The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

The Bookish Life of Nina HillReading The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill Author Abbi Waxman Abbi Waxman Is Both Irreverent And Thoughtful 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Emily Giffin The Author Of Other People S Houses And The Garden Of Small Beginnings Delivers A Quirky And Charming Novel Chronicling The Life Of Confirmed Introvert Nina Hill As She Does Her Best To Fly Under Everyone S Radar Meet Nina Hill A Young Woman Supremely Confident In Her Ownshell.The Only Child Of A Single Mother, Nina Has Her Life Just As She Wants It A Job In A Bookstore, A Kick Butt Trivia Team, A World Class Planner And A Cat Named Phil If She Sometimes Suspects There Might Be To Life Than Reading, She Just Shrugs And Picks Up A New Book When The Father Nina Never Knew Existed Suddenly Dies, Leaving Behind Innumerable Sisters, Brothers, Nieces, And Nephews, Nina Is Horrified They All Live Close By They Re All Or Mostly All Excited To Meet Her She Ll Have To Speak To Strangers It S A Disaster And As If That Wasn T Enough, Tom, Her Trivia Nemesis, Has Turned Out To Be Cute, Funny, And Deeply Interested In Getting To Know Her Doesn T He Realize What A Terrible Idea That Is Nina Considers Her Options 1 Completely Change Her Name And Appearance Too Drastic, Plus She Likes Her Hair 2 Flee To A Deserted Island Hard Pass, See Coffee 3 Hide In A Corner Of Her Apartment And Rock Back And Forth Already Doing It It S Time For Nina To Come Out Of Her Comfortable Shell, But She Isn T Convinced Real Life Could Ever Live Up To Fiction It S Going To Take A Brand New Family, A Persistent Suitor, And The Combined Effects Of Ice Cream And Trivia To Make Her Turn Her Own Fresh Page. I mean, I get that the universe whirls in mysterious yada yada, but wouldn t you rather travel the world No, I d rather stay home and read Nina Hill s life is perfect as it is, thank you very much.She has an adorable little apartment, a fabulous job at a local bookstore Knight s , and a grumpy cat Phil Nina looked down and smiledwith the plentiful sarcasm and soothing rows of book spines It was heaven on earth. And on her wild days she plays trivia at a local bar provided it isn t one of the places she s been banned from it happens, okay Tom, her greatest rival, can be a bit of a jerk and Nina takes extreme pleasure in showing him up Her life comfortably circles around books And honestly, she wouldn t have it any other way Are your criticizing Harry Potter Never I m a Ravenclaw But unfortunately, what you want and what you get isn t always the same thing Nina s mother is a world class photographer and as a result, Nina spent most of her childhood curled up with a good book along with her live in nanny.In short, Nina is not overly fond of adventures at least in real life.Now, nearly thirty years old, Nina learns that not only did her mother actually know who Nina s father was but also her father is dead And she s in his will But in order to claim it, she must meether many rel
Abbi Waxman s creation, the book obsessed 29 year old Nina Lee Hill was an absolute joy for me to spend time with, particularly with the mass of literary and cultural references littered throughout this wonderful piece of contemporary fiction with all its comic humour Set in the offbeat district of Larchmont, LA, Nina works at the independent bookstore, Knights, established in the 1940s It s the best fit for Nina, an OCD over planner, so Monica from Friends is obviously her favourite character Nina is smart, sarcastic, socially awkward and anxious for whom spontaneity and the unexpected throws her for a loop Books are at the top of the list in her 5 perfect things, they are medication, sanctuary and the source of all good things, nothing has yet proven her wrong and it s little wonder libraries are her idea of heaven Her mom is a famous photographer and free spirit, she has never known her father, and she was bought up and loved by her nanny, Louise, and Khalil Gibran s The Prophet has the most apt saying that defines her, You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts as she lives her life in her off the wall and exciting fictional universe Amidst her busy, tightly scheduled life of Trivia nights with her team
How could I resist a book about a bookworm Not just a bookworm, but an only child bookworm that finds solace and peace in books, a child whose mother is absent and father is unknown Well, until a lawyer appears informing Nina her father had died and she has half siblings.I love the writing style that Waxman uses Reminiscent of a 19th century novel, complete with witty glimpses of what is to transpire at the start of each chapter There s a dry sense of humor to this book He didn t remind her of herself, but, to be fair, she was a slender 29 year old woman with dark red shirted and freckles, and he had been a rounded old man with white hair and wrinkles, so it wasn t exactly apples to apples More like grapes to raisins And that s a quote from the book I can include One of the funnier ones would p
Five bold, big, underlined, shining, intellectual, quirky, weird, nuts, but so so so much entertaining, perfectly crafted, how can I resist to love it stars How any ordinary human being could resist the charm of Nina Hill s characteristic attributes Not me, this was love at first sight I loved her She is not a regular smart, nerdy, introvert book worn, she s so busy, social with her scheduled book club events, trivia competitions with her straightforward comments, standing up against the unfairness, cheating or any other miscalculation of their earned points, her friends and she are banned from most of the competition places , movie nights at Arc Light theatres mostly her date is greasy popcorn She reads a lot, she drinks wine a lot My God this is definition of me She may suffer from ADD, OCD, anxiety and panic attacks OMG this is still me She has great sense of humor, sensitive observation skills, quite creative imagination I don t want to look like pretentious but it s still me Oh boy Did I know the author from somewhere She has a long distance relationship with her mother since she was a little baby She was left with a nanny and only communication way to her mother were postcards and no relationship with her father because she doesn t know who he is Mother part is close but I love my father Okay, the author is no
4 stars The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is a story I think all bookworms can relate to in some form or another I really enjoyed the story, Nina s character, the family dynamic, and I am 100% obsessed with this amazing cover Nina is in her late 20 s and is a self proclaimed bookworm She has a calendar filled up with things like trivia dates and free time ie reading and works at a book store She s introverted and is happiest when around books When Nina finds out her father, who she never knew, passed away and left her something, shes s shocked She s also shocked when she finds out he comes from a huge family and she has a brother, sisters, nephews, and nieces It was always just Nina and her mom like Nina and her beloved nanny and she doesn t know how to feel about all this Among everything going on in the family, the bookstore she works at is having trouble financially and one of her trivia rivals who she s been interested in for the longest time asks her out There is a lot on Nina s plate and she feels extremely overwhelmed I loved Nina and Tom s relationship and rooted for them I also liked watching Nina inter
Nina works at a bookstore and she has a full schedule of reading, taking care of her cat and work She really is happy doing just those things Nina resisted the impulse to pull out her imaginary blaster and blow the woman s head off, and got a microflash of the bit in Terminator 2 where his silvery head splits in the middle and waves about Liz was always telling her to be warmer to the customers.An introvert and pop culture references.yes, please forwarned that I m breaking the rules and posting some quotes from this one because I do as I please Anyways, as I was rambling about Nina loves her life She evens gets out occasionally to do a team competition of quiz nights That s exciting Plus, there is a cute guy there.Then Nina gets a visit at work and finds out that she does in fact have a dad Her mom had always said she didn t He is dead but still.Nina had grown up thinking she had just her nanny and her absentee mothernow she finds out she has lots and lots of relatives.Nina had a lot of sympathy for Bruce Banner, particularly the version played by Mark Ruffalo, and at least she had Xanax He only had Thor So now she must wade into the whole having a family thing Being surrounded by books was the closest she d ever gotten to feeling like the member of a gang The books had her back, and the nonfiction, at least, was ready to fight if necessary.This book is just pure fun I LOVED Nina I
Delightful, amusing, full of heart THE BOOKISH LIFE OF NINA HILL by ABBI WAXMAN is an engaging, fun, charming, and lighthearted tale that totally captures the beauty and life of a bookworm perfectly I was immediately taken with this story and found myself totally mesmerized and in awe of how relatable, thoughtful and fantastic this story was I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this book.ABBI WAXMAN delivers an interesting, witty, endearing, and beautifully written read here with lovable and quirky characters and a setting that totally captivated and intrigued me I think reading a book about a bookworm is probably one of the most satisfying, pleasurable, gratifying and validating experiences out there and so relatable to all of us book lovers I was totally taken and fascinated with Nina Hill s character and she fully captured my heart There were so many times I felt a strong kinship to Nina and nodding in agreement to pretty much every aspect of her character and to plenty of scenarios in this book I loved reading Nina s day planner pages and how they were used as chapter breaks wh
The part of the review in which we meet Nina Lee Hill and discuss her personalityNina Hill s life is perfect She has a job in an old bookstore in the middle of a quaint part of Los Angeles lives in a lovely apartment with a slightly judgemental cat Philip her wonderful friends with freakishly good memories help her rock the competitive trivia quiz world her wonderfully direct photographer mother is on a working assignment somewhere in China thousands and thousands of books with their marvellous fictional world are waiting to be discovered and read Nina is quiet, reserved, observant after all, human interactions can be fascinating, it s just not something she finds easy to engage in Take mystery buffs, they are so different from other types of readers eternally optimistic, they believe in the triumph of good over evil and in their own form of happy ever after.You might describe Nina as an introvert In her own words, being alone helps her replenish energy she loses interacting with others and little islands of silence help her navigate the long distance swim of life Another thing that Nina enjoys is planning, setting goals, organising How else would she be able to fit in all her Book Clubs Book Bitches for Contemporary fiction, Sneaky Spinsters for golden age mysteries, District Zero for YA, and Electric Sheep Grazing Club you guessed it for Sci Fi There
Find all of my reviews at HAPPY PUB DAY TO THIS LITTLE BIT OF WONDERFUL Now if my library hold for The Garden of Small Beginnings would magically come up today would be alright After reading Other People s Houses I knew Abbi Waxman was going to be a go to gal for me and I was all over trying to obtain an early copy of her new release But alas the gods at the Galley of the Net declined me quicker than a jackrabbit on a date Lucky for me I have a homey at Berkley okay, full disclosure, I don t think said person is aware that she is considered a homey of mine, but rest assured she definitely is and I got a paperback hook up And since I m nothing but fail I read the publication date as 4 9 19 when I perused the basket of shame which contains ARCs, immediately panicked that I was over a month late to the party and proceeded to read it over the weekend I just now noticed that this doesn t come out until July which kinda sucks because y all need to add it to your TBR, but also is kinda perfect because summer is when you should read things that are light and fun and make you smile and this fit
What a charming book about books I m so happy authors are bringing us these types of reads, and Abbi Waxman has done an exceptional job with Nina s story Nina has it all in her mind a job at bookstore I d love that , a winning trivia team I love trivia , the best planner I ve got multiple planners , and a treasured cat I have three Oh, and did I mention Nina loves to read So much so, it s her only pastime.Nina s father, who she has never met, dies and leaves her with previously unknown relatives out the yin yang, all living near her, and they want to be part of her life, which quickly overwhelms her Nina was perfectly content with her quiet reading life before.Nina s going to have to grow, and we are on the sidelines watching her transformation There may even be love in her near future.The Bookish Life of Nina Hill is a delightful read It s funny, at times relata

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