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En helt vanlig familjEn Helt Vanlig Familj Epub Author M.T Edvardsson Pembspm.co.uk M.T Edvardsson S A Nearly Normal Family Is A Gripping Legal Thriller That Forces The Reader To Consider How Far Would You Go To Protect The Ones You Love In This Twisted Narrative Of Love And Murder, A Horrific Crime Makes A Seemingly Normal Family Question Everything They Thought They Knew About Their Life And One Another.Eighteen Year Old Stella Sandell Stands Accused Of The Brutal Murder Of A Man Almost Fifteen Years Her Senior She Is An Ordinary Teenager From An Upstanding Local Family What Reason Could She Have To Know A Shady Businessman, Let Alone To Kill Him Stella S Father, A Pastor, And Mother, A Criminal Defense Attorney, Find Their Moral Compasses Tested As They Defend Their Daughter, While Struggling To Understand Why She Is A Suspect Told In An Unusual Three Part Structure, A Nearly Normal Family Asks The Questions How Well Do You Know Your Own Children How Far Would You Go To Protect Them This book just didn t work out for me the way I d hoped I read some fantastic reviews and was anxious to dig into this one, but for some reason it just never clicked with me Stella is seventeen and enjoying as much time as possible with her best friend Amina Their carefree days are growing short as they both begin the journey into adulthood Stella is off to Asia for her trip of a lifetime, while Amina plans to start medical school Everything goes sideways when Stella sneaks back into her parent s home late one night, her clothing covered in blood How far would you go to protect the ones you love Your children Your spouse Your own reputation Told from multiple POV I found this book to be repetitive, to the point I felt I was reading the exact same paragraph word for word, over and over This book is translated to English and perhaps as they say, something got lost in translat
Celadon should be to commercial fiction what Kleenex is to tissue In other words, this imprint should be a brand name I haven t read everything they ve published but what I have read has been outstanding These folks know what they re doing A Nearly Normal Family is not your average legal thriller There is a murder, a trial and we don t know who dun it but the fami
______ What is a lie Just as there are different sorts of truths, there must be different sorts of lies White lies, for example I ve never shied away from those Better a kind lie than a hurtful truth, I ve always thought But of course, this was different This is a complex multi layered domestic drama that kept me chewing my cuticles until the very end Every character in this book is lying.A pastor and fatherA lawyer and motherTheir teen daughter and murder suspectAnd a best friendEach lying to law enforcement, lying to each other and to themselves in an effort to protect someone they love, to preserve a family portrait that had begun to crack well before the current dilemma and to ultimately protect themselves.This story is rife with ethical quandaries that gave me pause on than one occasion to consider what I might do if presented with the same circumstances To loosely quote Shakespeare I would tell lies like truth I d love to find out what happened when all of
Book of the Month choice for June 20193 3.5 STARSI can see why this slow burning legal thriller is garnering loads of hype it s the perfect example of a steady building of suspense that explodes into a tantalizing climax that, for my part anyway, I didn t quite see coming Based on this alone, I would whole heartedly recommend this book to readers searching for a substantial thriller full of meaty characterization and deep introspection into family dynamics and secrets My issues mainly stemmed from the fact that the translation here seems to be a bit choppy and unlike some of the smoother books I ve read in the past, which is clearly personal preference, but may be helpful to the
A murder mystery, some courtroom drama and a family trying to hold it together Set in a Swedish city, a respectable family of three Adam, a pastor, his wife Ulrika who is a defense attorney and their 18 y o daughter, Stella They are about to hit the worst speed bump in their lives Stella is arrested for murder.Absolutely loved the narrative that gave the perspective from all three family members We learn some secrets from their past, how they are dealing with the crime and some actions they took along the way Some they are surel
Whose truth is nothing but the truth M.T Edvardsson presents a heavy domestic drama wrapped around the Sandell family From all indications this is a small, compact little family of Adam, Ulrika, and Stella As the layers are peeled back, there s quite a bit beneath the surface.Edvardsson sets his story down within the town of Lund in Sweden There s a definite pendulum that swings back and forth in regard to their ever changing identities Adam, a pastor in the Church of Sweden, was once an avowed atheist until his pulled up collar was replaced with the collar of a minister Ulrika, a dedicated defense attorney, regrets the time spent pursuing her career at the expense of her home life Stella, intensely complicated, has just turned eighteen and wishes to flee to Asia in a long planned caravan of a trip All the while, the secrets begin to brew.Stella and her best friend, Amina, are inseparable They meet up with what they believe is the typical young man in a typical bar But Chris Olsen is far from typical We find out that he s thirty two years old and has a stalker of a girlfriend Stella carries on with a summer fling with Chris But Chris flinging days will be over soon when he s found dead of stab wounds Stella is immediately arrested and accused of murder But did Stella do it A
I can t get enough of family dramas and this was one of the better ones I have read recently I thought the family dynamics were fascinating and the mystery of whether the daughter was innocent or guilty easily sustained my interest.Stella Sandell is 18 years old and is accused of murdering a man Stella s father is a pastor and her mother is a defense attorney and both are struggling with the realization their daughter could be found guilty of the crime The story is told from the perspectives of the three family members.I absolutely loved how this book opened up as you find out the father is set to testify but even he doesn t know if he will get up on the stand and tell the truth From that moment on I was hooked I liked how the book was broken up into three parts, with each family member getting their say With
3.5 Stars rounded down When you live with Dysfunction, you become Dysfunction Just ask the Sandells They have it down pat When Stella a teenager, is arrested for the murder of a successful businessman, parents Ulrika and Adam are beside themselves Adam is a Pastor whose whole life has been based on honesty His daughter s arrest shakes his belief system to the core Ulrika is an Attorney The law is everything to her and success has always come before all else, even her family As far as the Sandells are concerned, ethics and morals go out the window when freedom is on the line What price would you pay to hold your family together Stella is just Stella or so her best friend Amina describes her Sounds intriguing, right For me, A Nearly Normal Family was a highly intriguing read, which fell just a tiny bit short of all of the hype The believability police were on high alert throughout which had my eyes rolling quite a bit Further, I found the writing to be a bit choppy in the way the story was told That said, I absolutely loved the ending and loved the characters of Stella and Amina I wish Amina had been heavily featured as I think she kinda sorta stole the whole show Though I didn t love every aspect of this novel, I enjoyed the storyline and look forward to seeing what Celadon Books comes out with next This was another fabulous buddy read with Kaceey Thank you t
MT Edvardsson writes a compelling psychological thriller in the dark and disturbing Scandi Noir tradition which gives the reader insights into Swedish law Set in the small Swedish city of Lund, a highly respectable and upstanding local family, Adam, a Church of Sweden pastor, his wife, Ulrika, an ambitious go getting criminal defense lawyer, are horrified and shocked when their strong willed, volatile teenage daughter, Stella, is arrested on suspicion of the brutal murder of a wealthy shady older businessman, Chris Stella, and her best friend, Amina, had met Chris a few weeks previously The narrative is delivered from the perspective of Adam, Ulrika and Stella, where the focus is less on crime, and on a character driven study of dysfunctional family dynamics of a nearly normal family.In a complex and multilayered story, we find out about Adam, Ulrika and Stella, how Adam s expectations of Stella and Ulrika s intense focus on her career has resulted in a poor relationship with their daughter We learn of Stel
3.45 so it cannot rounded up 4 , stays as 3 I m merciless grader, if I would be a real teacher, my students could detest my guts psychological, legal, who is innocent, whodunit, why all the characters are so irritating stars Firstly I wanna confess that I adore Swedish and Scandinavia thrillers so much I think it s all about the geography, the hard conditions of the weather create harsher, tougher, quick thinker, merciless people who are so good to open the gates of dark side So they call it Nordic noir and there are so much amazing examples of brilliantly written Swedish thriller books I m not only talking about most famous Millennium series such as Echoes from the dead , Let me in , The Engelsfors Trilogy , Kurt Wallender series So as soon as I heard about this book and read the blurb, I was so excited to dive in without thinking of it any second Result Not so good but not so bad either.I think as like the name of famous Sophia Coppola movie, we got LOST IN TRANSLATION Of course it s not google translation which results with your big laughs as soon as you read words But I think so

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