The Rage of Dragons

The Rage of DragonsThe Rage Of Dragons Read Author Evan Winter Game Of Thrones Meets Gladiator In This Debut Epic Fantasy About A World Caught In An Eternal War, And The Young Man Who Will Become His People S Only Hope For Survival.The Omehi People Have Been Fighting An Unwinnable Fight For Almost Two Hundred Years Their Society Has Been Built Around War And Only War The Lucky Ones Are Born Gifted One In Every Two Thousand Women Has The Power To Call Down Dragons One In Every Hundred Men Is Able To Magically Transform Himself Into A Bigger, Stronger, Faster Killing Machine.Everyone Else Is Fodder, Destined To Fight And Die In The Endless War Young, Gift Less Tau Knows All This, But He Has A Plan Of Escape He S Going To Get Himself Injured, Get Out Early, And Settle Down To Marriage, Children, And Land Only, He Doesn T Get The Chance Those Closest To Him Are Brutally Murdered, And His Grief Swiftly Turns To Anger Fixated On Revenge, Tau Dedicates Himself To An Unthinkable Path He Ll Become The Greatest Swordsman To Ever Live, A Man Willing To Die A Hundred Thousand Times For The Chance To Kill The Three Who Betrayed Him. 4.5 5 stars The Rage of Dragons is a blazing African inspired epic fantasy debut that was so possessive of my attention, it simply wouldn t allow me to read anything else until I finished it.This book was originally self published and released in September 2017 Honestly speaking, I have seen and known about this book since then but the book wasn t able to move up the monstrosity that is my TBR tower for some reason However, its acquisition by Orbit, which resulted in a brand new gorgeous cover art done by the ingenious Karla Ortiz, is a total cover seller look at the Zulu shield and the intricately apt mural in the cover that practically screamed Buy and read me now to me, and so that s what I did I d rather live with a thing done poorly than do nothing and always wonder how things could have been I believe that the ARC of the book is on its way to me at the moment Even with that information in mind, knowing that the ebook was already available to purchase physical copies will be out in July I bought it to give my support to the author I was only going to read a few chapters but I ended up being completely hooked and read through it like Sonic the Hedgehog being lured by infinite golden coins it was too addictive to stop Let me just say this again before I begin my review The equation is simple a fantasy debut p
I think it s great, but then I wrote it, and my mother always said I should be proud of myself and the things I accomplish I m very proud of this Maybe too proud You be the judge Though, you re most likely to have a good time if you enjoy Robert Jordan s expansive worlds, Brandon Sanderson s detailed magic systems, Joe Abercrombie s gritty combat, and Pierce Brown s page burning pace of action My goal was to write something that I would, as a reader,
The Rage of Dragons is an African inspired revenge fantasy novel This is worthy of attention in and of itself, simply because fantasy is dominated by white male authors who write about white male characters Admittedly I enjoy reading such books, though it s refreshing to see diverse books appearing in the fantasy genre in recent years There are other voices out there, and they really are worth listening to The story begins in the middle of a battle, which sets the tone for the martial focus for the book There is so much action and so much struggle for victory across these pages Dragons are the absolute last resort, a weapon that should only be used when there is no other choice because it is such a terribly powerful one The prologue captures this very quickly, and as the book progresses the significance of that first scene is later expanded upon with a great amount of detail which really helped to strengthen the world building And this is a world that is slightly different to
Minor spoilers may follow The inhabitants of Omehi who are known as the Chosen have been warring with the savage hedeni tribes for hundreds of years The hedeni may have superior numbers but the Chosen have the Gifted These are powerful female mages who can source power from the underworld Isihogo The Gifted are a huge asset in battles They can turn a warrior into an Ingonyama which is a giant, amazingly powerful protective being The pinnacle of their powers, and the aspect that the hedeni fear the most is that when Gifted work together they can call a Dragon Guardian to aid them on the battlefield to bloody and devastating effect After an incredible prologue which is set 186 cycles prior, we spend The Rage of Dragons mostly following Tau s third person perspective Castes and birthright are hugely important in this novel and Tau is a higher common He lives in a relatively small town and spends the majority of his days helping his father in his duties or training with the sword His father was an Ihashe warrior and now helps keep the settlement secure and safe Tau wants to follow in his father
As always this review can also be found on my blog The Tattooed Book Geek books start quite slowly, setting the scene, others, they start with a bang The Rage of Dragons is one such book, starting with a bloody sword thrust through the chest cavity, one that explodes out the back in a profusion of action.After fleeing their previous home, the land of Osonte and a catastrophe known as The Cull the Omehi are newly arrived on the shores of Xidda looking for a new home but the current population has other ideas What follows is a violent battle highlighting the powers of the Omehi Gifted and the strength of Winter s ability to write detailed and dynamic battle scenes that populate the whole of The Rage of Dragons right from the get go and many die on both sides The Hedeni also known as the Xiddeen the original inhabitants of Xidda are overwhelming the Omehi, with no wish to flee and as a last gasp, the last roll of the dice, the Omehi summon a guardian dragon The dragon turns the tides of the battle, the Omehi win and in Xidda they have a new home.The book then jumps forward in time to nearly two hundred years later, the Omehi have settled on Xidda bu
I am not sure who recommended The Rage of Dragons to me Whoever it was, THANK YOU The first 20% of the book is a snore fest At times, I was tempted to chuck the book away But then, the Zaknafein moment happened, and the book went full Hulk on me BOOK SMASH PUNY READER The remaining 80% is as action packed as it is possible for the written word to be There is plenty of humour, drama, chara
This book was awesome intense, inventive and action packed from beginning to end It included a ton of things that I like in a story, and then executed that story really, really well Where the blurb mentions Game of Thrones, I d liken it to something like Red Rising, with its protagonist driven by revenge, class system to overcome, and story that moves forward with a kind of forceful, gripping, action oriented pace In fact, I think that fans of Pierce Brown s series as I am would almost certainly find something to love here But The Rage of Dragons is very much its own thing, too The magic system is clearly defined, used inventively, and allows room for some interesting development in the future The world itself is distinctive and well realised, and yet it s clear that this book only scrapes the surface of a larger conflict, too There s definitely plenty of territory for the sequels to expand into.Finally, for those w
This is a book that really surprised me in the end I enjoyed the beginning but felt it got a bit slow with all the training segments in the middle But the end of the book was absolutely brilliant The action just kept going, and everythin
Full review to feature on The Fantasy Hive titular dragons aren t the only things that come raging out of the pages in this African inspired fantasy Rage of Dragons is an explosion of characters, cultures and creativity It blazes a trail to th
If the pitch of Gladiator meets GAME OF THRONES drew you in, you ll probably be very happy with THE RAGE OF DRAGONS Because in addition to those things, it s also as not white as you can possibly be This is a world that I guess would be the fantasy version of Africa, or fantasy inspired version, and the savage people are no less dark than the Chosen people.That said, there were some lulls, the lead character feels like a device to drive the plot, and I wish there were GoT esque

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