Head First Statistics

Head First Statistics[Read] ➺ Head First Statistics ➶ Dawn Griffiths – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk 《深入浅出统计学》具有深入浅出系列的一贯特色,提供最符合直觉的理解方式,让统计理论的学习既有趣又自然。从应对考试到解决实际问题,无论 《深入浅出统计学》具有深入浅出系列的一贯特色,提供最符合直觉的理解方式,让统计理论的学习既有趣又自然。从应对考试到解决实际问题,无论你是学生还是数据分析师,都能从中受益。本书涵盖的知识点包括:信息可视化、概率计算、几何分布、二项分布及泊松分布、正态分布、统计抽样、置信区 间的构建、假设检验、卡方分布、相关与回归等等,完整涵盖AP 考试范围。本书运用充满互动性的真实世界情节,教给你有关这门学科的所有基础,为这个枯燥的领域带来鲜活的乐趣,不仅让你充分掌握统计学的要义,更会告诉你如何将统计理论应用到日常生活中。. This is book takes you for an enjoyable ride to explore statistics I have never enjoyed reading a scientific books like this It's not boring at all and concepts are well explained I really wanna thank the author for making scientific topics like statistics enjoyable after reading this I am curious to read the rest of the Head First series This was horrible All the useful stuff could've been fit on no than 50 pages with far better explanations The method they use for presentation is able to drive mad almost everyone who's not mentally retarded or 3 years oldAlso this book explains stuff which is so elementary it drives you crazy Why do they need 2 3 pages to tell me how to calculate the borders when you split an array in eually sized parts how hard is is bxlennumx x th border for len sized array split in num chunksPure waste of paper This book is for people who begins to learn stat It explains fundamental concepts like standard deviation variance or even Bayes's theorem in an intuitive to understand and remember Especially I really favor the A section at the end of each part where the book will go into explaining relative uestions regarding to the discussed topics This A is well demonstrated in form of an interview Sometimes I just went straight to the A and Notes at the end instead of reading the whole section It could save readers a bunch of time I'm taking this off my currently reading shelf It is like a reference school book that I will dip into from time to time I may never finish it but I will refer to it a lot I bought it after reading How to Lie with Statistics and The Tiger That Isn't which I have reviewed elsewhereHead First are generally very good books for learning something new The graphic design and the language helps you digest the contents with ease If you think statistics is hard or you have hard time with statistics this book is the key to solve you problem fro basic statistics I took me almost a year to go through this book I was doing about a page a day and I hardly learned anything new yet I'm still giving this book full five stars I can see how it can get repetitive if you try reading through it in one sitting but with a slow methodical approach if you have time for that of course it does wonders organizing all the important statistical concepts in your brain Examples are a bit on the goofy side but it actually makes it easier to mentally separate the concepts being learned from the fluff they are wrapped into The whole approach might be somewhat gimmicky but it worked for me Now on to serious stuff This is my second time I read a book from the Head First type of books Each time I feel that I am reading a magazine not a boring book due to the use of images and examples I read this book when I was preparing for my Six Sigma Black Belt certificate Although this certificate needs a higher appreciation for the statistics and the mathematical formulas I found the book very useful in terms of setting the basic concepts right so I can build upon that A highly recommended book for undergraduate students as well I like the Head First series I always look up if they have a relevant book if I want to start learning about a new field I enjoyed this book I think it gave me a great overview about what I should have learned at uni In the middle of the book where probability got a bit intense the pace suddenly became very fast even the spelling took it up It was full of mistakes typos and such But then towards the end of the book it was cool again Weird Anyway I think it's a great start now I feel prepared to dive into a few online courses The initial chapters guide you so smoothly into the scary world of statistics But suddenly the book appears to shift gears and sound a little too technical to prove why statistics or mathematics as a whole is a dreaded subject A good introduction overall but would recommend a second even third reading of the book to make the most out of this 35 stars Best book for beginners and some intermediate people because many don't understand the basic concepts clearly with simple examples