refer to the chapter that covers that specific topic without reading the whole book or trying to find it in the book. The range of topic is comprehensive, covering from looking for the first job to going through career transition. So no matter where I am in my career, I can refer back to the book to help me. A great and very worthwhile read. This book is unique, one-of-a kind in its category. It's especially ideal for people new into their career or people, like myself, who struggle to make a name for themselves at work. I read and felt like the author was talking to me. The examples and work situations he described really resonated with me. I wish I had read this book earlier in my career. What makes this book unique is in its approach to reach the readers. It's very easy and quick reading. It's like I was talking to a mentor. The author uses straight forward language and no nonsense approach to help people deal with problems at work. I found the chapters on how to negotiate and how to deal with difficult colleagues and managers particularly useful. It even has a chapter that offers way to achieve better work life balance and not get burned out. I find the ideas and suggestions offered by the author practical and realistic to try and not some theoretical concepts. It's a career reference book for me to refer throughout my career. The value of this book is worth much more than the price I paid. This book should be read by college students and young professionals who have just entered the workforce. The book outlines the career sequence every professional has to go through to grow and thrive at work. The book provides the readers a general idea of what skills and abilities are needed to get ahead or embrace a competitive advantage among a crowd of graduates. This book can be accessed at different points of time because the book permeates different stages of one's career and it will be an incredible resource one should first refer to at the career stage they are in. The chapter I like most is the chapter that taught me how to manage my time effectively and I believe you will think the same if you have a chance to read it. With straightforward, concise, and clear writing style, the book is easy to read and follow because of the cohesive and connected ideas and points between the chapters. This book is golden to those looking for success in their professional career. This book, Thriving At Work, is extremely impactful, organized and easy to read! The first chapter I read, I was completely hook and couldn’t put it down! The author did an amazing job with organizing and structuring the book in a way that you can jump from one chapter to another without feeling lost. I majored in business and have read many business books throughout my undergraduate and graduate school and if I had one book to recommend to future students for achieving success in business, it would be this book! The principles and logics in this book are usually not taught in school, but rather through real life and work experience. This book teaches you everything you need to know when it comes to business, whether it be running your own business, looking or working for corporate or public offices. It’s also applicable to personal and professional development. I highly recommend this book, a must read! I received this book when I first started my internship. It’s been a go-to for all sorts of experiences I’ve had in the workplace. I initially used the book to guide me through the initial tribulations that a college senior would experience. This includes deciding what jobs you want, how to follow through the application process, resumes and referrals, and the list goes on. Once I received my first job offer, I used it to strategically plan the negotiation process. It was even quite the gem to navigate basic communication needs in the workplace, such as emails, meetings, and presentations. The synopsis of the book states that it is a ‘practical roadmap’ to work towards a successful career. I am now 4 months in my new role and pick it up to give me guidance on any adversity I face. I utilize it to give me those small wins that every new person in their career needs. It’s definitely a great buy for a college grad or anyone that has goals to succeed in the workplace! Thriving At Work: What They Didn't Teach You in School

This book is a must read for all college students and new grads entering the workforce as it covers so many vital topics about how to navigate life after college and the corporate world. As a college student, reading this book really transformed the way I look at the internship application process, helped me better prepare for interviews, and was a great resource to turn to during my first couple internships. Michael gives lots of personal examples about his life which makes the book interesting and helps readers relate to the issues being discussed.

If you are looking to grow your professional career and get advice on important issues surrounding career development, this book is for you! I highly recommend this book to any college student or working professional looking to advance their career. I found this book easy to read and during my summer internship I referenced it many times for quick tips. The book covers many topics such as communication techniques, negotiation strategies, and collaboration. I keep this book on my desk at home and it has helped me a lot in my early career. I encourage you to buy the book no matter what stage you are in your career! Practical, smart, and well-written. You can tell the author has a lot of experience. Things you don't think about every day on the job, but are helpful in all the different aspects of a job are described with expert skill and insight. I have the kindle version so I can check pertinent chapters anywhere! Highly recommended for any one who wants a leg up in their career.