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My Scot My Surrender❴Reading❵ ➾ My Scot My Surrender Author Amalie Howard – SCOTLAND 1819Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a bastard—and proud of it Raised by the Duke of Bradburne Brandt enjoys an uncommon life of privilege Despite the mystery surrounding his birth he has wealth SCOTLAND Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a bastard—and proud of it Raised by the Duke of Bradburne Brandt enjoys an uncommon life of privilege Despite the mystery surrounding his birth he has wealth and opportunity and wants nothing Especially not a wife Lady Sorcha Maclaren the fiery and scarred daughter of Laird Maclaren the Duke of Dunrannoch is desperate to avoid marriage to a loathsome maruess at any costeven if it means risking a kiss with a handsome stranger at a Scottish border festival But after an innocent kiss turns into a scandalously public embrace Sorcha My Scot PDF/EPUB ² and Brandt get than they bargained for—a swift trip to the altar When danger chases them into the Highlands and deceit threatens to tear them apart their only hope will be to surrenderto each other. 45 Stars My Scot My Surrender was an absolute delight from start to finish with fantastic characters and a romance I couldn't help but root forBrandt Montgomery Pierce is content with his life despite being born a bastard Brandt is wealthy in his own right which grants him many opportunities and the last thing he wants is a wife Lady Sorcha Maclaren daughter of Laird Maclaren the Duke of Dunrannoch is determined to find a way out of her betrothal to a horrible maruess When she kisses Brandt at a Scottish border festival her hope was that the maruess would call off the engagement not that she would have to marry the stranger she kissed After danger forces them to flee into the Highlands Brandt and Sorcha discover this sham of a marriage might be the most real thing in their livesSorcha is known as the Beast of Maclaren throughout the Highlands a nickname that derived from the scars on her face from a wolf attack when she was nine When she was a child the nickname stung but now Sorcha has embraced the name and trained to become one of the fiercest warriors of clan Maclaren Sorcha is very outspoken and determined to do as she pleases refusing to be spoken down to simply because she is a woman She is devoted to her family and at times lets that devotion blind her to the truthBrandt was abandoned by his mother when he was an infant and as an adult he still has some lingering abandonment and trust issues particularly when it comes to women Despite growing up a bastard Brandt has made a name for himself with his horse stables and has amassed uite a bit of wealth in the process At times he is even mistaken for a nobleman due to his appearance Brandt has a deep connection with horses and is uite devoted to them His horse Ares is an absolute sweetheart and Brandt thinks of him as part of his familySorcha and Brandt’s relationship is a bit of a twist on the fake relationship trope which happens to be one of my favorite romance tropes Both Sorcha and Brandt felt drawn to one another at the border festival but neither of them believed anything would come from it Because they plan for their marriage to be annulled the two cannot consummate the marriage which definitely leads to a lot of starts and stops to their physical relationship Eventually the relationship progresses and it’s incredibly sexy and well doneThe villains in this book are written incredibly well written to the point I was actively rooting for them to get their comeuppance The authors did an amazing job getting you to hate the villains and they were truly evil The epilogue in My Scot My Surrender was very sweet as it brought together all of the couples from the previous books in the series I enjoyed getting a glimpse at their futures and seeing them all happy My Scot My Surrender ended up being my favorite book in the Lords of Essex series I highly recommend the entire series for anyone looking for a new historical romance series to pick up I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review After surviving an attack from a protective mother wolf at a young age Sorcha is left with scars on her face and body Harder to survive is the revulsion and disgust she has to face thereafter Instead Sorcha determines to be stronger and better and becomes a fearless and skilled warrior who can out shoot and outfight just about everyone with a bow sword or daggerSorcha’s attempt at scandal in order to avoid a marriage to the loathsome unsavoury Maruess of Malvern who only wants her for her dowry ends up with her being forced into a marriage to Brandt by her brothers instead She and Brandt agree to an temporary arrangement of mutual benefit and to annul the marriage once Sorcha is safely away from the threat of Malvern Fleeing to the north to seek protection in her married sister’s lands Sorcha and Brandt find themselves pursued by a determined Malvern and his men Sorcha is the type of heroine I like Capable intelligent with a love of animals While confident of her skills she thinks that no man could ever want her with her scars and the way she has been treated since having them Brandt finds himself arrested once he realizes that the slender youth he watched win a fight against a brute of a man many times the youth size with pure skill and agility is a lovely young woman I loved how Brandt hardly even notices her scars and when he does see them to him they a mark of her personality and courageI’d read one other book from this duo of authors which I’d not particularly cared for but to my delight this book is a definite keeper with an enthralling storyline fast pace 2 wonderful characters whom I totally fell in love with There is unexpected humour a cast of interesting side characters not to mention a compelling and poignant romanceHow did I ever find you?With a kiss With your courage With your fierce heart“You’re adorable”“Adorable is for puppies” she grumbled “I’m the beast of Maclaren Trumpets blare and knees uake at my approach”ARC provided by the publisher via NetGalley My Scot My Surrender by Amalie Howard; Angie Morgan is book Four in the Lords of Essex series This is the story of Brandt and Sorcha I have read the other books but feel this is easily a standalone book Sorcha was scared by a wolf from an early age which has made her into the fighter that she is today Maruess of Malvern is after Sorcha for her dowry and will stop at nothing to get it Which puts Sorcha on a path to try to cause an issue that might stop this future This leads her to Brandt who tries to help her but her brother see it as them getting married Sorcha and Brandt form somewhat of a pack if they are to marry it will short term but feelings start to develop and the Maruess isn't giving up so easily Sorcha was a strong heroine but felt that no one would ever really want her with the scars she had and worked to be a strong warrior but she always had a soft heart Brandt doesn't see the scars but he does see the beauty that is within her I used watching there story come together Brandt Montgomery a stable master in England could not believe his fortune when he comes upon the most prized possession at a horse auction Lochland Toss was just the horse he wants and needs for his stables Unlucky for him though the horse was not on the market and the horse's owner was none other then the Beast of Maclaren A mere and mighty woman who right at that moment was wielding a sword and fighting a Scot Determined to finally get the horse he he has been dreaming over he makes his way over to confront the Beast of MaclarenThe Beast of Maclaren is none other than Sorcha Maclaren She received her name due to the scars on her face and body from a mother wolf who was protecting her young Although she hates the name she has come to accept that no one will really see her as a woman underneath all of the horrible scars Forced to marry a man she does not want she does the only thing available to her to try to put an end to her up and coming wedding She grabs and kisses Brandt Montgomery hoping her betrothed with break off the engagement Too bad it backfires and she soon finds herself married to BrandtWhat started out as a mean to an end Brandt agrees to a marriage in name only with the added benefit of getting Lochland Toss at the end of the duration This sets off a road romance between the two while he tries to safely deliver her to another clan that can protect her from her betrothed who is hell bent on getting Sorcha backI have to say I really loved Sorcha Maclaren She was a fiercely strong woman during her time period and even though she was called the beast in a way she was a beast but in a good way She was a strong fighter and is not a simpering miss to be taken lightly She hates putting Brandt in this situation knowing full well her betrothed a well and truly even villain will be coming after the both of themBrandt Montgomery has his own past and issues he is dealing with He was abandoned by his mother and lived with his father He hated the Scots especially since his mother is a Scot He doesn't feel as if he is good enough for Sorcha considering he was not titled and she was a Duke's daughter During their road trip they get to know one another and along the way other secrets emerge that can threaten the both of them Can their love survive all the dangers around them?While I loved the plot I felt it was a little too long and could have been wrapped up about three uarters into the story It in no way detracted from my enjoyment though as I really came to care for both Sorcha and Brandt and really wanted their HEA through all of the turmoil they both facedMY SCOT MY SURRENDER is the forth book in the Lords of Essex series and it can be read as a standalone Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan make for a fantastic duo writing team and they both draw you right into the story with their lush imagery and prose My only wish is that this was not the last book in the series as I would have loved to see a story on one of Sorcha's brothers especially Ronan If you love Historical Romance novels then you do not want to miss this story DNF I tried there are so many glowing reviews that I thought I was being overly picky But when the bad guy shows up with ard knights and called for the magistrate to annul the marriage I couldn’t take any The historical inaccuracies are glaringly obvious the formal address is butchered beyond belief and the authors knowledge of the regency era is clearly non existent I have really enjoyed all the books in this series and am sad that this is the last one come on we need a spin off with all of Sorcha's brothersPLEEEAAASSSSE but what a wonderful way to end it I won't go into detail about everything that happens because well you have the description up top and because this one is pretty action packed with lots of little fun and interesting twists and turns that I want you to discover on your own What I will talk about is how much I loved the character of Sorcha She is the Scottish Lass you expect There is a wildness to here you can imagine her stealing across the highlands on her Scottish Destrier yelling FREEDOM while a band of rogues attempt to chase her down only to find themselves being felled at the point of HER clay In another world her name may have been Merida ; I loved her attitude her love of her family but also of her personal freedom and herself Considering the challenges that have followed her through her life the fact that she is as resilient as she is is a testament to her strength and the love of her family Brandt is a favorite of this series as well I adored his uiet fierceness His ability to be happy with who and where he is in his life but also his secret desire to know his past and what a past it is I don't think you will be shocked when you discover what his past holds I don't think it is intended to be a secret from the reader but it is fun to watch it all play out I really loved the light hearted feel through out this book This is a wild story full of action and fear as far as the characters are concerned and yet there is an underlying happiness through out it all Without the humor this story wouldn't have come off as realistic and beautiful as it does There is so much personal pain with these two characters and yet together they are able to find the joy in life that makes a readers own heart soar I also loved the cast of side characters as you may have guessed from my begging for books Sorcha's brothers are much like she is with that wild Scottish fierceness that makes you just fall instantly in love with them and of course some characters that you have to meet on your own before I can talk to you about them who have lived such a hard and sad life and deserve than any others to have their story told and their own happily ever after On that note I will say do not go into this book with a wealth of historical knowledge and think that you are getting a lesson in the era's history This is a light take on the attitudes behaviors speech etiuette at the time If you are expecting this to be a throughly accurate account of the life of Regency characters you will be disappointed If you go in knowing this is just a fun read with a historical context than I think you will thoroughly enjoy this story for the story that it is HAPPY READING My Scot My Surrender by Amalie Howard Angie MorganLords of Essex #4A horseA fightA kissA marriageYepthat is pretty much what happenedWell in the first chapter of the book After that a whole lot happens as an evil villain is thwarted a lost family is found and admiration of a “beast” becomes a whole lot Brandt Montgomery Pierce is a well to do stable master looking for horses to buy on a shopping trip to Scotland when he sees Sorcha MacLaren The MacLaren Beast fighting a much larger adversary The fight was in fun and for a wager but the big lout did not take his loss well so Brandt stepped in to lend a hand To say he was a bit surprised by her ardent reward for his help is to put it mildly To say he was surprised when her brothers and cousins arrived in the midst of the reward pretty much forcing a shotgun wedding is an understatement The fact that Sorcha has something he believes worth bartering for sees the marriage accomplished uickly BUT then the evil Marchioness Malvern arrives to take his betrothedwedded or not With a chase across the highlands fights along the road a clan to visit that might provide clues to the identity of Brandt’s mother and a final resolution to many issues this story is not only action packed and suspenseful but filled with witty repartee tender moments nefarious characters surprises and oh so much This book was well plotted and excellently written The chemistry between Brandt and Sorcha was there from the first but the slow growing love story was one that warmed my heart I found Sorcha to be strong in ways than one and I found Brandt to be her perfect matehe agreedfinally ; When I can say I felt I was there admired the characters and would like to call them friends then it is a good story indeed – this was such a storyThank you to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing – Amara for the ARC – This is my honest review5 Stars It's 1819 and Sorcha is being eually skilled at fighting as her warrior brothers she might even be better She's a lady but she has a reputation She also has scarring in her face that makes her well known When she meets Brandt at a festival Sorcha sees a way out of a dire situation Brandt is a horseman and he's interested in both Sorcha and her animal When Sorcha kisses Brandt in public they're being forced to marry This arrangement will suit both of them Sorcha will get out of a promise she doesn't want to fulfill and Brandt will get the horse he longs to have However when they say yes to each other they get than they bargained forThe cruel man Sorcha had been promised to by her family doesn't let her go without a fight He's chasing after her and Brandt They are both skilled fighters but they need to find a safe place and shelter at some point During their journey past secrets come to the surface Brandt and Sorcha don't even know each other was their marriage really a good idea and what will they do when they are being confronted with the large number of conseuences of their union?My Scot My Surrender is a fantastic romantic story with impressive main characters Sorcha is a fierce warrior She's a skilled fighter and a smart woman I liked her spirit and determination Brandt is a strong man with a good heart He has a lot of uestions about his past and I was curious about the answers I couldn't wait to discover the truth behind his ancestry Brandt and Sorcha meet each other by chance but it's clear they are a great match and I couldn't wait to find out if they'd have a chance together From the moment they say yes to one another they're being chased and I was gripped by their adventure from beginning to endAmalie Howard and Angie Morgan have written another terrific love story I loved their descriptions of the beautiful rough Scottish landscape and was impressed by the way they're making the time they're writing about come to life I could easily picture the battles the power struggles and the family feuds I enjoyed the combination of an action packed journey with true love My Scot My Surrender is an amazing entertaining sexy and charming story This is a series I have truly enjoyed from the get go but this one is definitely my favorite of the series I loved the buildup and tension in this one and the characters were awesomeBrandt and Sorcha were fantastic Brandt is so easy to love and Sorcha is so fierce and I adored her I loved how what they loved most about one another is what others saw as drawbacks They saw one another for what they were and didn’t shy away from it They both grew so much over the course of the book both as a couple and individually I just adored them together They had fantastic banter and crazy chemistry and they just worked so well I also adored the secondary characters This one had such a great cast and I wouldn’t mind getting to know some of them better Aisa in particular was my favorite She is just awesome and I love her Ronan also intrigues me greatly and I think I could really love him The plot for this one was great It had action and suspense and a great romance The plot moved at a great pace and kept me engaged I loved the development of the romance but I also loved the aspects outside of the romance and it was all balanced so wellMy Scot My Surrender was a great read that really kept me engaged It had a great cast of characters and it didn’t let me down This is a “new to me” author folks Knowing it was a Scottish historical romance was pretty much all it took to convince me to give it a try Here’s to hoping this short review will help you decide if you should do the sameWhat did I like?From the get go Brandt the hero saw Sorcha the scarredwarrior like heroine as beautiful inside and out He recognized her bravery courage and strength and never once saw her as anything less than completely desirable He saw past her physical scarsimperfections and was attracted to what made her uniue Yeah she won his heart at first glance but it took his knucklehead brain a lot longer to catch up You see his repetitive mantra filled with doubts and insecurities got in the way of what was right in front of him I honestly don’t know how Sorcha put up with him at times It certainly helped despite being able to defend herself he did his best to always keep her physically safe which often meant risking his own life and limbs Her heart was a another different story but I’ll tackle that subject in just a moment The back and forth banter between these two was great I loved how Sorcha was always uick with a come back and wasn’t afraid to speak up when necessarySorcha’s strong character speaks for itself I love a strong warrior lass who can fight alongside the best of men She was a true role model for the other lassesR O N A NSorcha’s oldest brother We don’t know much about him except he rides to the rescue out of the blue verra briefly I would love to read a full length story about him one day What I wasn’t wild about?It became rather exhausting to listen to Brandt’s mental rants about growing up without a mother not trusting women and why he shouldn’t be with Sorcha Though they spent a lot of time traveling on horseback they both spent considerable time inside their own heads It certainly was understandable Sorcha had several hot and cold reactions to Brandt’s back and forth behavior There were a couple of times he stomped on her heart for her supposedly own good At least on one of those occasions she told him to go to bloody hll Unfortunately that wasn’t always the case She just couldn’t seem not to comfort him when she saw him troubledThe reason Brandt agreed to this arrangement in the beginning view spoiler He wanted her valuable horse then planned to leave her once she was safe hide spoiler

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