Life to the Fullest Sports for the Soul Book 4

Life to the Fullest Sports for the Soul Book 4[Read] ➲ Life to the Fullest Sports for the Soul Book 4 ➮ Darrin Donnelly – “Never let the odds keep you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do” Satchel Paige The world’s happiest and most successful people tell us it’s ESSENTIAL that we find o “Never let the odds keep the Fullest PDF ✓ you from pursuing what you know in your heart you were meant to do” Satchel Paige The world’s happiest and most successful people tell us it’s ESSENTIAL that we find our true purpose in life But how exactly do you find your purpose And once you find it how can you be sure that it’s “safe” to follow that path Life to MOBI :¿ in life This book answers those two life changing uestions Written as an inspirational fable in the style of previous Sports for the Soul books Life to the Fullest reveals a powerful five step process for finding your purpose while also dealing with the uestions we all have about whether it’s “safe” to follow the dreams in our hearts In a story that pays homage to to the Fullest eBook ´ the holiday classics It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol John Callahan is a man who has spent his life listening to his heart and following his passion as a high school football coach just like his legendary father But his dream life is suddenly being crushed Just days before the state championship game John receives news that his beloved school is declaring bankruptcy and to the Fullest Sports for MOBI :¿ will be shutting down at the end of the to the Fullest Sports for MOBI :¿ year Everything John has worked his whole life for—his team his community his pension—is being taken away from him John now finds himself angry at his long deceased father for advising him to follow his heart and he’s angry at himself for not taking “better” opportunities when they came along When all hope seems lost John receives a miraculous visit from his father on the eve of his team’s final game John is given the opportunity to revisit past moments in his life and to see how things would’ve turned out differently if he had chosen “practical” opportunities This is a story about fathers and sons It’s a story about faith family and community Most of all it’s a story about having the courage to follow your heart and live your true purpose As this story plays out you will find the answers to two of life’s most important uestions How do I find my life’s purpose and is it safe to follow that purpose once I find it. OutstandingI wish every high school sports program in America had access to these books They are so incredibly well written and contain such vital truth needed to succeed not only in school and in sports but in life Replete with real life and real world situations of defeat setback and heart break in Life to the Fullest Darrin Donnelly tackles masterfully the uestion of purpose and ultimately what is truly important in life despite all of the inevitable highs and very low lows I cannot recommend highly these Donnelly books for any student athlete of any age middlehigh schooler andor person who knows of the intricate parallels that exist between life and sports I can’t wait until these books become either a movie andor tv series They’re that good Enjoy And live YOUR life to the fullest In the book “Life to the Fullest” byDarrin Donnelly the character is wondering if he had taken his dream life would have been better but learns that the best alternative to his life now is his life now and realizes that he followed his heart because he wanted to live a life that was care free and eventually wins a state championship as coach for St Mary’s high schoolI personally loved this book because it has a good moral The moral is that if you follow your dreams and dream big and fall short you’ll still end up in a good positionI think the ages that would read this book would be from 11 above because this book can help adults children and anyone anywhere in between those two categories May faith returnAnother inspiring tale by the author It is better for our spirits to dream such miracles could happen than carrying around a burdensome pack of negativity It makes me pray for faith and trust in God returns to communities across America I live in a small dying community that could use a glimmer of light amid ever increasing poverty and hopelessness What if? Compared to his othersI really enjoyed it but it wasn’t my favorite of his It’s worth five stars but I would recommend a couple of his others before this one Very interesting twist on things and just thinking about how life could be and what actually defines success You’ll enjoy not only the story but everything else he talks about I really enjoy this author We need Big Jim Callahan'sJust a great book The books in this series by Mr Donnelly will be read many times over and over This book is FULL of optimism Just what this world needs right now Get this book now if you want to feel good and if you are not careful you just might learn somrthing Just great Inspiring storyI have enjoyed reading all four of Darrin's books I find them so inspiring I relate to and learn something from each one If you find yourself feeling stuck in life and need some inspiration you can't go wrong with these books Simply AmazingI recently lost my job and after reading the first three sports for the soul books I knew this would help Thank you Darrin for providing me with hope and faith as I continue to find my purpose and begin the next journey of my life Must read about Faith that all things are possibleThis book can change your life It demonstrates that even when we drift in our faith we can’t lose sight of who we are and what God has in store Enjoy reading this book that trulyi has timeless lessonsRuss S Great story of high school footballBrought me back to my high school football days Faith family and football can bring any town together Nice finale to the series Feel good bookThis was a really good read It will show a person that even though life is difficultit can also be beautiful