Window on the Bay

Window on the Bay PDF Epub Window On The Bay Author Debbie Macomber When A Single Mom Becomes An Empty Nester, She Spreads Her Wings To Rediscover Herself And Her Passions In This Heartwarming Novel From 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Debbie Macomber Jenna Boltz S Life Is At A Crossroads After A Messy Divorce From Her Surgeon Husband Nearly Twenty Years Ago, She Raised Her Two Children On Her Own, Juggling Motherhood With Her Beloved Job As A Seattle Intensive Care Nurse Now That Paul And Allie Have Gone To College And Moved Out, Jenna Can T Help But Wonder What Her Future Holds.Her Best Friend, Maureen, Is Excited For Jenna S Newfound Independence Now Is The Perfect Time To Finally Book The Trip To Paris They Ve Been Dreaming Of Since Their College Days But When It Comes To Life S Other Great Adventure Dating Jenna Still Isn T Sure She S Ready To Let Love In Until An Unexpected Encounter Begins To Change Her Mind.When Jenna S Elderly Mother Breaks Her Hip, Dr Rowan Lancaster Saves The Day Despite His Silent, Stoic Exterior, Rowan Is Immediately Smitten With Jenna And Even Though Jenna Is Hesitant About Becoming Involved With Another Surgeon, She Has To Admit That She S Than A Little Intrigued But When Jenna S Children Approach Her With Shocking News, She Realizes That She Needs To Have Faith In Love And Embrace The Unexpected Before The Life She Has Always Dreamed Of Passes Her By. Good but some love hate parts I really enjoy reading stories about women heading towards their midlife years Kids are in college or married and giving you grandchildren It kind of hits exactly my own life style.This story celebrates the friendship between the two main characters in several ways It s so nice to have a lifelong friend The support is great especially when you are going through difficult times Macomber hits it just right with the close connection and support.But there was a few qualities that Macomber decided to build into these women that I didn t care for Several times they were rude and immature in their ability to speak to men who are interested in them.I don t think those are qualities any of us should be proud of Maybe she chose to put it in to make sure that we don t act l
Maureen and Jenna, single moms and best friends since college, wanted to go to Paris together, but life got in the way Both empty nesters, they consider the possibility of the long delayed trip again, but now there are new romances and challenges with adult children Will they ever take this dream trip Can Maureen and Logan get past their differences and embrace their
free review copy Prolific writer Debbie Macomber has always been my go to for cozy and heartfelt stories of family and chaste romance and I adore her vivid Pacific Northwest settings With the exception of exactly ONE of her books, I have loved everything she s written .WINDOW ON THE BAY tells a tale of two middle aged best friends encountering new loves and ups and downs with their adult children and an aging parent The Sea
Window on the Bay by Debbie MacomberRandom House Ballentine BooksJuly 16, 2019Fiction, beach read, romance336 pagesRating 4 5I received a digital ARC of this book from NetGalley and Ballantine Books in exchange for an unbiased review Jenna and Maureen had been best friends since they met at the University of Washington many years ago They had always planned to take a trip to Paris but it seemed that life events always got in the way Jenna Boltz is a divorced single mother of two children living in Seattle She works as an ICU nurse to support her children, Paul and Allie who are in college Kyle Boltz is her ex husband who is a surgeon but found fidelity to be an issue and made a new life for himself Fortunately, Jenna and her kids still had Jenna s mother, Carol, who was spry 70 ish woman Carol had a good friend Mrs Torres who was checking on her friend to find that she had fallen She immediately called for help and notified Jenna It seems that surgery and a long rehabilitation lie ahead for Carol Maureen Zelinski worked as a librarian and also divorced from Peter which only lasted 5 years They had a da
A heartwarming story of two very strong and independent women Jenna and Maureen have been best friends forever Their dream was to go to Paris together after graduation from college At the last minute, Maureen gets pregnant and has to get married A short lived event Jenna, a nurse, marries Kyle, a surgeon Bad idea After having been a single mom for 20 years, she is now an empty nester Neither of the friends is into dating But the house is awfully quiet now Maybe it s time to re create themselves Plan that trip to Paris now Until each of them stumbles awkwardly into men they wouldn t have looked twice at until they did.Debbie always looks at the bright side of things in her books Yes, there is heartbreak, misunderstandings, and dreams deferred, but in the end, I was crying like a baby Because that is what her books do They make you feel The characters are so very human and make mistakes, but they are goo
Window on the Bay is a captivating, emotional story following the lives of two college friends Jenna Maureen met in college stayed close After divorces, kids careers, they are closer than ever are again planning a trip to Paris Two women who were both hurt in their own ways the courage it took to open themselves up to living again This book is their journey through empty nests, dating, misconceptions, new lives life ever after I laughed I cried I worried I swear I fe
Debbie Macomber is always a skillful and thoughtful storyteller and I always appreciate her character and integrity that pours out into her writing And even though this particular story was not my preferred age group to read about, I genuinely enjoyed reading Jane and Maureen s stories as they walked through the empty n
I received an ARC copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest opinion of it What can I say but I do enjoy a book by Debbie Macomber This rates up there with all of her books Two friends since college, Maureen and Jenna and the journey through their lives with the ups and do
Jenna and Maureen have been best friends since college They have been there for each other through marriages, babies, divorces, you name it Now that Jenna is experiencing empty nest syndrome and Maureen is feeling lonely as well, they both jump back in to the dating pool..and unexpectedly they both find love again The question is, will the vast differences between Maureen and her boyfriend last And will the fact that both Jenna and her man are gun shy from their first marriage keep them from making a lasting relationship I love Debbie Macomber s books They are a light, fun read with characters and situations you can
I look forward to books by this author, and this one sure didn t disappoint.Two young women meet in college and form a bond and lifelong friendship, they also have plans to travel to Paris in spring time, but life s challenges seem to have gotten in the way.Fast forward twenty plus years and our girls are now empty nesters and both have been long divorced They have dated through the years, but have been scared and so far, neither have found the right guy, and they have a traffic light signal for their appraisals of these possible romances.Now with plans to finally go to Paris, we get to see how things work out, and there are possible romances in these woman s lives.I also love that we are given an epilogue, although I wish I could continue in their lives I received

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  • Window on the Bay
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  • 17 November 2017
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