Fruit of the Drunken Tree

Fruit of the Drunken TreeEPUB Fruit Of The Drunken Tree Author Ingrid Rojas Contreras SpellbindingThe Thrum Of Mystery And Danger Haunts Every Page, And You Won T Be Able To Look Away Until You Turn The Last One Cristina Henriquez, Author Of The Book Of Unknown Americans In The Vein Of Isabel Allende And Gabriel Garcia Marquez, A Mesmerizing Debut Set Against The Backdrop Of The Devastating Violence Of 1990 S Colombia About A Sheltered Young Girl And A Teenage Maid Who Strike An Unlikely Friendship That Threatens To Undo Them BothThe Santiago Family Lives In A Gated Community In Bogota, Safe From The Political Upheaval Terrorizing The Country Seven Year Old Chula And Her Older Sister Cassandra Enjoy Carefree Lives Thanks To This Protective Bubble, But The Threat Of Kidnappings, Car Bombs, And Assassinations Hover Just Outside The Neighborhood Walls, Where The Godlike Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Continues To Elude Authorities And Capture The Attention Of The Nation When Their Mother Hires Petrona, A Live In Maid From The City S Guerrilla Occupied Slum, Chula Makes It Her Mission To Understand Petrona S Mysterious Ways But Petrona S Unusual Behavior Belies Than Shyness She Is A Young Woman Crumbling Under The Burden Of Providing For Her Family As The Rip Tide Of First Love Pulls Her In The Opposite Direction As Both Girls Families Scramble To Maintain Stability Amidst The Rapidly Escalating Conflict, Petrona And Chula Find Themselves Entangled In A Web Of Secrecy That Will Force Them Both To Choose Between Sacrifice And Betrayal Inspired By The Author S Own Life, And Told Through The Alternating Perspectives Of The Willful Chula And The Achingly Hopeful Petrona, Fruit Of The Drunken Tree Contrasts Two Very Different, But Inextricable Coming Of Age Stories In Lush Prose, Rojas Contreras Sheds Light On The Impossible Choices Women Are Often Forced To Make In The Face Of Violence And The Unexpected Connections That Can Blossom Out Of Desperation. No matter who we are, what are race, religion, socio economic background, we share some basic emotions and feelings Fear, joy, love, jealousy, anger, sadness and hope are some of those emotions and feelings What makes us different is our reaction to those feelings and the situations that brought about them.Ingrid Rojas Contreras s debut novel, Fruit of the Drunken Tree, takes us to the South American country of Colombia during the extremely violent and turbulent 1990 s when drug lord, Pablo Escobar, instilled fear among the natives as well as the world.Drug kingpin Escobar was not the only threat Colombian residents had to live with There were the communist guerrillas that were constantly trying to overthrow the government, kidnappings for ransom, other drug lords, smugglers, car hijacker bands, kidnappers that weren t guerillas, along with murders, robberies and so on Some have described the nineties Colombia to the eighties Lebanon with all of the violence and corruption.Contreras introduces us to the Santiago family who live in a gated community in Bogota Children that live inside the gates are insulated from then outside world of violence They have a life filled with joy than sorrow, smiles than tears and sense of normalcy than those living outside the gates.Fruit of the Drunken Tree is similar to the novel, The Invention of Wings , as it is told from two perspectives One is of young Chula Santiago, age seven, who lives with her
4 stars to Fruit of the Drunken Tree When I saw Fruit of the Drunken Tree compared to Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, I knew it was a must read for my list Ingrid Rojas Contreras debut is set in Colombia in the 1990s It is focused on the Santiago family living in Bogota in a gated community Gates are necessary because of the extreme political unrest in the country at the time While the children are insulated from the world, just outside those protective bars are kidnappings, bombings, and other violence, all at the hands and orders of a drug lord named Pablo Escobar A new housekeeper, Petrona, is hired by the mother, Chula Santiago, and Petrona has been living in a guerrilla occupied slum Petrona is overburdened working to care for her family, while also being pulled by love to the wrong side, the dangerous side Both Chula and Petrona s families are seeking stability and safety in a time of outright upheaval and abject terror The author was inspired by her own life in her writing of Fruit of the Drunken Tree Rojas Contreras uses the voices of Chula and Petrona as her narrators to capture the essence of the disparities between their lives and their means to survive Chula and Petrona will be force
NOW AVAILABLE First of all I think I m in love with the cover of this book, what gorgeous color and pop this cover has However the seeds from the Drunken Tree were used in making a very dangerous drug called burundanga used by many criminals in Bogota Victims who reported being drugged with burundanga woke up with no memory of sometimes assisting in the looting of their own apartments and bank accounts, opening their wallets and handing over everything, but that s exactly what they had done So strong was the fruit of the Drunken Tree This novel is told from two perspectives One of a young girl, Chula, living an easy going life in a grand house outside of Bogota, Colombia At the time of the story she is age seven with an older sister, Cassandra, age nine The family live in a gated community because there is so much gang activity and crime outside the area They are quite isolated and play together, go to school on a bus and only shop in the few stores near their home.The mother and wife in the story, Senora Santiago, was herself from a poor family but married a man who worked for an oil company He was seldom home as he had to travel a great deal for his job Mama was constantly trying to hire a live in maid for their home but they usually only lasted a few months She felt it was her way of helping the less fortunate by trying to hire the girls fr
Library Overdrive Audiobook.narrated byMarisol Ramirez Almarie who was sooooooo outstanding.I had visions of bright changing colored fireworks in the sky Her voice was perfect flawless for this incredible magnificent Latin American novel Once I started this Audiobook testing my ass , I literally did not want to stop being in this world We my buddy iPhone audiobook , and I, made the bed, folded laundry, took a 90 minute walk, rode the bike in the house, did stretching exercises, cut cauliflower asparagus chicken to saut ate spent a couple hours cleaning the guest room which included wash sweeping hosing down the patio restocking supplies for the guest room soaking in the pool but never would I let go of my new companion She followed me through the day IT S THAT TYPE OF BOOK AUDIOBOOK PAGE TURNING WITH MAGNETIC POWERS the reader is willingly a captive I had no idea it would be this good Sometimes a beautiful book cover and an interesting book title turns out NOT TO BE A DISAPPOINTMENT..THE WORDS INSIDE THIS BOOK ARE EVEN BETTER I now have an experience of Columbia in the 90 s during Pablo Escobar which I didn t before I did read a little on Google but I didn t mind It was all fascinating It goes without saying that author Ingrid Rojas Contreras is a great storyteller.I was in knots at times on the verge of tear
Ok truth I added this one based on its title Oh yes I did The reality is, its flower, if consumed, can make one act as silly as a drunk and eventually poison it s victim Enough said This is a story of a relationship between a girl and her maid In the background, the civil war rages in Columbia Pablo Escobar reigning terror over the country The impact is devastating Until it moves to the forefront and the little tranquility known for this family disappears and in its place the violence becomes the norm A staged kidnapping which goes awry a missing father a traitor.Not a place I would ever visit knowin
Sometimes we are drawn to books by the cover, by the name, or even just the description Well, it could also be the author too But when I saw the name of this book, I was hooked I knew I wanted to read it Then, I saw it was about Columbia and Pablo Escobar and I immediately went to my library to grab it It tells the story of one family living in Bogota and their maid Oh yeah, and in the world of Pablo Escobar The story alternates between the young girl in the family, Chula, and their live in also very young maid, Petrona The story is fiction but weaves in details of real life such as the terror placed upon people in Columbia by Pablo Escobar, the murder of an upcoming politician, and the violence that was part of every day life in Columbia in the early 90 s You could trust no one Kidnappings were something that happened on a daily basis Adults were taken by guerrillas Little Chula wanted to go out one day wearing her hair in a pony tail but her mother screamed at her how easy it would be for someone to grab her by her pony tail and kidnap her There was fear and poverty everywhere And little Chula was obsessed with Pablo Escobar, especially after seeing what remained of a recent car bomb in her neighborhood Eventually, they f
Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestI wonder about Goodreads users sometimes People will pile on to heap praises about one book in particular while utterly ignoring brilliant contributions to the literary canon like this I almost didn t read this book because it was such a wild card and I am so glad I did not do that In many ways, FRUIT OF THE DRUNKEN TREE explores similar themes to other women centered works of literary fiction like GIRLS BURN BRIGHTER or HOMEGOING The book is set in Colombia in the early 1990s, when the cocaine lord Pablo Escobar held most of the political and economic power, and the wealth disparity led many low income individuals to support and encourage the gruesome violence of the guerillas.There are two narrators Chula, who along with her mother and older sister, is a member of the middle class in Colombia By our standards, they don t have much, but when people across the city are living in shacks without electricity or running water, they seem very wealthy The other narrator is Petrona, who is their maid She lives in one of those shacks,
Buddy read in group Reading for Pleasure, review to follow when buddy read over 4 stars for story3 stars for prose 3.5 stars overall Reviewing this book is particularly tough because despite really enjoying this, there remains this niggling feeling it could have been sensational if Contreras had worked out a few kinks first before embarking on such an ambitious debut That may not be a fair criticism since writers need to start somewhere, right However, the meat of this story has so much potential that I was a little disappointed it didn t all work seamlessly Despite these misgivings I am convinced The Fruit of the Drunken Tree can hold it s own with other headlining debut novels such as In my Mad and Furious City and There There Partly based on Contreras own experiences growing up in Colombia during the reign of Pablo Escobar, this added authenticity makes for a sobering read While not specifically a story of the Colombian drug war, almost everything that happens is a consequence of it I found plenty of resonance here with the TV show Narcos also set in Bogota and covering many of the incidents that form the historical backdrop to this novel In a way this is a coming of age novel narrated in turns by 7 year old Chula and her maid Petrona, who comes from the Invasiones Colombias version of slums This is a journey to adul
Find all of my reviews at can t believe I m the first of my Goodreads friends to have read this It seems like it was everywhere for a minute And honestly As soon as I saw the words I was in What can I say I m a cheap sell and my husband won t wait for me when it comes to Netflix so there s no chance I can keep up with Narcos to get my Pablo Escobar fix Now that I m finished It wasn t at all what I was expecting since I didn t read the way too long blurb, but it was still pretty amazing Briefly put, this is the story of Chula and Petrona who are growing up in Colombia during the 90s Chula is a seven year old who has been born into a life of privilege, living behind the safety of gates thanks to her father s earnings in the oil industry Petrona is a young teenager from the slums who has been hired by Chula s family as a maid Behind everything in the background is the cat and mouse game which is finding Pablo Escobar You may find your reading experience to be similar to that of a memoir, and you wouldn t be wrong since this is fiction inspired by the author s own upbringing The story here focuses mainly on Chula, her life and her observations of what is going on around her with entries provided by Petrona about her life away from the estate Petrona s story probably would have earned 72 Stars and had me hospitalized from fangirling myself to death While

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