A Stranger on the Beach

A Stranger on the Beach Download A Stranger On The Beach Author Michele Campbell Bassgrotto.co.uk There Is A Stranger Outside Caroline S House.Her Spectacular New Beach House, Built For Hosting Expensive Parties And Vacationing With The Family She Thought She D Have But Her Husband Is Lying To Her And Everything In Her Life Is Upside Down, So When The Stranger, Aiden, Shows Up As A Bartender At The Same Party Where Caroline And Her Husband Have A Very Public Fight, It Doesn T Seem Like Anything Out Of The Ordinary.As Her Marriage Collapses Around Her And The Lavish Lifestyle She S Built For Herself Starts To Crumble, Caroline Turns To Aiden For Comfortand Revenge After A Brief And Desperate Fling That Means Nothing To Caroline And Everything To Him, Aiden S Obsession With Caroline, Her Family, And Her House Grows And Disturbing And When Caroline S Husband Goes Missing, Her Life Descends Into A Nightmare That Leaves Her Accused Of Her Own Husband S Murder. Nicely Played..There are books marked as Psychological thrillers and then there are the ACTUAL Psychological thrillers Holy Cow This is a book that I think it is best to go in as blind as possible When you seem to have it all and your whole world crumbles what do you do Who do you turn to Caroline appears to have it all good looks, a handsome husband, a beach house, an apartment in the city, fancy clothes, a nice car but everything falls to pieces all in one night Things get even worse when Caroline s husband goes missing.This was a smart psychological thriller told through Caroline and Aiden s POV This is the fun part as we see two different perspectives about the same events Is one viewing the situations through rose colored glasses Is one unreliable Is one manipulating the other Is one dangerous Who can be trusted Who is to be believed This book had quite a few twists and turns which kept the action moving at just the r
In the profound words of Keanu Reeves, Whoa This book takes you on quite a ride With the completion of her incredible new beach house in the Hamptons, Caroline Stark finally has everything she wants the lavish showplace of a home, a handsome and successful husband, the perfect family Even if things aren t quite as storybook as they seem, she s come a long way from being raised by alcoholic parents and working her way through school to support her husband.One night she sees a man on the beach near her house He s young, handsome, and rough around the edges But when her marriage literally falls apart during her housewarming party, and she discovers that all of her money is gone, suddenly this young man is what Caroline needs Aidan is a local boy with a troubled past, and he offers her than his shoulder to cry on At first she thinks she can rely on him to help her solve the situation with her husband, but she quickly sees that he s a bit unhinged than she realized.Aidan doesn t quite realize that Caroline is manipulating him, for he has fallen head over heels in love with her He
I stayed up until 2 30 this morning to finish this one and even if I feel tired today it will have been SO worth it Michele Campbell hits it out of the park again with this amazing thriller Caroline has a life many would envy a gorgeous new beach home, a successful husband, a loving family, a job title she can toss around even as she spends her days running on the beach and working on her new house But sometimes things are not as they seem Caroline is already lonely when she discovers that her husband is cheating on her Alone and confused, she spends what was meant to be one careless and carefree night with the local bartender, Aidan Only Aidan has different plans and if Caroline thought her life was a nightmare before she let Aidan into her bed Well, she s about to find out just how bad things can get.Told from a few POVs, some reliable and some not so much, OMG, this one was so fun and so completely, dangerously absorbing Thank you to Michele Camp
Caroline Stark is just putting the finishing touches on her brand new beach home when she notices a young man staring at her house from the beach below and this isn t the first time she s seen him out there watching Busy with making housewarming party plans she quickly forgets about this stranger At the housewarming party Caroline and her husband, Jason, get into an argument in front of all of the guests and much to her humiliation She is convinced that he is having an affair but rather than to defend himself or deny it he tells her that he has to go and doesn t know when he ll be back Caroline, now feeling lonely and betrayed, heads to the local watering hole to drown her sorrows when it appears that the stranger from the beach is the bartender His name is Aidan and he s absolutely gorgeous and she thinks that there isn t anything wrong with her doing some innocent flirting with this much younger man when her husband is clearly sleeping with another woman When that innocent flirting turns into a one night stand she thinks they ll part ways without nary a worry but Aidan
I enjoyed Stranger on the Beach and it really had me going for a while It wasn t until about 2 3 of the book that I was pretty sure what was going on and still, I wanted to know Aidan, a 27 year old bartender, is fixated with the mansion on his late granddad s former property and he visits the land often, even once a mansion is built on the land Carolyn is the wealthy 43 year old woman who has built the beach mansion, along with her husband, who work works for an investment company The first 2 3 of the story is told from both Carolyn s viewpoint and Aidan s viewpoint How confusing that their versions of the same events are so very different and it s very hard to figure out who is telling the truth In fact, it seems likely that both versions could be unreliable Carolyn is not a likeable character and is very concerned with her reputation among other rich people so her version is surely tainted with her need to be accepted among the wealthy crowd Aidan was convicted of manslaughter as a teenager and he s never overcome the stigma and also the fact that he feels he was wrongly accused Aidan s
A Stranger on the Beach is an entertaining ride, though the start was fun than the finish Caroline has it all A loving husband of 20 years, a well behaved daughter, a lavish life in New York City and now, her dream beach house She throws a party at the new beach house, where her husband, Jason, arrives late, with a new woman Rumors of his infidelity swirl and he seems dishonest with Caroline, claiming the woman is a business associate Caroline drowns her sorrows at a local bar, flirting with the young, handsome bartender, Aidan, which then turns into a one night stand The following day, Aidan hardly seems like the same guy and Caroline becomes fearful of what he ll do next, based on the way he s acting and what she learns about his past The story becomes a whirlwind as Caroline tries to figure out what Aidan s next move will be and if there s any hope of saving her marriage The story is told from alternating POVs of both Caroline and Aidan, making the reader question which version of events is true Who can be trusted I was swept up in the fast paced story which held my attention, but felt the final section of the book was by far the weakest The story slowed down quite a bit, and though the outcome was not what I initially expected, aft
I m going to keep this one short and to the point, because so many other reviewers have given much helpful thoughts on this book already While the plot was intriguing and featured a clever idea, I found myself having trouble connecting with the characters I m quite likely in the minority here, but the multiple scenes th
I have never lied to you I have always told you some version of the truth Jack Nicholson Michele Campbell packs a wallop of lies, deceits, untruths, and fractured distortions into a wicker picnic basket ready for unpacking at the seashore All the condiments come in varying sizes and strengths Some are gonna be whoppers.Caroline Stark has it all She stares out of the cathedral window of her newly built lavish beach house With her background in interior design, this abode has quite the plush furnishings and fixtures She and her husband, Jason, an investment banker, have locked down the ultimate getaway.Her eye is drawn to a young, handsome man standing on the public beach gazing up at the house He s still there when she comes back from her run He introduces himself as Aidan Callahan who tends bar at the Red Anchor along the beachside Caroline excuses herself to go inside to finish last minute details for her housewarming party that night Aidan makes her feel a bit unsettled and excited at the same time.That evening as the party is in full swing, Caroline receives a phone call from Jason saying that he s tied
I started reading A Stranger on the Beach on 5 3 2019 and finished it on 5 6 2019 at 4 50AM This book is a great read As always, I go into the story blindly without reading the synopsis I liked the start and got confused later on when views don t add up and realized that the narrators were getting unreliable I became lost and couldn t guess where the story was headed and the main characters don t help because they were confused themselves I like learning how local beach citizens think of the city folks who own those mansions by the beach front I like how light headed this thriller is because it s not gruesome at all.This book is told in the first person point of view following an upper class Caroline, 43 as she witnessed seeing a stranger, Aidan on the beach watching her new beach mansion She s throwing a housewarming party and her husband, Jason of 20 years showing up with another woman She drowned her sorrows with a local to a one night stand that ended up than what she bargained for The alternative point of view told in third person is Aidan, bartender He has a troubled past He is obsessed with Caroline and her beach house because it was built in place of his Grandpa s fishing shack He s poor and dreams of a better life and sees that Caroline, pretty and in the process of getting a divorce, may be his ticket out Third view is Jess, state police, introduce later in the story l
Talk about one s life going to hell in a handbasketCaroline appears to have it all, a loving husband of 20 years, lots of money, a new beach house on the ocean And all of a sudden, it all goes away, starting at her housewarming party As the dominoes fall, Caroline has a brief fling with Aidan, a local young man who was a bartender at her party Told from two diametrically opposed viewpoints, Caroline s and Aidan s, the book moves at a fast clip In the beginning, the book reminded me of You by Caroline Keppnes It s disturbing in the same way and than once I felt a shiver from reading Aidan s chapters But is Caroline a victim or a really smart femme fatale I went back and forth pondering this over and over Flip side, I felt very confident I knew what was going on with the husband even in the early chapters The book starts off much stronger than it finishes The point of a

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