Valencia and Valentine

Valencia and Valentine For Readers Of Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine, Debut Author Suzy Krause Delivers A Quirky, Colorful Story About Love, Loss, Second Chances, And What It Means To Truly Live Valencia, A Timid Debt Collector With Crippling OCD, Is Afraid Of Many Things, But The Two That Scare Her Most Are Flying And Turning Thirty Five To Confront Those Fears, Valencia S Therapist Suggests That She Fly Somewhere Anywhere Before Her Upcoming Birthday And As Valencia Begins A Telephone Romance With A Man From New York, She Suddenly Has A Destination In Mind There S Only One Problem He Might Not Actually Exist.Mrs Valentine Is An Eccentric Old Woman Desperate For Company, Be It From Neighbors, Telemarketers, Or Even The Funeral Director When You Re Her Age, You Go To A Lot Of Funerals So She S Thrilled When The New Cleaning Girl Provides A Listening Ear For Her Life S Story A Tale Of Storybook Love And Incredible Adventures Around The World With Her Husband Before His Mysterious And Sudden Disappearance.The Stories Of Valencia And Mrs Valentine May At First Appear To Have Nothing In Common But Then Again, Nothing In Life Is As Straightforward As It Seems. Suzy Krause s debut is a quirky little gem This is the story of Valencia, 35 A lonely debt collector who suffers from OCD And Mrs Valentine, 87 a lonely elderly lady who will talk to anyone telemarketers, funeral organizers, the lady who cleans her house As both of these ladies stories unfold you will wonder what could possibly tie these tales together This is such a character driven story, so full of quirk, charm, and heart This is another book that is compared to Eleanor While I can see how they came to this comparison I d really like to see them stop doing this Seriously books are still being compared to Gone Girl So here is my comparison this book is like Eleanor then it is GG When I finish this book I said out loud to nobody damn that was good This was a book that got better and better as the story progressed I was and invested in Valencia and Mrs Valentine s lives as I turn the pages Valencia had a very busy mind and we got a lot of her inner dialogue throughout this book I really just wanted to reach through the pages give her a hug and tell her it s all gonna be OK Mrs Valentine was so endearing and seem to have lead such a colorful life Or did she That was part of the charm of the story with both
ONE WANNABE STARPUHLEEZE Just because you have a quirky character with OCD issues, you don t have to declare your novel the next Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine This is a wannabe and falls way short of Eleanor That book had such a heartwarming feel to it whereas Valencia and Valentine has a pronounced sad and depressing tone This novel is a structural m
There is a reason I don t read mental illness books I got this as a Kindle First read and both the cover illustration and first 20 pages lured me into thinking this would be a cuter read than it was Instead, I got an unreliable narrator who came off as deeply disturbed, so than I think the writer a
A quirky, charming read Valencia has obsessive compulsive disorder It controls her life She is also a debt collector and frightened of her own shadow She currently has two irrational fears consuming her every thought turning thirty five and flying Her therapist has given her assignments to address the fears First, she needs to fly somewhere before her next birthday At the same time, Valencia is falling for a man from New York she has not yet met, so that may be her destination She is worried he may be catfishing her, though Mrs Valentine is an elderly woman with some quirks of her own She is lonely and will talk the ear off of anyone who will sit with her Or stand with her Her new housekeeper is a good listener, and Mrs Valentine begins to tell her life story That story includes the mysterious disappearance of her husband There s a way thi
Favorite Quotes She s not dying, technically, but she s old enough that if she keeps living, it ll start surprising people She s eighty seven years old but she s a young eighty seven She s like an eighty six.Everyone has ulterior motives When an evil person has ulterior motives, it s called scheming When a good person has ulterior motives, it s called planning Mrs Valentine is planning.When I was your age, Anna, I always said I d do everything later I can t tell you what an odd day that was, when I woke up and realized it was later And now I m living in the part that comes after There s a part after later, where almost everyone else is dead and you re just killing time, and it s odd.This was a drastic leap in logic, but Valencia was very good at this kind of leaping it was her only claim to athleticism.That s how it is when you re in your thirties birthdays aren t important any because everyone has gotten over the initial excitement of your basic existence You re old news Time had never done anything but crawl for Valencia it had never even walked before she had, at points, wondered if it had lain down and died This new speed was exhilarating It
I m speechless I know this story will be predictable for many and I did predict some of the events but after reading this, I m left in awe and I m feeling all of the feels Before I get into this review, I do want to mention that this novel heavily focuses on a character with OCD and in accompaniment the anxiety and depression that often follows with that diagnosis Although I don t personally have OCD and therefore can t attest to the representation, I do have some medical and experiential knowledge and think that the author did an amazing job at portraying a character with OCD and the severe impact it can have on someone It really made me emotional for this character and all of the struggles that she had, especially when you realize a major plot point down the line no spoilers here Also, as the author did an amazing job at capturing OCD, I do want to mention that this novel could unintentionally be triggering It s a catch 22 because I think this novel is very important and could be helpful for those with OCD but at the same time, it could be a trigger Know that before going into this novel.It s hard to review this novel because it s one of those that could be easily spoiled so I will tread carefully I really enjoyed the two different character perspectives that this story was told from Technically, there is three perspectives if Anna s is being counted but she only had a few chapters to herself But all of these perspectives really
I see that a lot of readers were annoyed by Valencia s mental illness in this book As someone with OCD and anxiety, I can say that is pretty much the way the population tends to react to actual people with similar issues Myself, I loved the story Yes, I figured out that Valencia and Valentine were one and the same, but I was left guessing at other things Was Valencia hallucinating Was Mrs Valentine ever really married I loved the ending I l
Valencia is a 35 year old debt collector Mrs Valentine is an 87 year old lonely widow Both are somewhat obsessed with death.Valencia and Mrs Valentine s stories are told with alternating points of view Valencia is stuck in a job she doesn t love, has no friends, and struggles with her crippling fears and OCD She wants to change her life, and starts to make strides in that direction Along the way, she starts a romance with a man she talks with on the phone at work and she becomes friends with a new coworker Mrs Valentine is lonely, and talks to anyone who gives her the chance neighbors, telemarketers, and her new cleaning lady She loves to tell her stories, and is excited the new cleaning lady wants to here about her life.This was my pick for s First Reads in May 2019 I wasn t a big fan of this book I found the plot too convoluted, yet predictable The characters both have fairly sa
I have very mixed feelings about this book I almost put it down a hundred times, but the author had piqued my interest about a few events that made me keep reading to find out what happened But I really did NOT enjoy the book until my kindle told me I was 70% done Then,the book became interesting and I enjoyed the rest of the read But to take 3
What an enjoyable debut From the cover to the name to the description, I was excited to read this book and it didn t disappoint Both Valencia and Mrs Valentine were likable from the start in spite of and actually beca