What Would Boudicca Do?

What Would Boudicca Do?❮Read❯ ➮ What Would Boudicca Do? ➲ Author Elizabeth Foley – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Tired of being talked over Of social media making you feel crap Of the pressure to 'have it all' and a hot bod tooBoudicca stuck up for herself and now she can help you do the same It is time to start Tired of being talked over Of social media making you feel crap Of the pressure to 'have it all' and a hot bod tooBoudicca What Would PDF \ stuck up for herself and now she can help you do the same It is time to start channelling the spiky superwomen of history to conuer today It is time to turn to women like Frida Kahlo and Josephine Baker Hypatia and Cleopatra Coco Chanel and Empress Cixi In this irreverent guide they will help you figure out how to dispatch a loverat back yourself kill it at work and trounce FoMoWith original illustrations by Bijou Karman What Would Boudicca Do will make you fired up and ready for anything. Despite championing the cause of feminism and euality we often find ourselves hazy on a lot of achievements by women especially non contemporary women Why is that? Perhaps because history is written by the winners and those who rebel have often been erased Well the book What Would Boudicca Do? sets out to right this wrong and it does it with no lack of zing and style Starting with the gorgeous cover that you will want to flaunt in public so call me vain and ending with relevant stories to bolster your self confidence in pretty much any situation What Would Boudicca Do? is a good companion for any contemporary woman's nightstand or bookshelf Giving Voice to History's Lost Ones So what did I like best about What Would Boudicca Do? Oh a lot of things but most of all the humor the motivation and of course the knowledge In the afterword the authors mention that it was incredibly hard to pick and choose who goes in the book and who doesn't because its only 50 women and some of the well known ones such as Marie Curie Joan of Arc or Mother Theresa were not included But that doesn't mean their achievements were not important the aim was to give some stage time to the strong voices of female history who are lesser known So while the book does include some really big and well known names such as ueen Victoria Coco Chanel or Cleopatra it also introduced me to a lot of powerful women I had never heard about before and I feel that that's incredibly important Everything Needs Some Humor Though Another thing that I really loved about What Would Boudicca Do? is the humor and the tone If you're expecting an encyclopedia sort of vibe you couldn't be mistaken The book is full of alliteration loads of puns and very bitey humor especially when it comes to discussing men I would even venture to call it saucy in places Seems to me that this was the specific intention to color the text and it's really the only reason I can't recommend it to anyone younger that middle or late teens basically high school material However precisely because of this kind of language I think it would be a great hit with older schoolgirls and a good influence on them too I have mentioned before that this is one of those books you should have lying around your house when your younger cousins or teenage nieces come to visit and that would be for two reasons One the book really is motivating especially for a young soul without a direction Secondly it would very probably institute you into the cool aunt status What Inspired Me The Most? If I had to pick the most memorable women from the book? I would have a hard time because they're all so inspiring But let me present you with at least short passages about some of the women who really caught my attention Again I am not mentioning the obvious choices I love Rosa Parks but you all know about her already Let me introduce the ones you might have never heard about the list can be found here on my blog post It should give you a sufficient taste of what the book is like it’s pretty much of this although with spice and spunk It's a really great source of inspiration and a killer of self doubt And hey its one hell of a fashion accessory to pull out of your bag I thank Faber Faber for giving me a free copy of the book in exchange to my honest opinion Receiving the book for free does not affect my opinionRead Post On My Blog | Themed Bookstagram | uick Update Bookstagram | Bookish Twitter There's been a trend recently of books that celebrate women of history and write little excerpts about them that reveal their place in history that's often than not been glossed over From 'Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls' to '21 Women of British History' the genre is starting to become vastly oversaturated enough that it's difficult to have any kind of differentiation between these books This one is different Rather than just talking about different women this one gives you reasons why they're badass reasons why they stood out amongst others in their fields and during the periods of time they were alive For example 'Mae West and body positivity' is one of my personal favourites purely because I've done a lot of work on females in film and how they work against stereotype This book will make you feel better about the world It'll make you look at everyone from Coco Chanel to Frida Kahlo and examine what made those women great and how much they have in common with women of today I think it's an excellent read for ladies of any age It'll teach you how to win at life but generally just make you feel a little better about the state of the world when I say I want a ueer and intersectional feminist anthology I'm talking about this one just so you know 425 I wanted less pop culture reference fully researched history All of the subjects have much to teach than the meme heavy pages offered The title and cover gave me high hopes for this book but unfortunately I was left disappointed I did really enjoy reading about women throughout history and meeting some I’d never read about beforeOddly the authors had such a judgemental tone throughout which was weird and very out of place in a book about remarkable women They made subtle digs about everything from feminists who use moon cups to social media users to health food trends?? It felt like it was written by women who judge younger feminists and that really added a sour note to the book Not sure why these odd comments weren’t edited outAlso the use of slang and what I guess was supposed to be text talk? There were so many moments I had no clue what they were trying to say due to what I assume was an attempt to make it an easier read for younger teens?? This happened before in another book about badass women in history I just don’t see the need I read one or two pieces in this book every morning over a few months and I thoroughly enjoyed it Not only did the words inspire me and set me up nicely for the day but the cover image of tired but badass caffeinated redhead inspired me too I now have it face out on my shelf so I can get a little boost every morning Cute book with some interesting information on some cool women from the past I hadn't heard of before but it's very much the kind of feminism you learn when you're 16 and first deciding to call yourself a feminist making fun of 'moon cuppy man hating' feminists etc There was also some romanticizing of some very problematic women which they did address in the afterward stating that they weren't saying the women were perfect but when it comes to literal white supremacists I think it would have been best to just leave them out Throughout history women have had to struggle under the rules established by men A struggle that sadly still continues on to this day In this book we learn about fifty spirited and feisty women that defied the order and structure of their times Of varying time periods careers achievements ethnocities places and class all these women refused to bow down and color within the linesAs I was browsing for new books something I do uite often I came upon this title Intrigued I decided to to give it a go I am so glad I did With humour heart and wit we are introduced to fifty women that stood up to the patriarchy in their own way though its worth mentioning that a few of these women did had the support of their fathers and husbands From ueens and royalty to inventors thinkers and poets all these women stood out Wether through sheer force will andor words these women followed their own agenda not the ones others had created for them What most impacted me was that many of these women were far from being saints not entirely nice in their attitudes and actions and certainly were not faultless Yet what shines is their determination through their imperfections I especially appreciated that the authors focused on less well known women I was familiar with a few of the names but the majority were new to me and piued my interest to learn about them The candid style of this book made it a fun read but the subject matters certainly taught me a lot The author found the right balance of wimsy and informative fun and accessible without taking away the importance of these women's achievements Its format short sections on each women also makes it an easy read Would recommend this book for sureIn the final note the author talks about how hard it was to just choose fifty names and that many were worthy of being mentioned The style and format of this book I think lends itself to do a volume two at least I would be happy to read it if it was made I'm really interested in every biography collection about women in History This one caught my eye some time ago because of its title it felt like a practical guide for handling life thanks to great women in History And it's exactly what it isThis book is both empowering and instructive For each woman there is a part about her life and a part about what we can learn from her life It was both fascinating and interesting we get to see how these women suffered a lot of hardships and succeeded nonetheless I particularly loved that it was uite diverse and not only centered around Western women I got everything I wanted from this book I learnt got inspired and added lots of new books to my wish list Barely 3 stars and only because some of the women included I'd never heard about before and was very interesting to read aboutBut otherwise did not like the execution and style at all all the pop culture references and abbreviations and 'advice' annoyed me to no end

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