How to Get Ahead

How to Get Ahead[KINDLE] ❆ How to Get Ahead By Zak Slayback – Turbocharge your professional success and accelerate your career This practical guide cuts the fluff and gives you real tangible actionable steps you can take to build your own world class network Eve Turbocharge your professional success and accelerate your career This practical guide cuts the fluff and gives you real tangible actionable steps you can take to build your own world class network Even if you think the terms personal branding or networking sound sleazy How to Get Ahead teaches you how to earn learn get done and set yourself up for long term career success THIS PROVEN SIX STEP SYSTEM TEACHES YOU HOW TO Stop spinning your wheels and set professional goals that you can actually achieve Identify reach out to and learn from mentors teachers and How to Kindle - advisors to shave years off your learning and avoid painful mistakes Eliminate overwhelm and burnout through a personalized project management systemIdentify and signal your skills and expertise to unleash your own personal brand Discover The Seven Deadly Sins of Networking that kill your chances of building a world class network and how to avoid them Tap into your own personal network and get introductions influential people even if you hate networking Make people want to work with you even if you hate pitching Whether you're an employee a business owner an academic a student or an aspiring digital nomad this book gives you the steps to set up your own system for professional success. This wasn't nearly as helpful as I'd expected after reading all the glowing reviews on Most of the advice in this book is basic common sense I run my own small organic family farm full time with my own website The only part in this book that I found useful to me was about half of the information regarding having a effective website I already understood implemented many of the suggestions There were a handful that I already knew this book just gives me the nudge or I guess I should say additional confirmation that I really need to do these handful of thingsThe very brief mention regarding social media was a first Every single success book I've read always without fail says to get on social media It's death to your business if you don't Zak says that social media doesn't always pay off instead of using social media it uses you Finally someone came out said what I've been thinking for years I have spent way too much of my valuable time being used by social media Not any I wont eliminate it but I am going to be putting my energy in useful methods for my farm based business If you are utterly clueless this is not meant as an insult I promise then this book is likely to be of value to you If you already have a pretty good grasp of how to get ahead you may want to see if your library has it or go to your local book store first so you can get a better idea of whats inside Then if you think it's useful for you personally then by all means get yourself a copyFor me it gets 5 stars for the websitesocial media opinionsuggestions The rest of the book was worthless to me so 1 star for the rest leaving a total of 3 stars I was amazed by this book It exceeded my expectations It's of a Standard Operating Procedure SOP for improving your performance and connecting networking in an appropriate way; whether you're an employee or an entrepreneur It is foundational behavioral science for Professionals In this the Golden Age there are really no barriers to connecting and communicating with people in any industry and in any location Zak lays out a proven template Cooperation and collaboration are reuired to reach peak performance Not only does Zak show you how to do this he provides links to additional material which helps you refine your position in the market If I could have given it than five stars I would have This is a compilation of everything you need to do in order to find focus in your life and effectively pursue whatever goal you set out for yourself The first chapter alone is worth the price of admissionThe book is organized in a systematic way First it starts off by setting out a method for determining what exactly you want out of life Everything else you do is contingent on the goals you define for yourself Take the time to go through the exercises before you move onto the other chaptersIn the next chapter Zak delves into the system for saving years of your learning time by finding the exact types of people you need to learn from advisors teachers and mentors You will find advice on how to approach each of these type of people and get the most out of their guidanceNext he lays out a system for finishing your tasks on time This is not another convoluted productivity system you have to learn to navigate The two main problems he identifies with productivity systems is that people get overwhelmed with the system and they focus on getting everything done which burns them out His solution is a simple system Here’s an overview of the system You identify the tasks that will move you towards your goal make time for those tasks in your schedule ahead of time and block off all distractions while keeping track of new tasks that come your wayThe last three chapters are on signalling your new skills to the world connecting with people and prioritizing the bevy of opportunities that will come your way if you’ve followed the previous advice Zak gives specific advice and exact scripts for reaching out to people and building your network His advice is to focus on providing value to people in order to build your network The most important takeaway is that you should start building your brand immediately and reach out to people who are already in positions you want to be inI feel like there should have been a chapter on personal finance as being financially independence is an essential step in reaching your goals You can read I Will Teach You to be Rich by Ramit Sethi for setting up your own money management systemThis isn’t a book you can read through and be done with You need to do each of the action steps and see what works for you I’m still working through them Worth a read for networking advice A must read for all young ambitious people

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  • Hardcover
  • 272 pages
  • How to Get Ahead
  • Zak Slayback
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9781260441840