A Place Called Freedom

A Place Called Freedom[PDF / Epub] ☁ A Place Called Freedom By Ken Follett – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Inghilterra XVIII secolo Un'epoca di grandi cambiamenti con la rivoluzione industriale alle porte e le colonie americane in procinto di proclamare l'indipendenza Ingenti fortune sono legate al control Inghilterra XVIII secolo Un'epoca di grandi cambiamenti con la rivoluzione industriale alle porte e le colonie americane in procinto di proclamare l'indipendenza Ingenti fortune sono legate al controllo della principale fonte di energia il carbone estratto in abbondanza ma con metodi schiavisti nelle miniere scozzesi Ed è per il possesso di nuovi giacimenti che complottano i Jamisson potente famiglia di proprietari terrieri minacciati da un improvviso dissesto finanziario Con l'intrigo e l'inganno hanno messo a punto un piano che può farli brillantemente uscire A Place ePUB ô dalle difficoltà Ma non hanno fatto i conti con il giovane McAsh un minatore che ha deciso di spezzare le catene della schiavitù e con la bella Lizzie figlia della piccola aristocrazia conuistata agli ideali della libertà Dalla profonda Scozia delle miniere alle piantagioni di tabacco del Sud americano ancora una volta Ken Follett ci racconta una storia d'a coraggio ambizione vendetta in una lotta che attraversa gli anni e i continenti fino ai confini di un luogo chiamato libertà. Forget team Edward or team Jacob When I picked up this book it was only because I dissolve into the pages of every Ken Follett book I read Follett took me back in time to Scotland and I was that girl working in the mines six days a week I felt the burn of the leather strap that pressed against my forehead as I dragged a load too heavy for my small frame to bear not giving in to the danger the fear the exhaustion Then he introduced me to Mac McAsh and I fell deeply in love He is also from the mines and carries himself with a Moses like presence you know the part of the movie when he grabs the task master's whip and saves the woman he does not yet know to be his mother That is the feeling of who Mac is That is the essence of Mac who never submitted to the life of servitude he was born into He struggles for the right to live as a free man I traveled with him to London to the new world and ultimately to a Place Called Freedom I don't understand how Follett does it but he in so few words creates vivid worlds of texture and smell of pain and pleasure He brings the reader into these worlds and delivers I adored this book Freedom — Life’s Corner StoneFreedom is not always an easy option However it’s thoroughly recommendable😁Life tends to block without Miss Liberty around 😉Another masterpiece from the great Ken Follet 🥰It’s a 4 glued to an huge tail of “” 👍👍👍 35 stars It was really goodI didn't even notice until I sat down to write this review that I did not make any highlights in this novel While Follett may not have a literary flair that makes me highlight beautiful passages this story grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept me captivated until the end I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling within this novel and learned a great deal about the atrocious coal mining work environment in Scotland during the mid 1700s It was also rather refreshing to have a heroine that was feisty and independent without her having to be a fighting warrior bad ass to prove it Favorite uote NAFirst Sentence Snow crowned the ridges of High Glen and lay on the wooded slopes in pearly patches like jewelry on the bosom of a green silk dress One of the best historical fiction novels I have read in a very long time In this place and time in history where freedom is once again taken away by socalled social justice although it is written into just about every existing constitution in the world except those of communist countries this novel strikes hard and fast on the mind and heart I didn't know if I wanted to cry or become angry after closing the novel given that currently some snod nosed little punks who have all the freedom in the world to be what they want thanks to those who died for it and still defend it are trying to destroy freedom of choice for everyone else This book defines freedom for what it is suppose to mean HeartbreakingI did feel an immense gratitude for the excellent penmanship underscoring this profound tale Forgive me but I'm angry Not for this beautiful novel but for what's happening to us right now right this minute I'm angry my heart is breaking Oh honestlyHow did this book ever make it past an editor and onto a shelf and conseuently onto my Kindle? My Kindle doesn't deserve thisWhat could have been SUCH a cool story feel painfully flat due to writing that was in my opinion elementary at best Unbearable Cliche Eye roll worthy times 1000All tell and absolutely positively no show whatsoeverLet me give you some recurring examples'She felt afraid''She felt cold''She felt strange''He felt exhausted'I'm not kidding Those are direct uotes And there are so so many just like it throughout the bookI just couldn't do itI would love to say something positive but I couldn't see the story for the inept writing A sweeping saga of love greed betrayal and revolt combined with period drama is worth a read A Ken Follett book makes it really special This is a story of Malachi McAsh who is a Scottish slave working in the coal mines of Scotland owned by a greedy and wily man George Jamisson and his sons McAsh yearns for freedom from slavery and circumstances arise when he is forced to go to America as a convict He falls in love with Lizzie Hallim an aristocrat lady who is married to the villain of the story Jay Jamisson the son of George Jamisson This is the story of McAsh journey to freedomThe characters are well developed and I loved the character of Lizzie who is portrayed as dare devil and tom boyish You feel for McAsh who never gives up on his dream of breaking free from the shackles of slavery You hate Jay for his selfishness and bigotry There are fringe characters like Lennox Cora and Peggy who complete the story beautifully A nice and uick enjoyable read However this cannot be compared to Pillars of the Earth which was a magnificent period drama What I thought would be an enthralling epic historical saga turned out to be a dismally cheap disappointment All of the credible historical elements the pitiful and heartbreaking plight of Scottish miners the commerce corruption within Britain's upper echelon and the shipping of ScottishBritish convicts to America as seven year indentured slaves bought and sold at auction were grossly overshadowed by dime store romance lust conuests uite tacky to say the least A bitter disappointment Code to Zero was a considerably good mysterysuspense work by Follett However if Follet's other 'saga' type historicals are written in the same soap opera vein as A Place Called Freedom I think I'll passTWO Could Have Been An Epic Historical But Wasn't STARS Follett's characters are so extreme you are either a saint or a really despicable humannot much in between Highly predicatable you knew where this one was going writhin the first few pages Why did I read this book give it a 5 star rating and put it in my “Favorites” shelf list?First it is a Ken Follett material; I believe his only mission in life is to sway people into loving anything he writes— I say this because it has certainly worked for me Second the story is set in a former era—the late 18th century—and I am such a fan of periodhistorical reads Third it talks about a young man’s struggle against social injustices a subject of which I am largely sympathetic having worked closely with peasant farmers and workers during my time as a student activist Lastly the book’s hero Malachi “Mack” McAsh hails from Scotland and I devoured anything Scottish during the time I was reading this novelA combination of all four reasons gives me a story that is both compelling and worth readingThe story starts with Mack wanting to be free from the chains that bind him to coal mining slavery and getting severely punished for it Sick of a life of servitude he escapes to London in hope of a better life and witnesses the same sordid condition of the workers and poor people in general He finds work as a coal heaver and later leads a gang of workers He also organizes his gang to assert better working condition and acceptable wages for themselves but authorities view it as subversive and soon they fabricated charges against him He is arrested found ‘guilty’ of fomenting a riot an offense punishable by death and sent to a tobacco plantation in Virginia as an indentured servant which at the time was a convenient replacement for gallows There he is reunited with Scottish noblewoman Lizzie Hallim a childhood acuaintance struggling from the restrictions of her own privileged life Their friendship turns to love and in the end they decide to finally take hold of the freedom that has eluded them throughout the years and create a life togetherKen Follett said that he never saw this book as political but I can’t seem to separate the political tone of the story from the satisfaction of just writing about ineuality and seeking out justice For me Mack is an outward representation of the progressive labor sector that continues to decry the existence of repressive trade laws of people who don’t get properly compensated for long hours of hard work or of the hazardous conditions of most blue collar workplaces I am reminded of the countless faces asserting their rights to live human and of the countless still bound in their chains unable to speak out and unable to break freeIt is difficult to live with the kind of choices Mack has made especially when he almost died for it but for him it meant his freedom and being able to make that one shot at redemption is better than doing nothing at all to rid himself of his chains Ken Follett has created another great book filled with strong characters and an engaging plot We travel to Scotland and learn how cruel the coal workers and their families were treated Follett introduces his strong independent characters especially the main female Freedom is briefly attained in London England An ocean crossing on the Rosebud brings the characters to Virginia The search for freedom is the main theme I'll go anywhere that's not Scotland anywhere a man can be freeto be your own man and nobody's slave4 stars for this page turner

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