The Terminal

The Terminal[Read] ➮ The Terminal By Jack Carr – Afghanistan Bei einem Hinterhalt durch Taliban Milizen wird fast das komplette Team von Navy SEAL Kommandant James Reece ausgelöscht Geplagt von Schuldgefühlen kehrt er in die Heimat zurück Doch nu Afghanistan Bei einem Hinterhalt durch Taliban Milizen wird fast das komplette Team von Navy SEAL Kommandant James Reece ausgelöscht Geplagt von Schuldgefühlen kehrt er in die Heimat zurück Doch nun muss er erleben wie weitere Menschen aus seinem engsten Umfeld unter mysteriösen Umständen sterben Wie sich herausstellt litten alle Verstorbene an Hirntun Schnell wird klar dass keine feindliche Macht hinter den Anschlägen steckt sondern machtgierige und skrupellose Amerikaner Die Spur der Verschwörung führt bis in die höchsten Regierungskreise Als Reece ebenfalls erkrankt hat er nichts mehr zu verlieren Ihn bleibt nur noch Rache Sorgfältig erstellt er eine Liste mit allen Verantwortlichen und macht sich auf den Weg Nervenkitzel von Anfang bis Ende Für Fans von Vince Flynn Tom Clancy und Stephen Hunter. Having agreed to read this book on the recommendation of a friend I was unsure what to expect from Jack Carr Using elements of his past work experiences in the military Carr creates and develops a wonderful character in James Reece adding a thrilling adventure to propel the reader into the middle of something uite memorable While serving as a Navy SEAL James Reece watches much of his team die in an ambush ordered by a ruthless imam Able to escape Reece’s orders to return stateside cannot come soon enough Before he is shipped back an army doctor notices a tumour in his brain something about which Reece is completely baffled Landing in Southern California Reece puts the idea of the tumour out of his mind wanting to see his family before anything else Arriving home to a ‘break in gone wrong’ leaves his wife and young daughter dead devastating Reece With little left to do he reports to his commanding officer and discovers that he is being blamed for the ambush Meanwhile those in the highest levels of the US Administration have been trying to keep some of their most covert plans under wraps but Reece knows too much and must be eliminated When Reece partners up with a keen investigative journalist they soon discover an experimental medical program being tested on SEALs something that creates a great deal of animosity and is the likely cause of the tumour Add to that the murder of Reece’s family and this SEAL is ready to eliminate all those who have used and abused him Reece creates a payback list vowing to hunt down everyone with a connection to destroying his life Dodging the law and those contracted to hunt him Reece is fuelled by passion and determination using his past training and covert measures to bring some semblance of order to his life A wonderful debut thriller Carr pulls the reader into the middle of this story and does not let up Recommended to those who enjoy military thrillers with a strong protagonist While I have an eclectic taste when it comes to books I thoroughly enjoy novels that are well written and filled with detail Jack Carr uses much of his military background to develop a story that is both believable and full of nuances that allows the reader to feel in the middle of the action Carr admits in the introduction that he has used much of his past to shape both the story and his protagonist James Reece but that he has freely used some literary freedoms as well as the redaction reuirements of the Department of Defence Reece proves to be uite the character who is a mix of military hero and scorned man who has seen much of his life come apart at the seams His training makes Reece a man not to be messed with though when his emotions cloud his mind one can never know what will transpire Reece pushes through all his adversity and focuses much of his attention on retribution which becomes the central tenet of the novel Other characters offer interesting flavours to the narrative both military and civilian individuals Carr utilises these characters well and thickens the plot throughout keeping the reader enthralled The story may not be entirely uniue in its plot but Carr does well in keeping the tale believable and full of intrigue From the military parlance through to the grit of a man wanting justice the novel takes the reader on a mission with only one goal revenge Gritty and emotional in parts Jack Carr delivers a debut novel not soon to be forgotten Kudos Mr Carr for an entertaining opening novel in this series You have a wonderful way with words that is sure to keep the reader hookedLovehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge I typically like these kinds of books Jack Reacher and John Rain are some of my favorite action novel characters but sadly John Reese of The Terminal List is nowhere near as interesting nuanced or even sympathetic as his peersReese's reaction to his wife and child's murder is laughable He barely grieves and no his murder rampage does not count as emotional grief and shortly after he is admiring a reporter's looks and flirting with her Additionally the author's insistence as portraying liberals as evil and corrupt really ruined the story for me If I wanted his political opinions I would subscribe to his blog the reason I read these kinds of books is for escapism not to feel like I'm reading a Trump tweet I'm currently about halfway through and I think I'm going to do something I almost never do give up on a book Not recommended Could have been better Spoiler AlertLt Commander James Reece and his team are in Afghanistan on a top secret mission that uickly turns into an ambush leaving all his men save two dead The Navy insists James is culpable Then it gets progressively worse He lands stateside only to learn that his wife and daughter had been killed in what appears to have been a hit At the same time the other survivor dies in an alleged suicide Someone wants to erase James Someone is messing with the wrong guy Look there’s nothing like a good revenge story to get one through the flu and considering this is Carr’s debut I thought the book was good enough even though it sometimes got bogged down by the cornucopia of gun specifications including historical background sigh which was overwhelming and surplus to reuirement IMO Additionally James' character was preposterously one dimension with emotions that seemed flat and superficial Overall it was engaging enough that I'll probably read the next book in the series DisappointedCouldn't finish this thinly veiled hit piece on the Democratic party and how it infiltrated our armed forces Hmm I guess the infiltration part is somewhat true as there are a lot of Democrats combat veterans The book is inline with comrad KGB Colonel Putin thinking Democrats bad we have nothing to say about Republicans Basically if you are a bone spur deferment Trump cheerleader and enjoy watching Trump News that book is for you otherwise skipGiving 2 stars as the book might have been actually OK if not for political garbage This was a fantastic debut It was an action packed thriller with true authenticity that only comes from a Navy SEAL while the endless descriptions of weaponry were a little than I wanted to read about and why it wasn't a 5 star for me most former military people will appreciate his accuracy in the weapons I loved the main character James Reece He definitely was not a super hero like Dewey Andreas or Scot Harvath He is like Pike Logan or Mitch Rapp I am looking forward to continuing with this series This book is totally for you if you dislike things such as liberals Muslims America's acceptance of foreigners Mexicans gun laws California and any military strategy that doesn't include Kill Em All There's even a very subtle swipe at African Americans implying that the only reason they ever convert to Islam is when they are in prison and are not real Muslims They're criminals but not real MuslimsAlso the women in the book are all very accomplished and aside from the corrupt and presumably liberal Secretary of Defense all have their bodies described in great fawning detail A blonde petite journalist is of course described as exactly what a journalist should look like This book is pretty much trashLook I know there are people out there that this outlook appeals to Unfortunately Audiobook 1204 Hours Narrator Ray Porter15 Stars It was ok rounded down I have reviewed my review and decided all my I didn't likes really make it a 1 Star I did not like it review hence the changeThere are several series in the AssassinationProfessional Killing genre or whatever you wish to call it which I have enjoyed Gregg Hurwitz The Orphan series; Mark Greaney The Gray Man series; Barry Eisler The John Rain series; and several others Neither The Terminal List nor its author Jack Carr deserve to be ranked positively with any of the above mentioned authors or their seriesI didn't enjoy this audiobook As noted in my 'reading progress' I didn't like the somewhat amateurish dimensions of the plot storyline or writing and the narration was very average I didn't like the opening gambit This is a story of revenge or something very similar I didn't like the I was born to kill or other similar statements I didn't like the gratuitously violent methods of killing particularly in the latter part of the book I didn't like the fact that the protagonist was barely challenged by his opposing forces and when he was he prevailed effortlessly Finally the main premise of direct ultra high level government involvement in the development testing and distribution of an alleged anti PTSD drug was preposterous Eually so were the absurd methods used to cover up the drug's effects and the resulting actions taken by the protagonist to avenge the loss of his men Golly so many 4 5 stars And here I am with a 2 And barely so The thinly veiled political leanings went overboard the author making it very clear who was who in the book Give me a break Just a little subtlety would have been nice And the particular form of government conspiracy was simply inane Giving Carr as much grace as I can muster with his first attempt I thought the book was still poorly written and frankly pretty dumb Carr wasis a SEAL himself so I give him high marks for his accuracy on SEAL training and expertise I know a SEAL All combat special operatives have some form of PTSD How could they not James Reece was never portrayed as having PTSD He was just angry as hell and based on the moronic plot he had every reason to be But let’s be very clear here there is no way on God’s green earth a SEAL would give up all he stands for by doing what James Reece did to people revenge driven or not Yes the government did unforgivable things to Reece’s SEAL troop as well as to his family Revenge ravaged Reece But what the government did was also unbelievable despite what anyone’s political favoritism may be Maybe I’m just tired of the same old plot forms of late but this plot was so poorly contrived I was given no opportunity to suspend my disbelief If the author wanted another Mitch Rapp or Jack Reacher he sorely missed the mark Mitch and Jack have their rough and violent edges but you still want to give them the high five The violence of James Reece made him just downright unlikeable and for some ridiculous reason the author truly believes you will forgive Reece’s actions and cheer him on You know because he was a pissed off and righteous SEAL Please Oh and don’t get me started on the book’s ending The Terminal List is a strong first entry into the series where a Navy seal agent does the impossible to avenge the death of his comrades and his family The author Jack Carr is a retired Seal and he really infuses a lot of passion and detail into the narrative I was damn impressed specially as this was Jack Carr's debut novel His writing is fluid he characterizes well and develops a protagonist who's so bad ass that the likes of 'Jason Bourne' or 'Mitch Rapp' come to immediate mindRight of the bat the first chapter goes full throttle as James Reece focuses on a perp with his high power lenses rifle and hits the mark What follows is a series of 'flashbacks' describing a high stakes conspiracy that will take everyone Reece has ever loved The action slowly builds up hence the 4 rating I'll tell you the last 100 pages will leave you with a surge of adrenaline as James Reece goes in full 'SICKO MODE'and kills with a vengance 4 Stars The story relies way too heavily on Fox News stereotyping All “bad guys” are brown Democrat or non Christian All “good guys” are white and ammosexual parading an anti government murderous rampage as justified Christ sanctioned revenge The obvious hate homage to HRC and violent detailed murders belie a writer with significant CPAC fueled rage A bit creepy and way way too predictable to the end Disappointing that the author cannot seem to muster enough courage to challenge his own fears and stereotyping in order to better tell what should have been a good story