The Friends We Keep

The Friends We Keep Ebook The Friends We Keep Author Jane Green The Friends We Keep Is The Heartwarming And Unforgettable New Novel From Jane Green, New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Sunshine Sisters And The Beach House Evvie, Maggie, And Topher Have Known One Another Since College Their Friendship Was Something They Swore Would Last Forever Now Years Have Passed, The Friends Have Drifted Apart, And They Never Found The Lives They Wanted The Lives They Dreamed Of When They Were Young And Everything Seemed Possible.Evvie Starved Herself To Become A Supermodel But Derailed Her Career By Sleeping With A Married Man.Maggie Married Ben, The Boy She Fell In Love With In College, Never Imagining The Heartbreak His Drinking Would Cause.Topher Became A Successful Actor, But The Shame Of A Childhood Secret Shut Him Off From Real Intimacy.By Their Thirtieth Reunion, These Old Friends Have Lost Touch With One Another And With The People They Dreamed Of Becoming Together Again, They Have A Second Chance At Happiness Until A Dark Secret Is Revealed That Changes Everything The Friends We Keep Is About How Despite Disappointments We Ve Had Or Mistakes We Ve Made, It S Never Too Late To Find A Place To Call Home. Secrets, inner demons, and the masks that slip on with every false smile we wear Jane Green uses 3 reunited friendships to teach us that to be flawed is to be human and we are all worthy of acceptance and forgiveness, most importantly from our own self I absolutely
My reviews can also be seen at was my first read from Jane Green, but it DEFINITELY won t be my last.The year is 1986 and Evvie Williams has just arrived at university She sees the other students getting settled in with help from their parents Evvie is alone as her mother had to work, but she knows her mother is proud of her Evvie is feeling good She s happy she lost weight before school started She is most comfortable when she is skinny Evvie It s not long before Evvie meets Maggie They hit it off immediately Neither of them has much in common with their current roommates Maggie takes control and has it switched so they can room together We re going to be best friends, aren t we said Maggie I can feel it They become fast friends who tell each other everything Well, almost everything Soon they meet a handsome young aspiring actor named Topher The three become inseparable and vow to always have each other s backs.Evvie gets a job bartending at a local Pub That is where the group first meets Ben or Evil Ben
Really enjoyed this story of how friendships can change over time And I loved that rather than featuring 3 women, it was 2 women and a man who were best friends Made the story a little unique I believe this is the 7th book I have read by the author and I think this is one of her better ones.Evvie, Maggie, and Topher were as thick as thieves during their university days, but over the years they drifted apart Now in their fifties, their lives aren t quite what they envisioned them to be back when they were young adults Life threw each person some curveballs and not all of their dreams came true However, they might have a second chance at happiness, but it might require not just being honest with each other, but also themselves.The story bounces back and forth between the three friends and takes place during their university years all the way into the present time when they are middle aged I thought Topher got the short end of the stick in terms of being as represented in the story as the two women although his presence was felt much in the second half He felt like a supporting character than a main character but I did like what the author did in terms of his storyline This story was a good example of how regrets and secrets can hold you back in life I loved how rather than just kind
F r i e n d s h i p F o r g i v e n e s s L i f e Jane Green has crafted an engaging story full of friendship, forgiveness, and finding out who you really are Evie, Maggie, and Topher met at University where they forged a strong friendship that they swore would never end A friendship built on love, respect, and trust After university they all go their separate ways Evvie does something to betray Maggie s trust, rather than telling Maggie she pulls herself even further away from the friendship Evvie moves to New York where she becomes a supermodel, Maggie works at a PR company, and Topher becomes a soapstar Years later they all reunite at Maggie s wedding to an old crush The reunion is short as they all have their lives to live and then Evvie does something that might end this friendship forever Fast forward and the three of them are in their 40s and they are all at a point in their lives where it makes the most sense for them to all live together But as the three begin to get closer again, secrets begin to come out Secret that may not be forgivable I love stories about friendships and that this was a friendship between two women and a man was a bit of a different twist that I found refreshing I really liked all three of these characters even though they weren t ter
Friendship, forgiveness, and finding your way in life The Friends We Keep follows three best friends across several decades, as they drift apart and come back together The power of true friendships is that they can survive anything, even when they lose their way This book made its way into my heart, and I won t soon forget.The way Jane Green writes makes you feel like the characters are your friends and loved ones My heart broke with theirs when they lost their way My heart swelled when their friendships lasted through all of the ups and downs What a credit to the way Green writes she makes readers feel that this story is special for them.And the things the characters go through I ll say that I think most of us will have experienced at least one theme themselves I did this as a buddy read with Berit and we discussed how we connected personally with these characters How would we react in their spot It was such a great friendship building moment for Berit and I, and I think this is perfect to read with a book buddy or book club The story spans decades, and that is also one of the th
I think it s kismet this book about lifelong friendship publishes on my best friend s of almost twenty eight years birthday Jane Green is another of my go tos for summer reads, and wow, I m loving this summery cover, as well as what s inside Evvie, Topher, and Maggie have been best friends since college Just as those friendships tend to go, they made a solemn vow to be friends forever Over time, they have drifted apart, and none of the friends are in the place they thought they d be when they were young dreamers Topher is an actor, but he has kept a secret since childhood that has weighed heavily on him Maggie and Ben got married, and there s something heavy coming between them Evvie becomes a supermodel, but she ruins her career with an impulsive act After thirty years, the friends reunite As they reminisce, it feels like another chance at happiness, but there s a storm cloud lurking with secrets hidden inside To me, the biggest message from The Friends We Keep is a beautiful one it s never too late to reconnect with an old friend, or to mend a relationship that s been broken It s also a story of how we evolve over time with all those tiny choices we make along the way, and how those evolutions may make us forget our dreams or even who we thought we were The Friends We Keep is another Jane Green book that s full of heart The messages resonate, and I loved the journey these complex friends meandered on I treasured the
When Maggie, Evvie, and Topher meet and live together in college, they can t imagine not having each other as best friends, and staying in touch for the rest of their lives After graduating, Maggie and Topher leave for their new careers while Evvie gets stuck in town for an extra week During that week she does something that could break the trust and friendship of her friends, especially Maggie, if Maggie were to ever find out Over the next ten years, Evvie is busy with her modeling career, Topher is busy starring in a hit soap opera, and Maggie is busy with her PR career Maggie tries to keep in touch with a reluctant Evvie Then something happens where Evvie crosses an even radical line in her relationship with Maggie and they grow farther apart over the years About the time that the trio turns fifty, all of their lives are at a place where living together seems like
Engaging, insightful, heartwarming This is my first experience with this author and I must say that I am really surprised that I haven t picked up one of her books before as these are the types of stories that I love to read in between those dark, twisted, and thrilling suspenseful thrillers I will definitely be adding this author to my ever growing TBR shelf in the future.THE FRIENDS WE KEEP by JANE GREEN is an entertaining, moving, and unforgettable read that s a quick, light and easy summer reading story that is definitely worthy enough to read leisurely at the beach Although it s a story with some substance that definitely made me hyper aware of my own personal friendships and life experiences as well as some of those unhappy memories This book felt so genuine to read and some aspects to the character s individual storylines totally resonated with me The book centers around the friendship between Evvie, Maggie, and Topher that begins when they were roommates at University and then fast forward to thirty years later when these three friends reconnect In between, we get some insight into how each of these characters lived their lives and
This story spans over 30 years with three friends who met in college Their bond was immediate and when they graduated, they had idealistic ideas of the big plans that had for themselves But, through the years, the idealism waned as realism crept in to diminish their dreams Evvie became a famous model but starved herself to maintain her weight She was drawn to men who would treat her badly and the image she projected on the outside was contrary to the insecurities that she fueled on the inside.Maggie was a nurturer who loved her friends and also Ben who she pined over during college and felt as if the universe had blessed her when they meet again years later and marry She feels she is living her dream life, but Ben has secrets that are destroying that dream.Topher pursues his love of acting and has success, but he wants to fall in love and be able to share that success He is hesitant to have a normal relationship because of an event that occured when he was a young boy He is navigating through life with this secret but it is hindering his ability to fall in love and be loved.The friends manage to stay connected even with their busy lives, but Evvie
3.5 starsFriendships that lasts forever, the years that separate them, second chances and the secret that keeps them apart The Friends We Keep is my first book by Jane Green and I am really glad I got the opportunity to read this story The Friends We Keep is an easy entertaining, engaging story that explores friendship over time It s a bit of a love story between friends as we follow them as they search for what they want from life We see them through love, grief and forgiveness from University friends and then later into adulthood Jane Green does a great job smoothly switching POVs of the characters while showing us their secrets, the darkness that haunts them, their pain and exploring their personal conflicts that sets them down their own paths She touches lightly on some serious themes here, however giving them some substance and never making light of them I was a bit conflicted with the way it came together in the end and this left me thinking and talking about how I felt ab

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