Conversaciones Con El Coronel Corso

Conversaciones Con El Coronel Corso❮BOOKS❯ ✯ Conversaciones Con El Coronel Corso Author Paola Leopizzi Harris – Conversations with Colonel Corso draws on Paola Harris's personal memoirs of the Colonel including private conversations formal interviews and public appearances Laced with personal anecdotes urgent m Conversations with Colonel Corso draws on Paola El Coronel Kindle ´ Harris's personal memoirs of the Colonel including private conversations formal interviews and public appearances Laced with personal anecdotes urgent messages and including than photos and historical documents this book is a must read for anyone interested in Conversaciones Con Epub / the history of UFO disclosure and the significant contributions of this important US military whistleblower Conversaciones Con El Coronel Corso se basan en las memorias personales de Paola Harris incluyendo conversaciones privadas entrevistas formales y presentaciones publicas Lleno de anecdotas personales mensajes urgentes e incluso mas Con El Coronel PDF/EPUB æ de fotografias y documentos historicos este libro es una lectura obligada para cualuier persona interesada en la historia de la divulgacion de los ovnis y las importantes contribuciones de este importante informante militar de los EE UU. Short But Powerful InformationTo be uite honest I have not yet read The Day After Roswell the infamous book written by Col Philip Corso Ret and co written by William Birnes PhD regarding the eually infamous Roswell incident of 1947 But I’ve certainly come across numerous references to it in the massive amount of research I’ve conducted in the UFOET area over at the least the last 23 or so years since its publication The man – although extremely controversial – is a legend Or was And uite frankly with as much seemingly ‘legitimate’ UFOET data that is out there even now it’s uite likely that I never would have gotten to it or to his eually infamous follow up book to The Day After Roswell The Dawn of a New Age written solely by Col Corso which I’m slated to read next However the fact that veteran investigative journalist Paola Harris is endorsing Corso and his accounts of his experiences regarding Roswell and beyond is enough for this researcher to sit up and take notice As Paola herself says she initially started out in the UFOET investigative arena hunting down nuts and bolts accounts of UFOET events that could actually be validated Sort of And since she also worked with astronomer Dr J Allen Hynek who investigated primarily UFO reports for the United States Air Force’s Project Blue Book that’s one feather in her than likely true cap for me At least where Paola is concerned But one thing I’d like to remind all the debunkers and naysayers out there of is that first of all as Col Corso asked numerous skeptics who uestioned his collective accounts “Were you there?” In other words Corso is one individual who can actually say that – even though he wasn’t personally there – he was involved in various activities which reuired his personal presence as a military intelligence officer in the US Army and specifically in regard to the Roswell incident along with others as well as someone who actually worked out offor the Pentagon in that capacity And all this has occurred in spite of the many skeptics who continue to attempt to prove that ‘there’s no paper trail’ Often there isn’t a paper trail in top secret and above projects But just the fact that Corso had a verfiable high level security clearance is also an indication that he might know something that even others not privy to Col Corso’s level of compartmentalization could ever know In fact the relaying of information of any kind would only occur on a need to know basis Therefore even if one is active duty personnel without a need to know clearance there’s no way you’ll learn anything This is even so the case if you’re a civilian in any capacity without a clearanceAdditionally one other thing I’d like to point out is that I find it interesting that the so called ‘whistleblowers’ who have been coming forward for at least the last 20 or so years have primarily been retired military former high level government employees politicians astronautspilots scientists – especially physicists engineers and other degreed professionals etc From ALL countries There are a significant number of individuals who have and are continuing to put their lives on the line in order to disseminate this information And while I can agree that it’s probable that not all of it is true or accurate after all there ARE uite a few dis and mis information specialists out there not to mention TROLLS there seems to be uite a bit that seems to be True and accurate that is In fact much of what I’ve whittled what I am drawn to investigate down to is corroborated by many others who are saying the same thing but – to my knowledge anyway – do not know or are not aware of those others who are making the same claims they are making Also even if all this were bunkum as they used say why are so many laypeople ALSO seeing and experiencing SOMETHING UFO andor ET related? Many of whom not only don’t know each other but who are separated by oceans Something is going on Even if it’s ‘just’ our governments trying to freak us out as Nazi rocket scientist Werner von Braun stated to teacher Dr Carol Rosin in regard to the shadow government’s ultimate fake alien invasion ploy there seems to be something to this overall alien scenario And from all the information that’s out there especially through the Freedom of Information Act or FOIA reuests there really DOES seem to be somethingotherworldly taking place And then there is the work that’s been undertaken and accomplished by such individuals as the late Harvard psychiatrist Dr John Mack with abductees The history of the phenomena with a massive compilation of so far two volumes of UFO sightingsreports beginning in 1941 by historian Richard Dolan And the late Dr Roger Leir who removed implants from alleged UFOET abductees Finally there’s the fairly recent release and admission by the US Navy of the interaction some of its Navy fighter pilots have experienced with what were ultimately determined to be UFOs – or as they’re now being called Unidentified Aerial Phenomena or UAPs There’s too much high level brass involved – and wanting to keep it secret – in the UFOET scenario for there not to be something legitimate occurring Connect the dots people Just saying I found the writing style rather immature and the book adds very little to ‘The Day after Roswell’ book which I’ve read twice and really enjoyed Comprehensive investigation Paola’s writing is sincere complete and easy to read account of one man’s experiences that are important for the world review

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  • Paperback
  • 164 pages
  • Conversaciones Con El Coronel Corso
  • Paola Leopizzi Harris
  • Spanish
  • 10 October 2016
  • 9781983482991