The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler➻ The Overdue Life of Amy Byler Download ➼ Author Kelly Harms – Overworked and underappreciated single mom Amy Byler needs a break So when the guilt ridden husband who abandoned her shows up and offers to take care of their kids for the summer she accepts his offe Overworked and underappreciated single mom Life of PDF ´ Amy Byler needs a break So when the guilt ridden husband who abandoned her shows up and offers to take care of their kids for the summer she accepts his offer and escapes rural Pennsylvania for New York CityUsually grounded and mild mannered Amy finally lets her hair down in the city that never sleeps She discovers a life filled with culture sophistication and—with a little encouragement The Overdue Kindle - from her friends—a few blind dates When one man in particular makes uick work of Amy’s heart she risks losing herself completely in the unexpected escape and as the summer comes to an end Amy realizes too late that she must make an impossible decision stay in this exciting new chapter of her life or return to the life she left behindBut before she can choose a crisis forces the two worlds together Overdue Life of Kindle Ö and Amy must stare down a future where she could lose both sides of herself and every dream she’s ever nurtured in the beat of a heart. Smart savvy writing turns a predictable plot into a humorous and heartwarming read about a single mother’s journey to self awareness Amy Byler is a single mom who does what it takes to provide for her children in doing so she has lost herself as she only sees herself as a mother to Cori and Joe Three years ago her husband walked out on her and their two teenage children When he suddenly returns he attempts to make amends by having their kids stay with him for a week over the summer WIth no one to take care of Amy finds herself attending a librarian conference in NYC While in the city she reunites with an old friend who convinces her to take a momspringa a play on the Amish Rumspringa Away from her children and ex husband Amy slowly learns to come to terms with her failed marriage and being a mother At the same time she opens her mind to a new kind of life and new love Amy’s character is likable and relatable but her uick wit is what I loved best about her she has a way with words Kelly Harms’ witty writing style makes The Overdue Life of Amy Byler a standout Amy’s snappy banter coupled with witty side characters gives this book a Gilesue uality In addition there are tons of literary references that will be sure to make any book nerd smile with glee This is a light and charming read elevated by Harms' sharp witty writing #momspringaI received an ARC of this book from NetGalley and Lake Union Publishing in exchange for an honest review 25 stars rounded upWhen will I ever learn? I keep thinking I’ll enjoy a romantic comedy I WANT to like romantic comedies But in truth I tend to find most of them too simplistic for my taste They usually start ok and then get dorky This one tried to be than just a rom com with some single parent angst and a family crisis towards the end But it just didn’t work for me A little too simplistic and saccharine sweet The book is told from two viewpoints Amy’s narrative and her daughter’s journal entries Amy a single parent finally gets a week to herself when her missing husband returns home after three years away and offers to watch the teenage kids I’m not sure who irritated me Amy or her daughter Neither came across as real I am clearly in the minority here Lots of other readers have given this high ratings So consider this the raving of an old grump that can’t appreciate a rom com Kudos though to the narrator who did a good job differentiating the voices I have been reading some heavy novels recently and thought it was time for something a little less oppressive This one fit the bill perfectlyAmy Byler is a school librarian and single mom with two kids ages 12 and 15 Her husband up and left them for nebulous reasons three years previously It has been a struggle to make things work but Amy has indeed made a good life for her family even though she is worn down from her efforts Suddenly Amy’s husband reappears and wants three months of re bonding time with the kids which eventually results in Amy getting a “momspringa” vacation in New York CityThis book is engaging funny and thought provoking Amy finally has time to actually think about finding her true self and to try to determine in what direction she wants her life to go Things are complex and Amy has much to sort through What exactly does her husband want? How will the kids react to him? Does she still love him or is she ready to move on to someone else? Her whole recent adult life has revolved around being a wonderful mother to her kids But at what cost to herself? Is it possible to find a way to take better care of Amy? The cast includes a couple of great longtime friends of Amy’s a magazine editor and an ex nun whom I loved who dole out advice and a couple of interesting male companions Amy connects with during her journey in New York Amy has a ton of decision trees in this novel and it was fun to think about what I would do in her position Humor is present throughout; I smiled a lot and laughed out loud several times I also liked the fact that two of the main characters are librarians and we get some good librarian book talk in this story Extra credit goes to Ms Harms for her dialogue which simply sparkles Amy is so easy to cheer for and I kept hoping for a way for everything to fall into place for her and her family I looked forward to grabbing the book every time I had a few minutes to read; I felt invested in the characters and was engrossed in their storyI recommend The Overdue Life of Amy Byler to anyone looking for a uick easy and fun read featuring a very likeable main character on a thoughtful journey Thank you Net Galley Lake Union Publishing and Kelly Harms for the gift of an advanced review copy Thanks also to Sonja Yoerg for kindly bringing this book to my attention Opinions are mine alone and are not biased in any way I'm between 35 and 4 stars so I'll round upI have suffered plenty I am a poster child for low grade chronic suffering If an ad agency wanted to make suffering into a thirty second spot they would make a time lapse video of me in my three colors of elastic waistband teacher pants shoveling eight inches of snow at five am so my kids can get to their early bird activities on time then teaching 250 overprivileged kids how to not use computers for porn for ten hours and then collapsing in front of Outlander too tired to even find much less turn on my vibrator at the end of the dayFor the last three years Amy Byler has been the sole provider for her two children 15 year old Cori and 12 year old Joe She's barely keeping her head above water financially working as a school librarian in order to keep her kids in private school tending to the myriad repair needs of their beautiful yet historic read old Pennsylvania house and doing all of the disciplining the chauffeuring and everything else That's been the drill since her husband left for a business trip in Hong Kong and decided not to come backBut now John is back He's realized he has been a terrible father and he wants to be a part of his children's lives again He asks Amy to give him a week with the kids so he can begin seeking their forgiveness Much to Amy's chagrin he accepts all of her criticisms and angry insults and keeps apologizing but he doesn't seem too interested in her forgiveness Reluctantly she takes him up on his offer and heads to New York for a week to attend a library conferenceWhen Amy arrives in New York the scene of some crazy college days she's looking forward to a week of professional development sleeping in and reading a ton of books Instead she starts to let her hair down a little bit and even meets a handsome librarian along the way But she still can't stop worrying about her husband spending time with the kids whether he's going to make some colossal mistake or—worse—whether her kids will even miss herHer old college friend now the editor of a lifestyle magazine convincesorders Amy to get a total makeover and sets her on a course for a real vacation from parenting a #momspringa if you will When her husband asks to spend the summer with the kids Amy's newfound freedom turns into a real adventure followed by the magazine's readers She takes advantage of all the city has to offer and starts finding herself again even going on a few blind dates But when one man threatens to steal her heart she has to decide whether this new Amy will still exist when she returns home and what it means for everything—and everyone—if she doesn't The Overdue Life of Amy Byler was utterly charming laugh out loud funny in parts and an enjoyably thought provoking read Not being a woman or a parent I may have missed some of the nuances of the story but I think the book did a great job exploring the challenges women face as mothers when they sacrifice everything else for their children and supporting their family But when they do that do they put their relationship with their spouse at risk too or is that something they shouldn't worry about?I enjoyed many of the characters in this book from Amy to her former nun now teacher best friend Lena hot librarian Daniel to self absorbed magazine diva Talia Sure the plot is a bit predictable and I felt like it dragged a bit in the middle but I was looking for a lighter read and this book definitely delivered This definitely fits the bill when you've been reading a lot of brooding thrillers or books heavy on emotion—while there is still poignancy here Kelly Harms keeps the tone light as she explores serious issuesAre you in need of a #momspringa? Wish you could have had one? The Overdue Life of Amy Byler will give you the lowdown and entertain you to bootLake Union Publishing and First Reads provided me an advance copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making it availableThe book will be published May 1 2019 See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at I have been slogging through a really difficult and not particularly rewarding book So I thought this would be a light amusing read a nice break from the other book Whew I went from the arcane to the inane She lost me at Flexthology the main character's terribly named program to get kids to read which we are supposed to believe just wowed a room full of educators and librarians including of course the one in a million hot librarian who presumably falls for her on the basis of flexthology To sum up the programgive kids a choice of what to read Wellduh If flexthology wasn't bad enoughI cringed every time I read momspringaliterally cringed Yes yesI've been a busy mom myself We all need a break But we don't get a magical Cinderella fairy tale of going away for the summer and by chance getting all our expenses paid The plot was ridiculous Here was my biggest issueher ex seems to have some money He abandoned her and her kids for 3 years Despite the horrific psychologic damage you could reasonably assume would happen to all of them there was also significant financial damage except he didn't seem to totally abandon them You come to realize there was SOME contact And during that contact Amy didn't think to say HEY LOSERI'M STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET HERE SEND SOME CHILD SUPPORT Come on She didn't even ASK for him to live up to his responsibilities And yet when he shows up he seems to be bending over backward to hand out money? And lucky Amy not only does she go to NYC for the summer she accidentally ends up with an apartment an all expenses paid makeover food tabs picked up etc etc AND a hot librarian who is kind understanding funny great in bed and generally all around perfect Except alas he shares custody of his teenage daughter and Amy has two teenagers in PA and how EVER could they make that work Really? Really? These are two college educated grown ass adults madly in love and the only options they can come up with are just be friends or break up at the end of the summer? Because ya knowNY to PAjust insurmountable It just didn't make sense and was all so so unrealistic It's enough to send me back to my serious but boring book Amy’s husband John abandoned her three years ago and though it was hard on her she found a way to make life as a single mother work But now John is back and wants to spend time with the kids Reluctantly Amy agrees and decides to go to New York where she ends up having a blast #momspringa is on Though I don’t have children and am probably half of Amy Byler’s age I was pretty entertained by this story and appreciated seeing a dedicated mom take care of her own self for once Everything is realistic but with a touch of fantasy that reminds you that beautiful and exciting things can happen in life if you are open to them Another thing I liked was how the author gave us both worlds that of the attached mother who needs to be in contact with her children every day and that of the carefree mother who is set on having a good time free of motherly duties While in New York Amy goes on dates spends time with an old friend gets a makeover and even has sex Gasp A one night stand or the start of something new?But she does think of her daughter Cori and son Joe constantly Every chapter basically begins with a message from Cori telling her what she is up to and especially what books she is currently reading seeing that Amy a school librarian encourages reading in her family I found those lettersemails very touching and I was always happy to read them Recommended to those who enjoy contemporary romances and family themed stories Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’ I'm in the minority on this one The Overdue Life of Amy Byler is a cute uick predictable read What you expect to happen is exactly what happens It's a character driven novel which is fineI don't need constant action when books are well written Unfortunately the characters seemed very much like characters and not actual people The dialogue reminded me of an 80s sitcom where everyone spews one linerseven the 12 year old The voices of Amy the mother and Cori her 15 year old daughter were virtually indistinguishable And the constant corny jokes eventually became trite and tiresome Neither negative nor positive thoughts about this story aboundwhich sums the book up pretty well for me It's an unmemorable completely average novel 25 starsI received a free advanced copy of this book through 's Kindle First program All opinions are my own Amy Byler is a single mom with her hands full When she’s feeling particularly overwrought her estranged husband returns and offers to care for the kids for the summer Amy accepts and she’s off to NYC Amy has led a uiet life but her alter ego comes out She even goes on a couple blind dates One of the blind dates ends up capturing her heart and when the summer is about to end Amy has to decide between her new life and her old one Amy doesn’t get to make that choice though because both lives collideAmy is the uintessential mom who has put her children and family ahead of herself for years She’s made so many sacrifices she feels like she no longer knows herself It was fun and entertaining to watch her make that discovery on her “momspringa” The characters in the book are uite charming Friends Talia Daniel and Lena really round out the story Amy was always my favorite though She’s endearing and relatable and I was captivated with how her life would turn out I was fully absorbed in Amy’s story and loved all the bookish nods This book is a true refreshing escape I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMy reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom 🅡🅔🅛🅐🅣🅐🅑🅛🅔 🅗🅘🅛🅐🅡🅘🅞🅤🅢 🅕🅐🅝🅣🅐🅑🅤🅛🅞🅤🅢 Kelly harms BRAVO This was such a relatable story told with so much heart and humor I absolutely adored it Amy is the single mother of 15 year old Cory and 12 year old Joe Three years ago Amy’s husband John went out of country for work and never came back Amy picked her self up dusted herself off went back to work and learned how to be a single parent Now John is back wanting to repair his relationship with his Children and offering Amy a summer off from parental responsibility What follows is Amy’s summer of freedom fun self discovery love and a new wardrobe #momspringa Amy was such a real and relatable character As a single mother I saw so much of myself in Amy It is so easy to get caught up in your kids lives and not make enough time for yourself But you also don’t know who you are if you’re not a mom It was so much fun reading about Amy rediscovering herself in New York I loved the makeover all the shopping and all the crazy dates I also loved her support system her Besties Lena and Tallia and Mathew who was kind of a bit of a fairy godfather Also loved the big part that books played in this story Amy was a librarian and she had this really interesting program she presented at a librarian convention I’m sure all bookworms will appreciate the amount of booktalk in this book And there is a hot librarian love interest Another part of the book I really loved was Corey’s journal entries Kelly harms really nailed the 15 year old voice There was just so much fun and goodness in this book This is one of those books that will make you smile make you laugh and leave you feeling good when you have turned that last page The characters are relatable likable and entertaining The storyline is amusing and authentic I think all moms will absolutely love this book BUT I think the book will not only appeal to Mom’s it will appeal to anyone who is ever needed a break from their real life A little re charge Simply put this is an uplifting feel good story with relatable characters and a lot of humor Big thanks to Lake Union for my copy of this book Find all of my reviews at Dear Book Three years ago Amy Byler’s husband of 18 years went on a business trip and never came back leaving Amy with a 12 and 8 year old to raise on her own Now he’s back looking to make amends with the children by taking them for a week over their summer break What’s Amy to do with her newfound freedom? Just kidding She signs up for a librarian conference at Columbia University in NYC But while she’s there she does rediscover she’s than just a mom freshens up her look and even dabbles back in the dating scene After all “This is your momcation”“That’s not a word”“You’re right Ok Your Your momspringa”“My what now?” “Momspringa Like rumspringa? Where the kids go wild before they settle back down to buggies and monochrome dressing? You’re the Amish one; you know what that is”“I’m not Amish I’m from Amish country And this isn’t a momspringa It’s a trip to New York by myself for a few days not an extensive exploration of the outside world that exists far from my insulated isolated existence among my family”“You say tomato ” And while anyone who is currently living with or has formerly lived with a teenaged human probably feels something along these lines on a weekly basis This is fiction and Amy’s daughter Corinne and particularly her journal communications with her mother regarding the summer reading list Amy has assigned her was a delight After careful consideration I have decided NOT to read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time which is probably “Very Important” but definitely not “Very Interesting” And instead I am going to read Five Days in Paris by Danielle Steel which let me tell you is already off to a very exciting start The “Mom Com” has become my jam I find the light and humorous to be the perfect buffer between heavier reads Not to mention these are also perfect selections when your day looks like this Or if you have my budget like this ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Broken rules of not uoting uotes since I suck at being timely and this has already been released uite some time ago again Suck Me Just note that these might not be accurate since I had a reader copy and not the final product