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The New Girl[PDF / Epub] ✅ The New Girl By Daniel Silva – #1 New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another stunning thriller in his latest action packed tale of high stakes international intrigue#1 New York Times Bestselling #1 Wall Street New York Times bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another stunning thriller in his latest action packed tale of high stakes international intrigue New York Times Bestselling Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author USA Today Bestselling Author  Extraordinary Acclaim for The Other Woman and the Gabriel Allon Series“Another jewel in the bedazzling crown of a The New ePUB ô spy fiction master There is an even elaborately detailed backstory than usual and it is every bit as compelling as the tension drenched drama slowly unspooling in the present and leading to a socko finale”—Booklist starred review

“Excellent Readers will be enthralled by both the history and the up to the minute plot that Silva spins with such finesse”—Publishers Weekly starred review
“Perhaps his most enthralling novel to date Twists turns and nonstop action fill every page An instant classic from Daniel Silva whose latest masterpiece puts him firmly alongside le Carré and Forsyth as one of the greatest spy novelists of all time”—The Real Book Spy
”The Other Woman is one of summer’s biggest titles It’s not hard to see why This story of love and betrayal is hard to put down”—Entertainment Weekly

”Silva has a knack for topically relevant novels and The Other Woman is no exception”—New York Post’s Best Thrillers of the Summer“With Silva’s novels you find yourself being educated as well as being entertained Silva is that rarity of rarities a writer whose stories just keep getting better”—Huffington Post“One of our greatest living spy novelists”—Dallas Morning News“Readers will eagerly await the next installment in this deeply fulfilling series”—Publishers Weekly starred review . A spectacularly lackluster effort by one of my usually reliable and favorite authors Not this time 3 of 10 stars This is somewhere between a 4 and 5 star book for me but since Silva has proven that for the 19th time he's my favorite author I'm going with 5The New Girl is vintage Silva rapid fire pacing shifting locations international intrigue clearly defined characters and crisp dialogue I love everything about his writing and construction and think Gabriel Allon is one of the best if not THE best protagonists out there I relate to Allon in a way that I don't a Jack Reacher Lee Chid or a Cotton Malone Steve Berry probably because of Allon's affiliation with the Middle East and Silva's willingness to tackle tough uestions that touch on religion and religious differences And the author manages to describe settings in a way that makes me feel as if I'm there enhancing the story while not distracting from itMy only negative comment about The New Girl is that Allon is a little wooden Although his inner thoughts and motivations are alluded to at times I didn't see him develop as a character in this book I realize that after 19 books it's hard to tease out new facets of a protagonist and I'm confident that Silva will find a way to do thisAddition to this review after thinking about it Allon's stiffness may be a result of his now being head of Mossad instead of a spyassassin In The Other Woman the previous book and first with Allon as Mossad head I commented on the same thing Perhaps Silva is having a hard time depicting Allon as a passive figure instead of a very active one? Just thinking Even with my take on Allon being stilted The New Girl is well worth the read In my opinion Silva is the best thing going in thriller and he's a master of international stories I can't wait to order the book that should release next summerVery highly recommended Why can’t I read slower?Whenever I’m about to start reading the newest Gabriel Allon book from Daniel Silva I always tell myself to read it slowly Let the enjoyment that will overcome me when reading it last a little longer Yep I tell myself that every time And every time I am able to go slowly at first but the I read the involved I become with Gabriel and Ciara and Keller and Mikhail and Eli and Ari and Seymour with his wife’s earnest yet horrendous cooking So the faster I read I can’t help myself I don’t have the words to describe how stupendously good this book is and how stupendously great a writer Daniel Silva is So again I read it too fast So again I must wait another 51 12 weeks till the next Gabriel Allon book is released Library overdriveAudiobook narrated by George Guidall I don’t think Daniel Silva is an author for me I had considered reading him once before got hold of a library book can’t remember which one but tossed it aside very early into it Another reader at that time told me “you’ve got to find the ‘right’ Daniel Silva bookSoremembering that advice along with this new recommendation from a friend I adore and respect I thought I’d try this one A 12 year old was the ‘new girl’ in a private schoolHer clothes shoes and all leather school backpack gave her a stand out ‘rich girl’ look’ But I wondered”weren’t most of the kids from wealthy families?”It was an exclusive private school in Switzerland The story moved fast from A to B to C I wanted to know about the missing girl herself She was ‘really’ missing from much dialogue too We learn about the missing girl’s father Saudi prince accused of murderSoon after the kidnap We meet Sara in New York I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t hysterics about the missing girl Sounded like business as usual The father Allen and Sara were chitchatting and catching up with their friendship in NY while I was worrying about his daughter that was taken in Switzerland I didn’t feel confident that I was going to follow the storyline I fluctuated between interest and boredomMostly It was political than I cared for and the voice narrator was at times hard to understand I listened to over 4 hoursnot awful I even laughed in parts but forgive meI just didn’t want to read any I do however love my friend who recommended it 💕NOT RATING since I did not finish Silva consistently writes at a high professional level and this thriller hits the mark againBecause the author is willing to dig research plot and then engage on the subject of complex global politics readers will come away satisfied at having learned as well as having been entertainedMoreover Silva keeps the series fresh with new characters in addition to familiar onesThe minor points I'm so weary editors? publishers? of Girl in every new book title It's already such an old thing Perhaps eventually it will pass on like other cliched fads Also there was far going on with the activist journalist on whom Omar Nawwaf is modeled than Silva suggests However he rightly points out practicing journalists in far too many countries in addition to Saudi Arabia are silenced arrested or even executedBut these are indeed minor points The New Girl is a truly excellent novel highly recommended to all thriller espionage and suspense readers This is my second ever Daniel Silva book and I'm glad I found him I love a good spy thriller—they're perfect poolside reading—and this one has much to recommend itself tight pacing an intriguing setting in the international art world characters exchanging F Scott Fitzgerald lines over dinner I particularly appreciated how Silva took his inspiration from all too real international events this time the 2018 murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and the involvement of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman In this book Silva asks what if? imagining how events might play out in the real Middle East Don't miss the author's note at the end Silva's Gabriel Allon series remains one of the best as Silva's understanding of Middle Eastern politics shines hatred between the two Muslim sects between the hardliners and reformists and the ongoing Arab Israeli conflict A young girl is kidnapped from a private school in Switzerland and the ransom demand is that the crown prince of Saud Arabia Khalid bin Mohammed abdicate his claim to the throne As a known reformer KBM has a legion of enemies and not knowing whom he can trust he reaches out to the head of the Office Gabriel Allon via Sarah Bancroft now a curator at MoMA in NY who has appeared in a number of prior novels Gabriel agrees to help because he thinks KBM is better than the alternatives and because Gabriel lost a child violently too Things go badly wrong and Gabriel his trusted team Mikhail Abramov Christopher Keller Eli Lavon and his British allies embark on a clever plan to unveil and embarrass the hidden manipulators Silva blends in fictionalized versions of actual recent events such as the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in a foreign embassy and the use of plutonium as a means of assassination Gabriel's painting is a nice touch 45 stars rounded down probably unfairly I am feeling a little blue I just finished reading The New Girl by Daniel Silva the 19th book in the Gabriel Allon series Another terrific story but now I will have to wait until next year for the next installment The author consistently delivers fast paced page turning thrillers that seem to be right out of today's headlines Fascinating characters political intrigue dark humorSaudi Crown prince Khalid bin Mohammed KBM was once celebrated for his reforms but is now reviled for his part in the murder of a dissident journalist Omar Nawwaf It would seem apparent that the author was inspired by the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi at the direction of Saudi leader Mohammad bin Salman MBS When Khalid's daughter is kidnapped from a private school in Switzerland he turns to Gabriel Allon KBM may be flawed but he has pledged to break the bond between the Kingdom and radical Islam and for that reason Gabriel considers him a valuable asset Besides the life a twelve year old girl hangs in the balanceSome familiar and favorite characters including Sarah Bancroft; Mikhail Abramov; Christopher Keller; and Eli Lavon make an appearance in the race to save Khalid's daughter The race takes the reader across Europe including stops in Switzerland France Germany and Holland Of course Gabriel makes stops in London and Washington to keep the allies in the loop as much as necessary Iran and Russia of course are the bad guys with their nuclear ambitions and plots to destabilize the West Again these story lines appear to be ripped right from the headlines The ending left me wondering but I guess I will have to wait until next year and the 20th installment for an answer Can't wait 45 starsMini review from the TBR pile As with all series you'll enjoy some instalments than others But I don't think Silva is capable of writing a bad book for me his novels are an annual must read He's a master story teller this was one of the best of recent yearsThe assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by order of Saudi King Mohammad bin Salman is central to the plot His presence is keenly felt as we get Silva's take on the tragic event a slightly hopeful account of the political falloutThe real time politics thinly veiled versions of actual world figures make this a gripping timely read But at the bottom of it all is a poignant personal story line that reminds us it's the innocent people that end up being collateral damage as presidents kings prime ministers play their gamesAll the old gang is back as the plot unfolds across multiple countries The author's extensive knowledge of the Middle East spycraft is general provides the backdrop for a perfectly paced absorbing read that not only entertains but shines a light on the state of current events I am a huge fan of Daniel Silva and can say this is one of his best Page turner politically relevant such a great story

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