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Wizards of the Game➳ [Reading] ➶ Wizards of the Game By David Lubar ➩ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Mercer may seem like your average eighth grader but every day during study hall he rolls the dice and conuers the world in Wizards of the Warrior World a fantasy role playing game In the game Mercer i Mercer may seem like your average eighth grader but every day during study hall he rolls the dice and conuers the world in Wizards of the Warrior World a fantasy role playing game In the game Mercer is Shath’dra sixth level Warrior Wizards of PDF or Mage fighting to survive and gain wealth and power Mercer lives for the excitement of the game until one day when reality becomes even stranger than fantasy When a group of religious fanatics protest the game for its simulated use of magic the press picks up on the story and Mercer finds himself being stalked by four real life wizards who are desperate for his help With his life suddenly in danger role playing takes on a whole new meaning for Mercer Dickensen. I heard about this book and this author in an online discussion many years ago but only managed to track down a copy of the book recently I had managed to find and enjoy others of Lubar's books but this one escaped me until I managed to borrow it from an online libraryAlas though I had enjoyed several other books by this author this one was a disappointment when I finally got round to reading it The central premise is an intriguing one; a boy and his friends are keen players of Role Playing games similar to Dungeons Dragons and want to hold a tournament at the school for a fund raising venture but run into problems when one of their classmates suspects the game of satanic influence and writes a panic piece which is picked up by the local newspaper bringing religious protests against the school Where it fell down is how it all was all worked out A public meeting to discuss the matter gets hijacked by the protesters and debate is cut short before both sides get to speak which may be true to life but was nevertheless very unsatisfying to read about Then to add further complication actual wizards turn up and try to get the gamer boy whom they think is an actual wizard to help them return to their own world Real magic does take place and a disaster narrowly averted and yet in spite of all this the boy who had written the piece against the game decides at the end that it is all harmless after all and that he will write a retraction for the newspaper and set things right Inconsistent people inconsistent story Not recommended except as a study of anti DDRPG sentiment A uick read and a fun one It will probably make sense if you have played a little dungeons and dragons uite some time ago in the town I was born in the YMCA ran some DD games and some local religious objected as do some people in the book They were not content to practice their believes they felt it was necessary to impose these believes on other people But the book is mostly a fun adventure I have been thinking on and off about leaving a review for this book While I loved it my reasons are much personal than what I'm normally willing to write about To start off with I have never played a game like the one Mercer plays but I do love to play RPG video games Because of the gaming aspect and the fantasy I wanted to read it but the religion part made me procrastinate on this because I was unsure of how religious it really is It's not that I am against or dislike religion I just typically don't like to read about it Anyway before I read this book but after deciding I wanted to read it I had a bit of an experience similar to Mercer's though instead of being faced with a religious protest I was faced with one person who for at least half an hour kept repeating herself and attempting to force me to believe writing about magic in any way is bad even about something many religions are supposed to promote; ie not being prejudiced against people and always getting to know them before making a decision about them using your natural talents to help people whenever possible even if the ability is to use magic and other morals Just as Mercer experienced just because it's a world where magic exists some people are always going to try to destroy it By the way what I wrote here is the very tame version of what she saidLike Mercer and the janitor in the book I agree that magic especially since it doesn't exist in reality is fun and a good thing to have around I was especially interested inspired and perhaps a little encouraged by the way this author used a few moments from the bible to argue both sides even though I was a bit disappointed that Mercer didn't get the chance to use it in his argument The other thing I loved about this book was how much fun the author made the game sound I never understood the appeal of them before even while they are RPG games Now that I know what they are which are basically RPG adventures with friends I really wish I had one of these games and friends to play withI know in reviews I am also supposed to say what I disliked about the book but the only thing I can think of is the fact the book ended i'm really glad that this book portrayed Dungeons and Dragons in a good light but i think that there was plenty of plot without resorting to actual magic i thought it was a bit of a cop out i also felt that the writing was a little stilted this was overall very disappointing after reading Sleeping Freshman Never Lie i just felt that could have been done to deepen the plot like a true fear of the crazy religious picketers i did like Jenna one of the gamers i do think for all of the book's preaching about looking into both sides the main character did no study on why religious people might find gaming offensive not that i agree with those people but since that was the theme of the book the main character should have at least looked into it i also didn't like that the school bowed to religious pressure finally i thought that the main character continuously breaking appointments to work on a project with someone at the beginning of the book made me not terribly inclined to like him it was hard to establish a rapport and care about his life although i am an avid gamer and should have sympathized Mercer is a huge fan of a tabletop role playing game that he plays in school and on weekends with a group of his friends When he suggests that the school host a gaming convention as a fundraiser he unleashes a wave of criticism from a classmate and then the local community But that's only one plot of this novel There are a few other things going on David Lubar is always funny but I prefer Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie and Hidden Talents because the stories have a bit meat to them But then Wizards would be a good introduction to Lubar for the reluctant readers who stay up all night playing MMORPGsThis is a good book for middle school fantasy lovers though it's realistic fiction than fantasy This is an odd book It starts off as a really good fairly straight forward story of censorshipreligious controversy over students playing role playing games at school and wanting to have a tournament as a fund raiser The depiction of the religous objectors is pretty heavy handed but otherwise this part of the story is very good What's so bizarre is that after making the point that their role playing is all in fun a game etc the book takes a sudden turn into fantasy with the arrival of actual wizards and magic doings This really weakened the book I picked it up on a bargain table and up until the weird twist was going to add it to my school collection as a good reading on first amendment freedoms Disappointing The great Lubar twist Realistic fiction until it spirals into sci fiAlong with his invincible warrior mage Shath’dra Mercer plans to dominate the world of Zule with his wealth and power Until that is he has to go home and set the table for dinner Mercer and his friends love fantasy role playing games Unfortunately not everyone feels the way they do When protesters try to keep the game out of school things get dicey And when Mercer gets a reputation as a wizard the real magic begins Along with his mage Shath'dra Mercer plans on dominating Zule at least until it's time to set the table for dinner He and his friens live for the role playing game Wizards of the Warrior World But some religious zealots have heard about it and are protesting something that is just a game At least it's just a game until 4 real wizards ask Mercer for help getting back to their world Now the game is as real as it gets A book about a DnD allegory being boycotted by people who don't understand it's just a game sounds like really interesting to me A book about a kid who plays a DnD allegory finding out that magic is real is also a book I would love to read The two together however don't mesh As it stands the boycotters who seem ridiculous and wrong when they first appear turn out to be right in the end because magic is real and it is scary 8th grader Mercer is a master the role playing games that kids at his school are allowed to play during studyhall Until Ed Michelle are partnered whim to come up wa fundraiser idea Things get confused wdemons religious zealots wizards from aonther wrold easy read weird ending

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