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Bran Mak Morn The Last King[PDF] ✐ Bran Mak Morn The Last King ✑ Robert E. Howard – From Robert E Howard’s fertile imagination sprang some of fiction’s greatest heroes including Conan the Cimmerian King Kull and Solomon Kane But of all Howard’s characters none embodied his crea From Robert E Howard’s fertile Morn The Epub Û imagination sprang some of fiction’s greatest heroes including Conan the Cimmerian King Kull and Solomon Kane But of all Howard’s characters none embodied his creator’s brooding temperament than Bran Mak Morn The Last King of a doomed raceIn ages past the Picts ruled all of Europe But the descendants of those proud conuerors have sunk into barbarism all save one Bran Mak Morn whose bloodline Bran Mak PDF \ remains unbroken Threatened by the Celts and the Romans the Pictish tribes rally under his banner to fight for their very survival while Bran fights to restore the glory of his race Lavishly illustrated by award winning artist Gary Gianni this collection gathers together all of Howard’s published stories and poems featuring Bran Mak Morn–including the eerie masterpiece “Worms of the Earth” and “Kings of the Night” in which sorcery summons Mak Morn The PDF/EPUB è Kull the conueror from out of the depths of time to stand with Bran against the Roman invaders Also included are previously unpublished stories and fragments reproductions of manuscripts bearing Howard’s handwritten revisions and much much Special Bonus a newly discovered adventure by Howard presented here for the very first time. Arguably the most doom haunted of Howard's protagonists because Bran Mak Morn is literally the last king of the Picts Howard's somewhat ahistorical imagining of an aboriginal British race although in some ways it was inspired by actual theories at the time fighting an ultimately losing war against the Roman Empire's British outpostsThese are stories that kind of occupy the intersection of the Venn diagram between historical adventure fiction sword sorcery and horror the main conflict is between the Picts the Romans but there are Dark Forces lurking around the edges of things and at various points Bran is not above making arrangements with those Dark Forces even if it may not be the best idea he's ever hadAnd in one story Kings of the Night he literally summons the spirit of Kull Exile of Atlantis forward tens or hundreds of thousands of years to join him in his fight against the Romans Remember Brule the Spear Slayer and the other Picts in the Kull stories? Bran is their descendantNot a long book relatively speaking only about half a dozen Bran stories plus some other related stories poems fragments etc published with Wandering StarDel Rey's usual attention to scholarship and detail but a great one A fantastic collection of stories but in a different way than Howard's Conan Where reading Conan gives you the feeling of a man besting all of the odds and laughing in the face of danger the Bran Mak Morn stories are haunting and in a way sad Bran is the king of a dying deformed people that are uickly fading from the world Where Conan attempts to tame the wild and laughs in the face of civilization Bran desperately fights to keep the wild places free in the face of unstoppable progress This is than just the tales of Morn however Here we find the tales of the Picts as a people To really understand what the Picts meant to Howard is to understand Howard himself More than Conan or Kane Howard's Picts were the soul of his work in a lot of ways They represented for him the savage wild free and thus true man From boxers and cowboys to barbarians and knights every untamed man that Howard wrote about were shadows and whispers of this wild race Before Conan before Solomon Kane and even before Kull of Atlantis there was Bran Mak Morn King of the Picts In fact Bran was the second main character ever developed by Robert E Howard second only to Francis X Gordon El Borak This book contains several stories about Bran as well as numerous fragments untitledunsold stories essays letters most notably to and from Weird Tales magazine and Howard’s buddy HP Lovecraft etc that help to define REH’s life long interest in the PictsThe pulp fiction that I read the I have come to appreciate Howard’s work His historical research and in depth understanding of history its peoples and cultures all led to stories that have a genuine ring of actual historical texture to them even for those stories that are part of his imaginary history The Picts are a perfect example described in this book in an authentic manner while also appearing in Conan’s Hyborian age stories Often they are the enemy race and easily maligned so for Howard to create a character such as Bran Mak Morn that will lead such a people was perhaps risky but also admirable These stories were written early in Howard’s career and as such there is inconsistency among them I wish Howard had developed Bran thoroughly through additional stories but alas Conan came along and that market drove Howard’s output for several years and put an end to Bran A couple of the stories in this volume have very small roles for Bran himself and tend to concentrate on co characters or take a wide angle lens approach to the history of the era It seems as if Howard’s penchant for research was translating itself directly into the story rather than developing a typical plot structure that we might expect This book includes those stories for the sake of completeness even though the pulp magazines didn’t buy them As such while I heartily recommend this book to Howard readers indeed necessary reading for others who are simply looking for another Conan style character I would still encourage diving into these stories simply on their own meritsjust expect a different experience Though these stories were first seen in pulp fiction magazines in the late 1920's and early 1930's to dismiss them as easy reading is a mistake Howard and his contemporaries wrote impressive works of literature that drew heavily on history and referenced recurring fictional themes such as dark fantasy eldritch magics the horrors of the night and the undiscovered country lost empires and cities such as Atlantis and of course massive battles between iron clad warriors with sword and shield These stories of Bran Mak Morn last king of the Picts of England are no exception Highly recommended for fans of fantasy historical fiction and Robert E Howard Bran Mak Morn is the last king of the Picts and will do whatever it takes to help his people That's all you need to know going inI liked this omnibus about as much as the Kull one I read at the beginning of the year but not as much as Solomon Kane and definitely not as much as Conan My favorite story in it is Worms of the Earth where Bran makes a deal with some Lovecraftian beastiesI enjoyed it and I'm glad I read it but I wouldn't consider Bran an essential read for Howard fans Bran Mak Morn is one of my favorite Howard characters Great pieces here including some of Howard's strongest While the rest of the world was obsessively reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows this weekend I was taking the time to finish off my latest venture into my growing REH collection Nothing against Harry mind you but I had already started on Bran Mak Morn and wanted to finish it off before I moved on to other things Besides the idea of over caffeinating myself just to obsessively force myself through the end of the book sounds dreadfully unpleasant to my ears and reading is supposed to be a pleasurable activity last I checkedAnyway Bran Mak MornThis particular collection of REH stories contains a number of stories about Bran Mak Morn the last king of the Picts; in REH’s mythos for lack of a better term the Picts are an ancient ancient race which was once powerful and prominent in Europe but has slowly degenerated into a race of savages Bran Mak Morn is a descendent of their royal line making one last attempt to unite them and raise them out of darkness Standing against him are the vast forces of civilization most notably the Romans who are slowly conuering Gaul and BritainOnly a few of the stories in this volume feature Bran directly the first Men of the Shadows is a first person account of a solider that meets Bran and eventually joins him in his battle In “Kings of the Night” and “Worms of the Earth” Bran takes the center stage Both stories are excellent though very different in flavortone “Kings of the Night” is a story of battle and magic where Bran’s wizard summons King Kull out of the past to help Bran in a great battle against the Roman legions “Worms of the Earth” by contrast is a moody incredibly creepy piece where Bran seeks out the aid of a foul race straight out of Lovecraftian horror not surprising since Howard and Lovecraft were freuent correspondents and Howard loved Lovercraft’s work It is easily one of the creepier stories that I’ve read from Howard and brings an interesting element of horror into the king’s storyThe final stories in the volume don’t feature Bran at all at least not directly Instead they are stories of Celtic warriors discovering Bran or his descendents and interacting with them in strange ways Both are good pieces but I was disappointed to not get Bran himself He’s a very interesting and conflicted character desperately trying to salvage his people and willing as “Worms of the Earth” shows to go to any length to succeed I wish Howard had written about himThe miscellanea in this book contains a whole lot of interesting things including some fragmentary stories some of which are really excellent a few poems some correspondence between Howard and various others including a few of his letters to Lovecraft and some of Howard’s notes on his views of history The history iswell it’s very thirties and by modern standards horrifically inaccurate but it’s interesting and it’s cool to see the thought processes that lead Howard to create Bran and similar charactersAs much as I enjoyed it this is probably the weakest REH collection Del Ray has put out that I’ve read so far There just isn’t enough material on Bran himself to really fill a book and while the miscellanea is interesting a lot of it feels like padding thrown in to justify a full length book Anyone who enjoys REH should pick it up but the casual reader would be better of starting with the Coming of Conan the Cimmerian or the Savage Tales of Solomon Kane Both books are a bit complete and offer greater exploration of the characters Also a pretty good read anoter for runner of Conan Bran Mak Morn is the last King of the Picts Howrd romanticized the Picts and used his fictionalized version of them in both the King Kull stories and some of his Conan adventuresThis is his foray into using them as the main character focusAgain Howard's gift for adventure comes to the fore and the only concern may be not getting blood splashed on your clothes from the page Robert E Howard was a great writer of heroic fiction of the pulp era This is an a very enjoyable collection of stories While this is my least favorite of Howard's characters the action is still the best An awesome unedited collection of all the Bran Mac Morn stories Highly recommended

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