Escola de Bruxas Livro 1 Academia para Jovens Bruxas Refinadas de Senhorita Moffat

Escola de Bruxas Livro 1 Academia para Jovens Bruxas Refinadas de Senhorita Moffat Livros Para Raparigas Dos 9 Aos 12 Anos Imagina Ter 11 Anos E Descobrir Que S Uma Bruxa Para Charlotte, Essa Foi Uma Grande Surpresa Ela N O Tinha Ideia De Que A M E Era Uma Bruxa E Que Estava Prestes A Ser Matriculada Na Mais Prestigiada Escola De Bruxas Do Mundo No In Cio, Ela Teve Medo, Mas Quando Conheceu Novas Amigas, Professoras Incr Veis E Viveu Experi Ncias M Gicas Ela Come Ou A Adorar A Escola.Este Belo E Novo Livro De Katrina Kahler Ir Levar Te A Uma Viagem M Gica Vais Adorar As Novas Amigas De Charlotte, At Mesmo Alice Divertida Mas Quando O Caminho De Charlotte Se Cruza Com O De Margaret Montgomery, Coisas M S Acontecem Vais Adorar O Suspense E O Drama Um Livro Perfeito Para Raparigas Dos 9 Aos 12 Anos Great story but shortMy 8 year old anf 11 year old liked this book They found it to be quite suspenseful and overall simple story in comparison to Harry Potter My 8 year who doesn t like to read much was captivated by the story and the author kept it interesting The o
Great book My daughter lives reading so this book must have been great because she couldn t take her eyes off of it She can t wait to read the next AmazinThis book is really good and exiting It made me want to not stop reading once I opened it I hope there are books like this. LOVE IT Very good, but the bullies went kindaaaa overboard, but I like the sequence of events i just loved this book BrillI thought it was very interesting and a little bit funny I really enjoyed racing the WITCH SCHOOL. I like it This is a fun book Charlotte who is only 11 finds out she s a witch and her mother gets her into Miss Moffat s Academy for Refined Young Witches which I think is a pretty cool title Molly is the Head Prefect Charlotte shares a room with three other girls, one of which is quite stuck up.The dining room experience is quite different and quite humorous As in any such school, the students studying the use of a broomstick, spells and, in addition, physical fitness They are also not allowed to use black magic.As expected, there is an enemy for Charlotte and that s Margaret who decides she wants to get materials