Kingsbane❮Download❯ ➽ Kingsbane Author Claire Legrand – In this seuel to the instant New York Times bestseller Furyborn two ueens separated by a thousand years connected by secrets and lies must continue their fight amid deadly plots and unthinkable betray In this seuel to the instant New York Times bestseller Furyborn two ueens separated by a thousand years connected by secrets and lies must continue their fight amid deadly plots and unthinkable betrayals that will test their strength—and their heartsRielle Dardenne has been anointed Sun ueen but her trials are far from over The Gate keeping the angels at bay is falling To repair it Rielle must collect the seven hidden castings of the saints Meanwhile to help her prince and love Audric protect Celdaria Rielle must spy on the angel Corien—but his promises of freedom and power may prove too tempting to resistCenturies later Eliana Ferracora grapples with her new reality She is the Sun ueen humanity's long awaited savior But fear of corruption—fear of becoming another Rielle—keeps Eliana's power dangerous and unpredictable Hunted by all racing against time to save her dying friend Navi Eliana must decide how to wear a crown she never wanted—by embracing her mother's power or rejecting it forever. im starting a petition to make it mandatory to release an entire series all at once its cruel and unusual punishment to make a reader wait for the next installment especially when its the final book to such an epic and addicting storyi seriously cant get enough of this series ‘furyborn’ was dark and moody and ‘kingsbane’ followed with its own secrets and seduction this is everything the first book was and the characters are even compelling the world building is even intricate the writing is even immersive and the story is even impressive this seuel does such an effective job at giving the reader what they want but leaving them desperate for i would sell my soul to all of the angels in the deep if it meant getting my hands on an ARC copy of the final book october cant come uick enough↠ 45 stars this book somehow deserves the electric chair and 5 stars at the same time Just don’t even talk to me about this book right now Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾 45 stars I did not expect a cliffhanger ending so be warned This seuel took on a much darker tone than book 1 and the women are being challenging continuously Although the story itself tells you what’s supposed to happen in the future it still manages to allow you to hold onto hope that maybe it won’t get that bad even as things are going to shit around the characters The villain origins this story has is unlike any other I also adore that the main characters are both angry women and unlikable at times Some other things that didn’t really affect my rating but were interesting to see actual periods as part of the plot and female sexuality The women in this story have menstrual cycles and it affects their lives Also this was present in book one but the sex is ramped up The sex scenes read like an adult romance I was honestly stunned at how graphic they were for a YA story Additionally there’s also a hookup in here and then the characters don’t catch feelings?? Groundbreaking What keeps this from being a full 5 stars for me is my lack of investment in the romances I don’t hate them they just don’t grip me the way they would for a 5 star read I will elaborate on this in my video review as I’m still trying to form my thoughts around why these don’t uite stick the landing for me Overall one of my favorite series and I cannot wait for the finale Thoughts to come kick me in the teeth i'm ready for this fcking book Again I am so sad to be giving another book in this series only 3 stars but I just had so many issues with it and it was extremely hard for me to get through I kept losing interest and didn't want to finish Which is sad because I love the core idea of this trilogy There's just so much going on that it really disrupts the flow of the book Also there will probably be spoilers of the first book In Furyborn we were introduced to Rielle and Eliana two ueens who were somehow connected to each other but separated by time We come to learn that Eliana is Rielle's daughter who was sent away to save her life Both women hold immeasurable power and are held to a fate neither want one will save the world and one will burn it basically So let's start with what I liked The plot The plot is still amazing And the prologue of Furyborn still sticks with me and I just want to know how Rielle gets to that point We definitely see her start to change here and it makes me excited to see how everything will play out The setting Legrand does an amazing job of setting up these worlds Both are clearly defined and that makes it easy to jump into them with the chapter switches The duality of the ueens The fact that for most of the books you are still asking who is the Blood ueen and who is the Sun ueen speaks volumes for how closely aligned the two are Yes it can be pretty obvious who is who but I like how Legrand plays on them both with each girl Leading me to believe the story is not so black and white as it could appear The angelsI always love seeing how people play on angel lore And it's no different here Watching power corrupt I love watching how heroes sink under the promise of powerOk so what didn't I like? The pacing The million POVs The length All three are listed together because they all kind of go together Parts of this book were just boring We don't need to hear each characters plan or what they're doing in the background Surprises are good I would think as an author you want your readers to gasp and go WTF how did that happen?? Less is definitely in certain situations especially in betrayals And also 100 pages probably could have been cut from this and it would have helped the pacing immensely The girls This shocked me I mean I wasn't a huge fan of Eliana in the first one so I didn't really expect to like her here And while I can see how she grew I still just didn't like her She's too impulsive and refuses to listen to anyone about anything This actually makes her weak not strong Accept the help and learn from people around you But the not liking Rielle made me sad I really liked her in the first book and it was her journey that I looked the most forward to but all of that just fell apart here She was completely different from the person she was in the first book and I'm not talking natural growth just a whole new character for a new book And she was just plain stupid Every choice she made she knew was wrong and would hurt the people she claimed to love and was just like eh whatever And while I get her intrigue of Corien I really don't understand the pull he has over her Like she just turns to mush when he's around Ugh Simon The lack of explanation here was ridiculous but I'm assuming she's saving that convo for the last bookI know people love this series and this is just my view Even though I was disappointed in it I'm still excited to see how it all ends I have my theories and now I wait Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for granting my wish and providing me with an e ARC in exchange for an honest review 😱😱😱😱😱😱 I can't believe this And now we're supposed to wait for a year???? HOLY FING SHIT??? IS THAT HOW LEGRAND IS GOING TO LEAVE ME HANGING FOR THE NEXT 1 2 YEARS??? IS SHE SERIOUS???I literally threw this book across the room when I ended it and then I proceeded to text my friend along the lines of WHAT DID I JUST READ? DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN?? HOW CAN I WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK??I won't say anything else about this book cause spoiling things for others is the absolute worsebut you need to get this book AS SOON AS IT HITS THE SHELVESI want everyone to be in as much misery as I am Sidenote I am pretty sick and tired of Rielle by the end of this bookI don't know why she just really pissed me off Thanks to Sourcebooks for the ARC Review also found at Thanks so much Midas PR for a copy of both Furyborn and Kingsbane In a way I'm glad I missed reading Furyborn when it initially came out It just means I got to read it and Kingsbane back to back Unfortunately now it means I have to wait an agonizingly long time for the third bookSo what can I say about this wonderful book? Claire Legrand has a beautiful way with words Every page is gorgeous Every chapter meaningful I loved itIt was impossible to read Kingsbane slowly The story picks up from book one seamlessly and keeps the same high uality characters and tight intense story tellingI've mentioned it before but I prefer books written in third person rather than first person Recently a lot of the fantasy novels I've read have been in first person so getting such a wonderful book from my favourite POV was just what I neededWe not only get the standard Rielle and Eliana chapters from Furyborn but we also got a handful of chapters from the perspective of the other characters Most notably Simon and CorienThe character development? Perfect We see Rielle slowly becoming and unhinged and Eliana accepting her fate as we delve deeper into this story Since we technically know how Rielle's story ends this is about the journey getting there than finding out what happens at the end But who knows? There's still one book so anything can happenAnd that Simon guy? YesKingsbane is out in just a couple days so make sure to pick up your copyBook Links Book Depository |  US |  UK |  CA