Race Against Time

Race Against Time✸ [BOOKS] ✬ Race Against Time By Ellen MacArthur ❂ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Just after 1000 on the night of February 7th 2004 Ellen MacArthur crossed an imaginary line in the sea off Brittany to become the fastest person ever to sail solo round the world The record was held b Just after on the night of February th Ellen MacArthur crossed an imaginary line in the sea off Brittany to become the fastest person ever to sail solo round the world The record was held by a frenchman Francis Joyon He'd slashed over days off the previous record and many thought his extraordinary new benchmark would stand for years or Most experts thought that the record would be beyond MacArthur But in a superhuman effort that forced her to dig deeper than ever before she proved Race Against PDF/EPUB or the doubters wrong Her effort captured the world's imagination and the scenes that greeted her return to Falmouth were euphoric She had become some claimed the finest sailor her country had every produced Drawing on logs emails sound and video diaries this beautifully designed fully illustrated book captures the drama excitement danger joy and tears of a truly extraordinary achievement in Ellen's own words. 35 starsI read this non fiction depicting day by day illustrated story of Ellen MacArthur's circumnavigating solo in 2005 leaving it at that on October 2009 due to my less motive However I found this book drawn on personal logs emails audio and video diaries back cover excitingly challenging in its own right since her narrations would inform her readers what happened how she felt how she solved problems etc along her unimaginable route in the high seas and oceans in 71 days 14 hours 18 minutes and 33 secondsPublished with high uality paper this book having its Penguin paperback size since its length and width are similar to Vladimir Nabokov's Transparent Things Penguin 2017 should be reader friendly regarding its fonts that is they should be larger All of its black and white and colour photographs are delightful to see with of course admiration to the job well done by her professional team of photographers sketchers and computer graphics programmersTo continue A day by day diary of the record breaking solo circumnavigation of the globeIt mostly reads like a blow by blow weather forecast and commentary crossed with a strung out stressed and anxious fight to keep going; the text is generally very repetitiveThere are some occasional interesting snippets of vulnerability;Ellen's thoughts feelings and her deep appreciation of the wildness and beauty all around her which break the adrenaline charged monotony of the text If that isn't oxymoronicThe best of these describe her time in the Southern Ocean For example;I don't think anyone should go to the Southern Ocean without having some fear of it It's a very very desolate place You're at the end of the earth in the middle of nowhere no one really lives herethe sea is unbelievable it's like sailing over mountains Like driving an all terrain vehicle very fast over mountainsHowever along with the technical jargon particularly regarding sails this means that overall this book is probably most interesting to those who were already interested before reading itIt does give an insight into what it takes though and this is one very very tough lady who's sailing skills far outweigh her literary prowessI couldn't figure out why pictures show two distinctly different multihulls Did she change livery as well as sails en route? The idea of reading the account of Ellen MacArthur's amazing world record for solo sailing around the world really intrigued me as I had read some other adventure type books for a change of pace from my normal murder thriller menu A review of the book is probably best done in two sections the photographs and the textThe photographs are outstanding and really give the reader the feeling of remoteness isolation and desolation that Ellen must have encountered The pictures of the boat B are amazing with superb colour which contrasts fantastically with the complete grey blanket of the sea and sky during times of awful weather The iceberg is one of my favourites tooThe words are written almost on the basis of A few notes a bit like a diary that Ellen has conjured up at the end of each day indeed there are a few paragraphs for each day And basically that is it other than an introduction and a short epilogue Ellen's account also comes across as one big long moan it's to cold it's too hot it's too windy there's not enough wind I can't sleep I can't eat etcetc There's also the constant pessimism that she won't break the record even when she's five days in front and that her weather will be worse than current record holder Francis before she embarked on her attempt The result is rather boring and meant that I had little empathy for Ellen basically if you don't like the conditions this is a round the world solo sailing record attempt at the end of the day THEN DON'T DO IT1 Stay at home and get a normal 9 to 5 job and I bet you'll have something to really moan about thenIn summary the text's just about ok but the photographs are amazing Dame MacArthurs diary of her 2005 attempt to become the fastest person and first woman ever to sail solo round the world She cut Francis Joyon's record in a superhuman effort by one day Joyon regained the record in 2008 taking 14 days off Macarthur's recordIt is a good read but does not reach the uality of 'Takin on the World' uite repeative i know thats a little harsh but it was Loved it

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