Love And Glory

Love And Glory A straightforward, unrelenting, shamelessly romantic novel that s about a two year obsessionIt works and love stories that work are almost an extinct breed Almost Santa Cruz Best Read [ Love And Glory ] author [ Robert B. Parker ] For Kindle ePUB or eBook – My favorite book of all time Given to me by a high school boyfriend who is actually now a professional writer himself Robert B Parker iswell known for the Spenser detective novels, this love story is different from his usual stuff. A great guys version of a love story By the man who bought us Spencer for Hire. Love and Glory by Robert B Parker Eagle Large Print 1983 Fiction Yes, this romance novel was in fact written by Robert B Parker of Spenser fame This is not at all in the Spenser line of novels This is a stand alone story and is very much reminiscent of his later tale All Our Yesterdays I love Parker s style, but not this book This is a sad, sad tale not so much the story as the moral Here s the book in a nutshell SPOILERS AHEAD boy meets girl, they fall in love, he goes off to Love and Glory by Robert B Parker Eagle Large Print 1983 Fiction Yes, this romance novel was in fact written by Robert B Parker of
This guy they call him Boonie falls totally in love with this girl in college in Boston, but when he goes to the Korean war, he loses her He drifts across the country from job to job, getting drunk, and hits rock bottom in L.A Two things turn him around the thought of her, and a quote from F Scott Fitzgerald Boonie gets hi
From the opening paragraph one of the most expressively written first paragraphs in one of the most haunting love stories in modern literature to the satisfying ending, Robert B Parker s one diversion from his usual detective theme embodies all that I admire and relate to in a love story It is spare in its prose, clear in its acknowledgment of profound differences between the two principle characters, and accurate in describing the terrifying process o
A love story, written from the guy s perspective, which is a nice change An easy read, simply but intelligently written, and rather lovely Recommend it Apparently the author writes a series of detective novels Might hunt them out after reading this. Such a pleasure to read a Robert B Parker book that I hadn t read before I miss him so very much Rest in Peace Thank You for all the books you left for us. Not your usual Robert Parker Muchintense and hardly superficial What it s like to be so obsessed with the one you love that it impacts your entire existence. This was one of my rereads for research I have mixed feelings about this one On the one hand, Love and Glory contains some of Parker s most beautiful writing There are passages of absolutely beautiful prose On the other, Jennifer is not a fully realized character She exists as a kind of projection for the reader through the eyes of Boone Adams The book is a stark portrait of how a love can define a lifetime It may also be read as a cautionary tale about growing up, and the need to learn t This was
Not your usual RBP book as we know today A great well written one about his younger years.

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