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Man of the YearPDF Epub Man Of The Year Author Caroline Louise Walker Beware The Man Of The Year You May Praise Him, Resent Him, Even Want To Be Him But Beneath The Elegant Trappings That Define Him, Danger Looms Caroline Louise Walker S Stunning Debut Novel, For Fans Of Herman Koch S The Dinner And Shari Lapena S The Couple Next Door, Delves Into The Increasingly Paranoid Mind Of A Man Whose Life As The Most Upstanding Of Citizens Hides A Relentlessly Dark Heart.Dr Robert Hart, Sag Harbor S Just Named Man Of The Year, Is The Envy Of His Friends And Neighbors His Medical Practice Is Thriving He Has A Beautiful Old House And A Beautiful New Wife And A Beautiful Boat Docked In The Village Marina Even His Wayward Son, Jonah, Is Back On Track, Doing Well At School, Finally Worthy Of His Father S Attentions So When Jonah S Troubled College Roommate, Nick, Needs A Place To Stay For The Summer, Hart And His Wife Generously Offer Him Their Guest House A Win Win Jonah Will Have Someone To Hang With, And His Father Can Bask In The Warm Glow Of His Own Generosity.But When He Begins To Notice His New Houseguest Getting A Little Too Close To His Wife, The Good Doctor S Veneer Begins To Crack All The Little Lies Robert Tells Harmless Falsehoods Meant To Protect Everything He Holds Dear Begin To Mount Before Long, He S Embroiled In A Desperate Downward Spiral, Destroying The Lives That Stand In His Way It S Only The Women In His Life His Devoted Office Manager, His Friends, His Wife Who Can Clearly See The Truth.Biting And Timely, Man Of The Year Races Along At An Electric Pace, With A Wicked Twist That You Won T See Coming. .Trust no oneEveryone is telling lies.There is an accident or perhaps a crimeWhat s the right choice to make ,What s the new right choice to make.Who is protecting who Chew on this Could it be that everything I ve done the hard work and the love, the steps forward, the backlash, all the bitter ends and bright ideas has been wasted This book was crazy enjoyable One of my favorite excerpts almost a monologue which I d love to share but sorry cannot do is so powerful sooo truthful I it again read it to my husband thinking about the brilliant background insight but I forgot about this awesome awareness relation to the overall storyI thought I knew a small part of the ending early onbut doubted myself on and off One thing is for certain I had no
Man of the Year by Caroline Louise Walker is a 2019 Gallery Books publication A twisty examination of the long lasting repercussions of infidelity By all accounts, Dr Robert Hart is a confident and productive member of society He has just received a prestigious award, has a successful career, friends, a big house, a boat, and his beautiful wife, Elizabeth.But every family has its hidden instabilities For Robert and Elizabeth, it is the stigma of building a marriage upon a foundation of infidelity They were both married to other people when their relationship began, but after divorcing their respective spouses, they married Now, after a decade, their marriage appears to be a stable one However, Robert s son from his first marriage, Jonah, was the collateral damage in Robert s decision to leave his family for Elizabeth For years, Jonah has been resentful and aimless, and naturally feels uncomfortable around his stepmother But things are finally looking up Jonah is staying with Robert and Elizabeth for the summer and he has even brought a friend along with him Nick s parents are both dead, and with no other big plans on the horizon, he readily accepts Elizabeth s invitation to stay for the entire summer with Jonah However, Robert is not so keen on that idea He s jealous of Nick, believing he has designs on his wife Not only that, Elizabeth seems to bask in the glow of his attentions And why not A
This is one of those books that are nearly impossible to review because nothing I say will do it justice so I will begin withTHIS BOOK IS SIMPLY MAGNIFICENT.The crux of this story is Caroline Louise Walker s writing Period This is among the best prose from a debut author that I have seen in some time Walker has woven an intricate plot featuring a complex and utterly engrossing protagonist, Dr Robert Hart.Robert suspects his wife is cheating and he sets on a paranoid course of self destruction The lengths he goes to in order to satisfy his own suspicions while desperately trying to hold together his house of cards family is disquieting at best The beautiful things that grow from decay can make it awfully hard to leave the garden This is a subtle story, told almost entirely in the mind of Robert Walker has written this character with such acuity I felt like I was on the inside of him looking out No longer a spectator, I found myself seeing life through Robert s eyes This isn t a thriller so much as it is a study of character s So, if the stereotypical twister is what you re anticipating then I suspect that you, like myself, will be bowled over by the ability of masterful storytelling combined with an insidio
Dr Robert Bobby Hart, Man of the Year recipient, the envy of all in his community He s married to his 2nd wife, Elizabeth, whose beauty knows no bounds Of course, it should be known that their relationship began while both were married to other people Infidelity, being the most hurtful of all betrayals, but yet they ve managed to make their relationship work over the last ten years Bobby s 20 year old son, Jonah, has decided to spend his summer with them for the very first time which is a sign that old resentments may be mending Jonah s friend Nick has also come along and is invited to spend the summer in their guest house Beware the Man of the Year You may praise him, resent him, even want to be him but beneath the elegant trappings that define him, danger looms What happens when Man of the Year suspects that his faithful wife and his sons young, handsome, and virile friend appear to be having an affair The nerve My God The recklessness My power simmers and shines, daring me to fight for this precious life I ve built For Christ s sake, Bobby, take a stand When a relationship begins on infidelity I suppose it w
3.5 Dr Robert Hart has it all A successful career and a new, young beautiful wife When his son Jonah comes home he s accompanied by his strikingly good looking friend Nick Does the good doctor have any reason for concern Nonsense, his wife wouldn t actually cheat on himwould she I loved being a fly on the wall witnessing the unraveling of the Man of The Year Caroline Louise Walker wri
3.5 Stars rounded down Paranoia Oh What it does to a Man What happens when you start suspecting your spouse of cheating Do you confront them immediately or do you start trying to gather evidence without saying a word What happens if the person you suspect them of cheating with, is younger, attractive and extremely virile What measures would you go to Turns out some people are the jealous type Just ask Dr Robert Bobby Hart After just having received the Man of the Year award by the citizens of Sag Harbor, you think he d be on top of the world He has a thriving medical practice, a gorgeous wife and is the envy of many Then his son Jonah and Jonah s best friend, Nick come for the summer Suspicions arise once Bobby notices how much his wife Elizabeth and Nick have in common Sitting by and doing nothing isn t exactly an option once Bobby s blood starts boiling Man of the Year is a character study of one man s downward spiral detailing exactly how paranoia can destroy a person Bobby sure is a hoot and a half Despicable, yes, and yet, you can t tear your eyes away I m pretty sure ok, I am sure that not everyone acts the way he does when they have the same suspicions That being said, this sure makes for one heck of an entertaining read Man of the Year is a slow burn You feel Bobby s angst and the sickness that dwells within him once jealousy takes ho
First, Do No Harm.right

Recognized as MAN OF THE YEAR in his community, Dr Robert Hart lives the good life, has a hot wife.who flaunts her stuff, a 20 year old son Jonah from his first marriage who comes to stay as well as his friend Nick who resides in the guest house.

But, MAN OF THE YEAR Dr Hart is not perfect by any means, nor is his family, or any of his friends not even his office manager.

This was a tough one for me because I had a really hard time getting through the first half since I hated the primary narrator Robert so much So I read the reviews on Goodreads, which were pretty glowing, and thus I persevered I li
Dark, compelling, engrossing I started reading this book and was absolutely captivated by the characters.It opens up with a celebration, an event honoring Robert Hart, M.D for his contributions to the community he lives in, he has been named MAN OF THE YEAR His son Jonah and the son s best friend Nick are spending the summer with Dr Hart and his wife, but soon Dr Hart starts feeling uncomfortable by the looks twenty years old Nick is exchanging with his beautiful wife.The story is narrated by different characters and this is the strength of the novel, the characters well drawn voices What happens as the story progresses is enthralling, at some point it was like watching a train
3 3.5 STARS Man of the Year is a character study of one really unlikable fellow and his erratic response to the assumption that his wife is connecting in a sensual way with their son s best friend, Nick This will be a hit or miss for some folks, as Bobby is a SUPER unlikable character, but I found it kind of fun following along with

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