Mountain Cure Stone Brothers #2

Mountain Cure Stone Brothers #2[BOOKS] ✸ Mountain Cure Stone Brothers #2 By Bethany Jadin – Addie found the cure for her wounded heart in the place she least expected—in the arms of three passionate dominant men As spark fly they discover than just the heat of desire—a connection so deep Addie found the cure Stone Brothers PDF/EPUB Á for her wounded heart in the place she least expected—in the arms of three passionate dominant men As spark fly they discover than just the heat of desire—a connection so deep it shakes them all They've lit a fire none of them expected but Addie's vacation is almost over Will the embers cool and die or will their unconventional romance grow into a lasting inferno The Stone Mountain Cure ePUB ô Brothers is a sizzling reverse harem series featuring a sweet and fiery romance with intense chemistry devilishly handsome men with dirty mouths firm hands and hard unprotected wood enough steam to melt the snow right off the mountains and a heart tugging emotional rollercoaster of a storylineMountain Cure is book two of this reverse harem romance seriesLove without limits whychoose. DamnOK well that was hot hot hot I need to go fall down A ravine and get found by some yummy lumberjacks lol great story but I want I want to know what happens next Hot and sweet and perfectI loved this steamy sweet fast paced RH with the hottest sex scenes ever 5 stars and from me alll day I loved everything about this book and I am hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that the awesome duo will continue to write from this worldseries I feel like I could read another 10 books about Addie Colt Wes Remi and Daisy I am so invested in thier lives and business I want to know what happens for them in the future Bethany Jadin did it again and sucked me into this story and I have had as book hangover ever since ❤️😭😊In this book we get to see the relationship between Addie and the brothers continue to blossom see Addie get to gain a friend and have some girl time see her confront people from her past and really see the Stone Brothers let their walls down and stick up for what they want as well as protecting their girl I loved seeing the tender moments with them especially with Christmas and the surprises each had for one another I like how they could be super sweet and tender one moment then switch to incredibly hot steamy dominating in only a couple seconds I loved all 3 brothers evenly I think Remi as the big bossygrumpy teddy bear might still win out but is a super narrow margin hahaha I think the authors did an amazing job channeling the mountain men perfectly it was totally believable and I am dying to get this in audiobook The guy narrators would melt panties with how amazing some of these linesscenes are haha I definitely couldn’t listen to it at work I will be the first to buy it if we are lucky enough to get it an audio version I mean there is a shower scene and blindfold scene that definitely would definitely reuire a cold shower afterwards 😂😂😂I highly highly recommend this series It wasn’t over the top with cheesy moments was really well written and had great details and nuances thrown in that set it apart from other holiday stories I have read especially in the RH industry I am going to wait this in paperback as well I loved it so much I hope we get to learn about the other Stone sibling and maybe get to see the 4 in the future with their business and relationship booming I mean along with their realistic struggles Amazing job can’t wait for from this author tandem 😍 Addie and the Stone Brothers return to the cabin to be greeted by a police car ruining all of the delicious ideas they had planned It's only a brief deterrent and they are still able to enjoy an evening bonfire with friends an incredible night up in the suite and a fun filled breakfast but it does foreshadow the approaching return to real life As Addie and the brothers spend time together feelings deepen It may be uick but this is no longer a steamy snow in Addie's on vacation What happens next? Can their relationship survive? Do they even want it to? And where the city the mountain? Reality is creeping up on them Conversations are needed emotions must be faced pasts need to be revealed I fell in love with these characters in book one I fell even harder this time around This book is just More sexy scenes That night in the suite is seriously steamy More in depth emotions as they fall in love and acknowledge it but also as they confront their past to be able to embrace their future More friendship Tank and Natalie are a wonderful addition to the cast I know they were mentioned before but we got to know them better Natalie and Addie hitting it off pleased me so much I love a good girlfriend More town This little spot in the mountains seems so real The town the nature the beauty of both are captured nicely More Addie She really found herself in this book as she found love and her forever home I know the title says Duet I hope this is changed to series soon There's so much story here; with Ann the Elliots Jason the business but especially with Addie and the brothers Please It’s so sweetMy teeth hurt Addie and the brothers Stone are back in book two of the ‘Brothers Stone Duet’ You thought you swooned over Wes Remi and Colt in book 1 we’ll prepare to hit the floor folks because this book not only ups the ante in steam but the feels are off the charts Addie is finally introduced to the Stone brothers biggest shame in this book their not so dear old dad A dark childhood and broken home is the source of pain and embarrassment for the the boys but if anyone can get them through it’s Addie But she has her own issues to deal with; what happens when the vacation is over? Are the feelings that she has real and are the reciprocated? As she falls a little for the Stone boys every day she also falls in love with the town and the people The ghosts of Christmas past comes back to haunt all four of them and they’ll need a Miracle for things to work in their favor I loved the mix of playfulness erotic scenes that warning in the beginning is seriously no joke a smudge of mystery and heartbreak and so much love And a dog And cabin on the woods with 3 hot mountain men that adore their girl Amount of sex 4 5How explicit is the sex scenes 4 5Story 45 5Overall 45 5Mountain Cure is the second book in the Stone Brothers Duet by author Bethany Jadin  This is not a standalone romance and it must be read after Mountain Fever the first book in the duet  I have been counting the days for the second book to be released  As soon as I saw it appear on my Kindle I jumped right in and devoured the storyMountain Cure begins where we were left off in the first book  Addie and the brothers were driving up to their cabin and they saw an unexpected guest in their driveway  We then begin to learn a little about the brothers and in my opinion I fell in love with them a little If that’s even possible Addie continues to be a very strong character and I just love her strengthThe story was well written and I read it in one sitting  I just loved the ending and hope to see them in a future book  I’m not uite ready to say goodbye to them yetA definite add to your TBR listVoluntarily Reviewed an Advanced Copy As Addie falls for the boys and each day things from both of their pasts come back to try to ruin everything that they have built together so far After a great day on the mountains a slip of the tongue has Addie somewhat confessing her feelings the boys find themselves scrambling to fix what’s wrong with their pasts and keep Addie in their lives Addie on the other hand has some fixing of her own to do when she finds herself face to face with her cheating ex Jason When the boys decide to show her something from their pasts will it leave the door open for her to leave them? And when the dust settles will the Stone brothers be enough to keep her in the mountains? Or will she run back to the city alone?I really hope there will be to these books so many things can still be explained What happened to their sister to make her leave? Why do the brothers hate the Elliots so much? And what about Tank and Nataliemaybe a spin off? I really enjoyed this continuation of the Stone Brothers duo This book was full of heat love laughter and emotions and I felt every single one of those feelings whilst reading It's the kind of book that you read in one seating as you just can't put it down It's the kind of book that you need to read whilst you're alone so you aren't interrupted and can feel all the emotions also cos there are some scenes that are super hot and had me fanning myself whilst reading I really enjoyed the first book of this duo but loved this second part even as I felt we really got to know all the characters The ending has left me hoping that there may be scope for books in these characters story please author don't stop writing about these characters I loved it and Mountain Cure is a five star read for me I just wish I could find myself stranded in a snowstorm with three hot men like the Stone Brothers FanningMyself So incredibly sweet romantic and sexy as hell This was a fantastic and poignant beautifully written story I love the Stone brothers and Addy is an utterly fantastic and adorable character that is easy to relate to This was the second book in a duet so I’m assuming there won’t be any about these heartwarming characters and I’m unbelievably sad about that I love the bickering sibling rivalry jokes and games that the Bethany Jadin ladies encoded with these characters The incredibly steamy moments definitely didn’t hurt in endearing me to this duet but the beautiful story behind that was what really made this story worth reading I give this one a high recommendation for anyone looking to read a sweet romantic funny sexy emotion evoking contemporary romance Sorry that was a mouthful but this duet has that and so much This book picked up right where book 1 left off This book mainly dealt with Addie and the Stone Brothers evaluating their feelings before Addie's vacation is over and she is forced to go back to her empty apartment The steaminess of this book was as off the charts as book one but there was definitely character building in this book We learn a lot about the Stone Brothers and what their childhood looked like before they decided to move up to the mountains Overall this was definitely a great ending to a fabulous duet I would rate this book as 45 stars overall because I would have liked to see an epilogue 2 years or even 5 years down the road describing what Addie's life looks like then I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a uick romance duet