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Doctor Who❰Reading❯ ➶ Doctor Who Author Una McCormack – Deep below the surface of the planet Adamantine lies a crystalline wonder world of lava seas and volcanic islands home to living rock peopleBut when the Doctor and her friends arrive on Adamantine the Deep below the surface of the planet Adamantine lies a crystalline wonder world of lava seas and volcanic islands home to living rock peopleBut when the Doctor and her friends arrive on Adamantine they find it under threat The seas are shrinking the magma is cooling and mysterious fatal seething pools are spreading fastSomething has come to Adamantine – but what does it want Fearing an invasion is underway the Doctor must lead an expedition to the surface of the world to save its molten heart. The Second NSA to feature the Thirteen Doctor this one is also set on an alien planetThe Doctor and her friends arrive on Adamantine with the planet under threatThis felt really early in the Doctor’s Thirteenth incarnation timeline as she mentioned that she’s still getting use to her new faceThere were a couple of mentions about giant spiders on the planet too but it felt like foreshadowing to an adventure against them arachnids in Sheffield So with that in mind it really felt like this TARDIS crew were really getting to know each other properly during this storyThe alien planet was wonderfully descriptive I also really liked the character Ash in this story This was really short compared to other books in this range this helped the story move along at a uick paceA highly enjoyable read with The Doctor and her friends Rock Roll with no rope A lot of Hand of Fear when The Doctor lands on world of people who are living rocks seawater works like acid does on us dissolves them killing themGrahame lose his shoe no one remembers to pack any rope the sonic doesn't do rocks This is in dig at climate change which do NOT need to be lectured in Doctor WhoIt is annoying that McCormack showing off by using cheap way to do itI do not see that need are attention drawn to change we all know about itFew faults too the Doctor does not sleep that is for your less mortalsBig thing here is if you are made of rock like A Troll what do they eat drink ? Is it like Ani Moorpork acid? Cannot wait for big problem when Graham needs a pee will it work like seawater?All the time I am reading this I keep hearing Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Rick Walkman playing in my head I've read two of the Thirteenth Doctor adventures so far The Good Doctor Molten Heart and what both have in common though written by different authors is that the characters' voices are being captured exceptionally well Which honestly I was concerned about because I didn't anticipate Whittaker's delightfully rapid fire speech pattern and enthusiasm translating well to the page 'Molten Heart' is a tad faster paced than 'The Good Doctor' though it doesn't dig uite as deep into the planet's political drama McCormack does an excellent job balancing the narrative focus between The Doctor and Ryan's uest to find the missing scientist Basalt and Yaz and Graham's travails with the planet's government and law enforcement It touches subtly and occasionally not subtly as is the DW way on the topics of environmental impact and how leaders often refuse to acknowledge evidence and facts if that means changing course and admitting that they were wrong It was a fun fast read and it gives Yaz's character a little flesh and depth I'm definitely looking forward to 'Combat Magicks' and any further novels feature the team gang? fam? So this time I really like the story but my problem was with the way the companions acted it seems that they were not the same as in the show or maybe the writer wanted to give them their own essence i don't knowbut I get upset to see them saying things that just didn't seem to me they would say This is wonderful A novel that reads like one of the very best of the early late era Target novelizations It feels like an adaptation of a television episode with all the extra embellishments and additions that made the best Target novelizations something special It gets extra marks for being the best early book to capture a new Doctorcompanion team so accurately; I could hear Jodie company in my mind uttering every word of dialogue An unexpected satisfying surprised I inhaled in the space of an hour Molten Heart is an achingly beautiful book The planet where the Doctor and her companions happen to land is beautiful and home to a uniue society of living rocks The story opens with the Doctor and her companions Graham Ryan and Yaz landing the TARDIS they are in a bubble inside the crust of a planet There are gemstones and semi precious stones in abundance but something seems off Ryan and Graham are nearly killed by a sudden super heated geyser of water and steam and the group meets Ash a living rock and one of the people who live in Diamond City though she is of an explorer than the very much stay at home types of her home city It turns out her father Basalt was a scientist and a scientist who is very concerned about their home He did studies and experiments in his library and workshop but the leadership of Diamond City ignored him Finally in desperation he set out on a mission to find out about the sudden cracks in the sky the geysers why the Ocean dried up etcAfter learning about this from Ash and a friend of Basalt's named uartz the group hides as much of Basalt's research as possible then sets off to follow him Fairly early on in the trip there's another surprise geyser and the group is separated into two groups the Doctor Ryan and Ash continue to follow Basalt's trail whereas uartz Yaz and Graham return in secret to Diamond City The Doctor manages to warn Yaz not to trust uartzIn Diamond City Yaz and Graham meet a group of Basalt's friends but many of them don't uite trust the travelers and see them as proof of Basalt's heresy instead so they are turned over to the Greenwatch the secret police directly controlled by Emerald the leader of Diamond City Yaz tried to explain to Emerald she was from another planet but that the Doctor was there to help but Emerald refuses to listen and locks her up Fortunately one of the people at the initial meeting Onyx does believe Yaz and helps her and Graham get out of jailMeanwhile The Doctor Ryan and Ash follow her father's trail it's beautiful exciting and weird the type of fantasy science adventure we don't often see in Doctor Who similar to Jules Verne or JRR Tolkein than the show and I thoroughly enjoyed it You have canoeing on a lava river giant mushroom forests all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff Eventually they find Basalt and the remains of an extraterrestrial mining colony which is stressing the crust of the planet and threatening the entire civilization Basalt and his small company of companions are trying to stop the crack because if it continues the entire world will flood but they aren't having much luck against such a huge problem The Doctor goes to the surface of the planet only to discover the entire operation is automatic and even the machines were built automatically by nanomachines She turns off the drilling euipment but triggers a series of defense satellites which start firing at the planet Then she contacts the people responsible only to discover an inexperienced staffer on his second day who has no idea what to do The Doctor talks him through making some good decisions Ryan also gets to play an almost video game of shooting the unarmed satellites out of the sky Needless to say Ryan loves itThe Doctor also uses to alien telecom euipment first to reach Yaz and Graham but later to address Emerald and when she discovers Emerald had declared Basalt a heretic who's science was causing the disasters by this time an entire colony or suburb had been destroyed when a crack in the sky let in deadly seawater the Doctor address all the people in Diamond City showing them the truth about their Bubble World the aliens who had started mining operations and how even with shutting everything down Basalt would need help fixing the existing damageEmerald has a hard time admitting her mistakes but she does and the Doctor uses the TARDIS to transport rock people to the crack to help fix it Ryan also suggests reversing the nanobots to take apart machinery and fill in the miner's tunnels which they do With everything on its way to being fixed and Basalt being rescued as well as seeing the surface of his own planet for the first time briefly the Doctor and her fam leave Molten Heart is a beautiful story the rock people and their city is gorgeous their society makes sense it's small and insular and in general no one wants to explore very much the small English village or even small American town and even though the message about how the climate is changing and it threatens everyone and everything if something isn't done well the message is there but I didn't feel it was too overbearing Emerald isn't evil just a bit misguided in how she approaches a challenge Her fear of panic if people know the danger is overblown of course once the Doctor tells everyone the truth and asks for help for Basalt she gets even help than she needs and everyone pitches in to help shore up the cracked ceiling and prevent seawater getting in and killing the rock people and destroying their city The salt water acts like acid and dissolves the rock people instantly Even the aliens who set up the mining are lazy and inefficient than outright evil the planet seemed uninhabited The guy the Doctor contacts is almost laughable and adorable at the same time it's his second day and he has no idea how to handle a crisis much less the Doctor I highly recommend this novel it's one of the best Doctor Who stories I've read in a long time Stone people that live inside a hollow world which is about to collapse do I need to say ? A perfect Doctor Who adventure with the Doctor and her gang I thoroughly enjoyed it another great Doctor Who book A very interesting and engaging story though maybe a bit of a 'perfect' ending? I didn't think ALL the characters would end up being 'good' but perhaps this is one of those lucky times You guys are you watching the Thirteenth Doctor? So good I like it so much that my husband got me the new Thirteenth Doctor comics BUT it’s the stupid serial format with cliffhangers and weeks between them which is not at all how I like to read comics I think I’m going to wait for the trade instead Bingereading y’all Molten Heart is a new Doctor Who spinoff novel It reads like a longer ep with internal monologue especially from Yaz There’s space for character growth too Or in certain cases some spot on character stagnancy like when Ryan just switches to past tense for Ash’s missing dad because he’s Ryan and he has gigantic father issues The characters are so good that I hear their dialogue in the actors’ voices — also can we talk about how this doctor’s companions are actually very good at taking direction and not needing rescue every 10 minutes? So goodMolten Heart has the same optimism risk friendships and danger that I love in the TV season and that sucked me into the Ninth Doctor too I’m really enjoying the complete lack of Daleks Cybermen or the Master this season Classic Who is fine but I feel like all of those classic enemies has been taken just about as far as those storylines can go I don’t want to find just one final Dalek again Molten Heart has a new enemy which can be read as an allegory for climate change denial but also works as another beautiful dangerous planet in need of the Doctor and friends So good you guys Oh I was bored I didn’t even want to pick up the bookI don’t think that the characters were well written I think they were uite different from the show Graham constantly called her Yaz “Yaz love” and I can’t recall that ever happening in the show The story was flat and I wasn’t really caught up in it It hurts to give a book about the Thirteenth Doctor only two stars but this just wasn't my cup of tea

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