The Astral Traveler's Daughter

The Astral Traveler's Daughter[PDF / Epub] ✅ The Astral Traveler's Daughter Author K.C. Archer – A Simon Schuster audiobook Simon Schuster has a great book for every listener A Simon Schuster audiobook Simon Schuster has a great book for every listener. This is one of the grossest misuses of a book reviewer's uote I've seen in a long timeWhat the jacket says The next book in the series that Kirkus Reviews called 'Harry Potter with a cast of millennials'What Kirkus Reviews actually said Archer attempts to mix an origin story that will feel familiar to fans of X Men or Harry Potter with a cast of millennials but the novel reads like it's written about teens for teens This feels and reads like a typical middle or second book to a series Nothing really happens; except that our lead gal learns about her magical powers and time trudges on ClicheI'm not necessarily opposed to cliche moments or writing; after all that is how we got genres That said there is only so much that I can take and in the introduction to Astral Traveler's Daughter there is an overdose of cliche comments that KC Archer has written in Luckily it gets better Again there's nothing special about this series; but it's a decent read It's neither the best nor the worst Astral TravelIt always amuses me and slightly frustrates me when a leading character is given HUGE amounts of warning about something in this case astral travel and then immediately goes and does it Archer has made this silly moment even worse by having the person who is helping our gal get into the astral realm give the speech of warning and then say to her ready? Um why would she say yes now? It's ridiculous and bugs me At least make the person who gives the warning NOT the same person that leads her into temptation if you will Defense of FriendsThere is one theme that is really well done in Astral Traveler's Daughter and that is the immediate instinct we all have to defend both our friends and family It's as though none of us want to believe that we could be friends or related to someone that is 'evil' or just does awful things I liked the treatment Archer used to show the disbelief even in light of a mountain of evidence that strikes our leading lady While it of course doesn't necessarily add up as expected because what book with a mystery does; it also doesn't turn entirely innocent either It's a good reminder that we must all step back sometimes and consider the facts and evidence of a situation regardless of whom is the accused instead of acting on instinct This goes both ways of course It's an excellent reminder not be too hasty to condemn Professor Snape anyone?; but also think before defending too fervently OverallI didn't expect much from this second book and so my expectations were or less met I hope that the third book is stronger and can bring in some better plot points While astral travel is interesting and all it makes many things much too convenient in the end And I hate convenient only happened because of magic endings I also did have the ending pegged somewhat early on around page 150 of 300; but again wasn't really expecting to be surprised and so the fact that I wasn't isn't a let down so much as a nod at Archer providing us with a solidly written cliche fantasy story Please note I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley This is an honest and unbiased review Teddy Cannon is now an astral traveler Out of all the psychics and their psychic powers I think this one is definitely the coolest although being able to communicate with animals is still up there for meIn this installment Teddy discovers about her mother and her past That guy she helped bust out of prison in Book OneYateswell he says he's going to help her find answers Teddy doesn't know if she can trust him because she does not completely understand what he wants from her Teddy and her friends are still trying to figure out who the bad guys are More than anything they are still trying to figure out what their uestions should be And she thought she was just enrolling in a law enforcement school for psychics Little did she know there's a sinister plot to all of this that involves a terrorist group and her biological motherThis book is jam packed with game changers The fact that Teddy can change timelines means that you will not be able to predict this story's ending From the beginning Teddy and her friends set out to get answers that may lead to finding their friend Molly Only to discover they are just movable pieces on a chess board never knowing who is playing this game or who they are playing againstA great high impact read The ending will leave you very surprisedI highly recommend the audiobook for both books The narrator is excellent Teddy Cannon is entering her second year at the Whitfield Institute a school for psychics The school is training Teddy and the other students to prepare them for government service In addition to her studies Teddy is determined to find her missing friend Molly uinn and learn about her birth parentsThis is the second book in the School for Psychics series Some background information is given at the beginning of the book as a refresher for returning readers and an introduction for new readers To get to know Teddy better readers may want to begin with the first book Teddy still does things her own way and isn't afraid to take chances for those she cares about I like that Teddy has matured since the first book but the overall plot wasn't as interesting to me as the prior book Things went round in circles a bit with Teddy trying to figure out the space time continuum that made me think of Back to the Future The last couple of chapters were exciting but then the book ends with things completely up in the air I assume things will pick up and hopefully be resolved in the next bookI would give the book 35 stars Readers who enjoy The Naturals series by Jennifer Lynn Barnes will want to give the School for Psychics a tryI received this book from NetGalley through the courtesy of Simon and Schuster The book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review Many thanks to NetGalley Simon Schuster and KC Archer for an ARC in exchange for an honest review All opinions are 100% my own and independent of receiving an advance copyThis seuel picks up right where the first book left off Teddy and her friends are beginning their second year at the Whitfield Institute for psychics This year they are learning how to use their uniue abilities to intuit events from an inanimate object Teddy was secretly given her mother’s necklace from Yates whom she doesn’t trust In Teddy’s private lessons Clint has been teaching her to astral plane which allows her to leave her body and observe things that have happened in the past Teddy is still plagued by not knowing whether or not her mother set off a bomb in New York City many years ago She just can’t believe that her mother was a willing participant in the vigilante group the Patriot Corps Her best friend Jillian has fallen in love with a cargo shorts wearing boy who Teddy can’t stand Jillian has been taking all kinds of risks for her new boyfriend and his animal rights activism Things have been heating up between Teddy and Pyro and not just because he controls fire She has been put on special assignment to protect Miles Whitfield the grandson of Hollis Whitfield While astral planing she discovers that Whitfield has been developing a drug to control psychics Is the school just a front? Who from the school is involved? What move will the Patriot Corps try next? How is this related to her mother and Sector 3? Teddy is hiding way too many secrets from everyone and if she isn’t careful she will be putting everything on the line to get the answers she needsFirst off I think that if you haven’t read the first one in this series you might have a hard time with this one I read the first one a while ago and even I had a hard time getting into it because I couldn’t remember all the details from the first book There are a number of different stories going on this time around but Archer does a great job of connecting them all together I never felt lost or overwhelmed Nick is out of the picture and there is a small romance with Pyro but I thought that could have been done with that storyline Okay I need the romance It keeps things spicy The friend group is really fractured this time so I didn’t feel the camaraderie the same way as in the first book That detracted a bit for me I really like all the psychic stuff and what they were learning in school Less time could have been spent on their summer and focus on the school would have made it interesting for me I wasn’t ready to give that part up just yet I really liked the addition of the new character Miles and that storyline I’m not sure how much character development happened in this book compared to the first I loved the first book I really liked the second book Looking forward to seeing what happens in the next one in the series I liked this book a lot than School for Physics which was just okay and have to admit I almost didn't get this book I'm so glad I did and I'm really looking forward to book 3 The main character Teddy has an attitude can be abrupt and selfish at times but that's what makes her who she is and what's gotten her into trouble her whole life She has serious trust issues and integrating with others without those issues has been a challenge at times for her It is interesting and can be irritating as she tries to figure about the out her 'illness' that she's had all her life I also like that she a smart ass Another reviewer said this was YA I'm not completely sure what the parameters are for that category The book has some swear words and a couple of implied sex scenes nothing offensive IMO This is a fun fast read that is perfect for a weekend or vacation Before I started this book I had heard it was being compared to Harry Potter Yes there is what feels like magic but is instead students learning how to use all their different psychic powers This felt like real life X Men than Harry PotterStudents are discovering uses for their powers and finding out how they could grow them to assist in the future when they worked for the FBI Secret Service or Police ForceThere is a lot in this beyond the whole “school for psychics” thing We follow a girl who has a lot of problems but is also uite capable of overcoming what others think isn’t possible for her A missing girl from a previous book sort of plays into the storyline but I think this is about how Teddy finds ways to work together with her friends as she expands her astral traveling and other powers finds her mom and realizes she can travel back in time and change thingsThis would work great as a movie with special effects I can totally see it on the big screen Not just for teens Anyone can enjoy thisI received this as an ARC Advanced Reader Copy in return for an honest review I thank NetGalley the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title The Astral Travelers Daughter is the second book in a series and I should have read the first book I was lost through some of the story because I didn't know the background Aside from that the story was interesting Teddy is a sopho at Whitfield academy where she is learning how to control her psychic powers This training will be used for law enforcement later which I thought was odd Teddy has a missing mother and friend whom she is searching for Her mother was possibly involved in crime in the past and this might be affecting Teddy's life now She is a likeable albeit flawed character The story moves at a good pace and is well written The ending leaves room for I recommend this book but read the first book in the series Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review Oh please tell me there is a book 3?? Fun and fast readReally enjoyed both books Read them so uick I'm bummed they are finished I hope the next comes out soon

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