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Lost Roses[Ebook] ➣ Lost Roses Author Martha Hall Kelly – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The runaway bestseller Lilac Girls introduced the real life heroine Caroline Ferriday This sweeping new novel set a generation earlier and also inspired by true events features Caroline's mother Eliza The runaway bestseller Lilac Girls introduced the real life heroine Caroline Ferriday This sweeping new novel set a generation earlier and also inspired by true events features Caroline's mother Eliza and follows three eually indomitable women from St Petersburg to Paris under the shadow of World War IIt is and the world has been on the brink of war so many times many New Yorkers treat the subject with only passing interest Eliza Ferriday is thrilled to be traveling to St Petersburg with Sofya Streshnayva a cousin of the Romanov's The two met years ago one summer in Paris and became close confidantes Now Eliza embarks on the trip of a lifetime home with Sofya to see the splendors of Russia But when Austria declares war on Serbia and Russia's Imperial dynasty begins to fall Eliza escapes back to America while Sofya and her family flee to their country estate In need of domestic help they hire the local fortuneteller's daughter Varinka unknowingly bringing intense danger into their household On the other side of the Atlantic Eliza is doing her part to help the White Russian families find safety as they escape the revolution But when Sofya's letters suddenly stop coming she fears the worst for her best friendFrom the turbulent streets of St Petersburg to the avenues of Paris and the society of fallen Russian emigre's who live there the lives of Eliza Sofya and Varinka will intersect in profound ways taking readers on a breathtaking ride through a momentous time in history. As difficult as much of it was to read I loved Martha Hall Kelly’s first novel Lilac Girls a heartbreaking story of the horrific things that happened at Ravensbrück a concentration camp during WWII where unspeakable medical experiments were conducted on women But is not without hope and it is filled with the strength of women who make a difference Making it meaningful is that it is based on the life of Caroline Ferriday a woman who gave so much of herself to aid women who survived Ravensbrück In this preuel to that book Martha Hall Kelly portrays the life of Eliza Ferriday Caroline’s mother and I could see how much Eliza had inspired her daughter While I can’t say that this one gripped me as much as Lilac Girls perhaps because of the horrors of the Holocaust it is in its own right a fantastic work of historical fiction that also is filled with hope and women who made a difference in other women’s lives and I loved everything about itThe story is told with narratives of three women Eliza from an established moneyed family in New York Sofya from a well to do family related to the Tsar in revolutionary Russia and Varinka a poverty stricken girl from the Russian country side From WW I and the Russian Revolution from New York to Paris to cities in Russia Martha Hall Kelly takes us on a journey back in time from 1914 1921 and to the places where these women’s lives crossIt is clear from her notes on her research and her travel that this is a well researched work of historical fiction I love that she tells us who some of the characters were modeled on reminding us that this is a work of fiction yet it reflects so much about the time and places she takes us to It is also a story loss loss of loved ones loss of home but a story of friendship of family and of the generosity and goodnesses of women who care I can hardly wait for her next book which will take us to the time of the Civil War with Caroline’s great grandmother’s story I am ecstatic to tell you about one of my most anticipated reads this year 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 🌹 Lilac Girls is one of my favorite historical fiction reads and HF is my favorite genre In Lilac Girls Martha Hall Kelly gave us Caroline Ferriday as a real life heroine of her time during World War II Lost Roses is Caroline’s mother’s story along with two other women affected by World War I In 1914 Germany is gaining power and war is possibly on the horizon Eliza Ferriday travels to St Petersburg Russia with Sofya Streshnayva a Romanov cousin Eliza and Sofya’s close friendship is formed years prior while the pair lived in Paris While Eliza’s in Russia Austria declares war on Serbia and Russia’s tsar is likely to fall She flees safely to the United States but wishes she could have brought Sofya and her family with her Sofya’s family must flee the city to the family’s country manor because a revolution is on the brink They hire Varinka a young peasant girl to serve in their household but she brings danger along with her Across the world Eliza is doing everything she can to help Russians escape the revolution when suddenly she stops hearing from Sofya The book travels between the US St Petersburg and Paris and illuminates the places and their people during this time of strife violence and uncertainty Martha Hall Kelly’s storytelling is just as captivating and alluring as it was with Lilac Girls Eliza Ferriday is a strong formidable character and Sofya and Varinka’s stories will break your heart for different reasons There was a poignant moment when Sofya looked down at her young son Max after seeing a starving peasant baby and she reflected on Max’s luck of being born to her into her family of wealth The tables are turned on Sofya and her family and I think about that all the time the luck one has to be born in whatever country one that has freedoms or one that is filled with every day war and danger Lost Roses is the glorious story of the lives of Eliza Sofya and Varinka Even though Eliza and Sofya are born privileged they never lose sight of how they can help others and there is uneuivocal beauty in that and honesty in how Kelly depicts it This is the perfect book to get lost in The storytelling grabs you and won’t let go Thanks to Suzy Approved Book Tours the author and publisher for the complimentary copy All opinions are my own My reviews are also available on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom This novel is a preuel to  The Lilac Girls and features the real life heroine Caroline Ferriday The world is in turmoil and edging toward World War One We learn about Caroline's mother Eliza and two other women that are thrown into the intense situations they faced in 1914 Eliza is the connection between the two novels The Lilac Girls and Lost Roses but this one could easily be read as stand aloneThe story follows the lives of three women Eliza who is a socialite and lives in Manhattan Her friend Sofya Streshnayva  is a cousin of the Romanov's the reigning dynasty in Russia While visiting her in St Petersburg Eliza becomes aware  that war is imminent and fears for her friend Sofya who seems unaware of the danger that could come When war is declared Eliza heads back home to AmericaVarinka Kozlov is a Russian girl who the Romanov family hire to help in their household She is the daughter of a well known fortune teller and her situation is dire  I tried to imagine the helplessness that she felt when she had to make some dangerous decisions Varinka and her mom are under the thumb of some dangerous men that are involved in the local uprisings Lets just say she has a lot going on and makes some decisions that will impact all of these women A story of three strong determined women and their uest for survivalWhile this story is not as fast paced as Lilac Girls the characters are compelling and the author's research of the period was evident There is a lot that happens in this novel and it took some concentration to keep it all straight There are some hold your breath moments towards the end and  I feared for what was to come I was still invested to find out how each of their stories would play outReview posted to my blog 12519Thanks to the publisher and blog tour host for the opportunity to readreviewPublishes on April 92019 This is the preuel to Lilac GirlsIf you loved that one you will love this oneIf you haven’t read either and you adore Europe history war and strong females with beloved friendships that are threatened because of harsh and challenging times both these stories deliverWell done Hall Kelly I look forward to the preuel to the preuel that you are working on next5⭐️ A beautiful story about the ugly truth of war A tale full of courage determination strength compassion Hope beauty and loveMartha Hall Kelly has written A compelling book that is simultaneously elegant and brutal this is the kinder gentler cousin of “The Lilac Girls” A book I read and liked but if I’m being honest I liked this book a bit I think for me all the characters in this book were relatable and I felt compassion for all of them really the only common thread between this book and the previous is the character of Caroline Ferriday a character I liked in the first book but I adored even in this one so I wouldn’t necessarily call this a preuel and both books can definitely be read as standalones although I’m guessing after you’ve read one you will want to read the other they’re both exuisitely told historical fiction novels full of strong women living through extraordinary circumstances“Lost Roses” is the story of three remarkable women Eliza Sofya and Varinka The book is set during WWI and mainly focuses on the atrocities in Russia both Sofya and Varinka are Russians although they come from very different backgrounds and social classes Eliza is an American she is from a privileged background she is also the mother of Caroline of “The Lilac Girls” Eliza and Sofya became friends while at boarding school in Switzerland Sofya is related to the Romanoffs familyVarinka was not born into privilege as these other ladies were she came to know Sofya when she went to work for the family three women from three very different backgrounds and yet all their lives are adversely impacted by warOne of my biggest takeaways from this book was how untouched America really has been by war yes many lives were lost and goods were rationed but I think that is very different from The many lives lost the property damage the horror of living through war on your soil not to mention bandits taking over your family home some of the situations that Sofya found her self in were so harrowing her fortitude and determination were so admirable I tried to put myself in her situation and I just don’t know if I would have had the strength to do what she didVarinka really skated the line of right and wrong throughout this book I felt so much for her because I’m not sure what choices she had Eliza was strong and compassionate and I admired her loyalty and altruism such a remarkable story that I feel will resonate with everybodyThis really was historical fiction at its finest this book made me feel as though I was right there with these ladies during WWI I felt so much for each and everyone of them and bonus I learned some things along the way Absolutely recommend 🎵🎵🎵 Song Running Through My Head This song always reminded me of how we are all alike than different it also reminds me of the Cold War and Russia In Europe and America there's a growing feeling of hysteriaConditioned to respond to all the threatsIn the rhetorical speeches of the SovietsMIster Krushchev said We will bury youI don't subscribe to this point of viewIt'd be such an ignorant thing to doIf the Russians love their children tooHow can I save my little boy from Oppenheimer's deadly toy?There is no monopoly on common senseOn either side of the political fenceWe share the same biology regardless of ideologyBelieve me when I say to youI hope the Russians love their children too There is no historical precedentTo put the words in the mouth of the president?There's no such thing as a winnable warIt's ahttpsmyoutubecomwatch?vwHylRV many thanks to Random House Valentine for my copy of this book 4 stars for this historical fiction book It is a preuel to Lilac Girls and tells the story of Caroline Ferriday's mother Eliza The book takes place from 1914 to 1920 The book is divided into chapters titled with the 3 main characters Eliza Sofya and Varinka Sofya is a cousin to the Tsarina and a member of the Russian aristocracy in 1914 Varinka is a peasant girl who goes to work as a nanny to Maxwell Sofya's son Eliza is a friend of Sofya's family and lives in New York and Connecticut The Russian entrance into WWI and subseuent revolution change Sofya's and Varinka's life forever I enjoyed this book and found it to be an accurate portrayal of life in Russia France and the US during this period My wife read this book before me and was appalled at the way the Russian aristocracy treated the peasants She did not like it as much as Lilac Girls But I found it to be an honest portrait of the corruption and extravagant lifestyle that led to the revolutionSome uotesHow is the tsar helping?I shrugged He believes if he supports the rich prosperity will trickle down to the peopleEliza meeting an actor Had he marinated himself in cologne?When I went back to the house I found it in Agnessa's ruined townhouse Kept it alive since I left RussiaLuba stroked a petal Poor lost roses Liked us I supposeThanks to Random House Publishing GroupBallantine Books for sending me this eARC through NetGalley #LostRoses #NetGalley I found Lilac Girls interesting but I was not as ecstatic as others when singing its praises But what I did appreciate was the research that Kelly did so I was curious to read Lost Roses This book follows Eliza Ferriday Caroline’s mother as she travels with Sofya Streshnayva a family friend to St Petersburg in 1914 just before WWI Once again Kelly uses multiple voices to tell the story This juxtaposition works well for example when Eliza is able to see the Russian discontent while the Stresnayvas “adopted a curious denial of the flames rising around them” While we all know the story of the Tsar and his family’s captivity Lost Roses explores the fate of the next tier of aristocracy and how they fared during the revolution She perfectly captures the anarchy the treatment of the “former people” I appreciated Kelly’s ability to weave historical facts into her storytelling As with Lilac Girls the Ferriday story is the weakest of the bunch Other than covering the bigotry of the upper classes there wasn’t much tension Eliza was a true friend to the Russian emigres but her story lacked the drama of what was transpiring in Mother Russia and later in Paris Sofya and Varinka are both fictional but it is their characters that interested me most Varinka especially showed the moral dilemmas facing ordinary Russians during the upheaval Anyone who enjoyed Lilac Girls will definitely appreciate Lost Roses I will be looking forward to Kelly’s next book which travels even further back in time to the family during Civil War days My thanks to netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book The preuel to Lilac Girls this historical novel features Caroline Ferriday’s mother Eliza during WWI and the Russian Revolution Eliza is one narrator her aristocratic Russian friend Sofya is another and finally Varinka tells her side of the story as a Russian peasant The lives of these indefatigable women cross in ways that none of them could have imagined prior to the world changing events of their time There is opulence juxtaposed with abject poverty There is elation set side by side with deep despair and all three women suffer tremendously Eliza Sofya and Varinka are distinctly different people from different backgrounds but oddly their voices sound the same The plight of the White Russian émigrés has particular poignancy given the immigration issues of today Moving from the East Coast of the USA to Russia and Paris this is a plot driven novel that speeds along and reads just as uickly Lost Roses is a treat for fans of Lilac Girls I was very excited to get my hands on this due to all the high praise of the author's previous work Lilac Girls I had not read that book as I had genre fatigue at the time but I jumped at this one because I felt like WWI fiction isn't as prevalent and I spent a great deal of time studying Russian history in college The story is told in what is now a familiar format from three different perspectives An American socialite Eliza a cousin to the Tsar Sofya and a poor villager Varinka I went back and forth a lot with these characters but ended up being confused the most by Varinka The Good This was a very well researched book where I felt it almost got too bogged down in detail at times but since I'm a huge history nerd that didn't bother me What I liked the most was that these were voices we don't hear from a lot I think this era of history is even important than the 30's and 40's because this is what sets the stage for all that is to come So often in my opinion this era is overlooked and I think it's a shame because there are so many wonderful stories to be told What didn't work for me I went back and forth on these characters a lot Likeability isn't an issue it was believe ability I felt some of Eliza's story was rushed in parts most likely to try and keep the story moving since it already clocked in over 400 pages I've seen some complaints about Sofya and her family caring about parties and things than the plight of their people but to me that was historically correct It's hard NOT to want to yell at them because they are so blind to the suffering of their people but when you're sheltered from that your whole life how can it be expected of them to think differently? Although admittedly I felt it troubling as well Also Sofya's trek across wartime Europe with a cart and a horse was a little farfetched Especially given her upbringing Varinka is the one that puzzled me the most I had difficulty juxtaposing her character before Max and after Max There were plenty of opportunities for that right to be wronged and her stubbornness seemed odd to me particularly as she moved to Paris Overall this was a good book but not anything I would yell from the roof tops about and that's okay Many many others loved it and I'm sure there will be many Thanks to Netgalley Martha Hall Kelly and Random House Publishing Group Ballantine for the opportunity to read and provide an honest review of this book Review Date 4219Publication Date 4919 Lost Roses is the second book of the Lilac Girls series but chronologically is the preuel to Martha Hall Kelly’s The Lilac Girls a story about the lives of three women during World War II The connecting thread between these two stories is Eliza Ferriday a socialite who has travelled to both Paris and St Petersburg regularly visiting her close friend Sofya Streshnayva cousin of the Romanov family And then the looming troubles and rumours of war erupt into war making travel there inadvisable to say the least In Lost Roses Eliza’s daughter Caroline Ferriday is one of the three women who are the main focusDuring her research for Lost Roses the author came across articles and photos about Eliza Ferriday’s efforts to help women who had been forced to leave their former homes which led to her journey to bring Eliza’s story and the era along with the crumbling of the Russian tsar’s empire to life While this was engaging from the start it does alternate through the perspectives of the various characters making it a bit of a challenge to juggle the diverse points of view as well as the various changes in locations but I still thought about this story even when I wasn’t reading it and wondered how these women would fare in the end When I wasn’t reading it I was looking up Eliza’s history photographs of the house they lived in and various photographs of her and some of the women she helped A lovely and impressive follow up to Lilac Girls I’m looking forward to Martha Hall Kelly’s preuel to Lost Roses which is linked through Eliza’s mother Caroline Carson Woolsey Mitchell and her sister Georgeanna and takes place during the Civil WarI alternated reading a paperback copy that was sent to me by my Book Angel and a kindle format that arrived from my public library the day I began reading this Many thanks to both the Public Library and the many Librarians who manage organize and keep it running and to my Book Angel as well

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