Once Upon a Dickens Christmas

Once Upon a Dickens Christmas Three Delightful Christmas Tales From Beloved Storyteller Michelle Griep Pour Yourself A Cuppa, Get Lost In The Merriment Of The Season, And Enjoy A Dickensian Christmas In Three Stories From Fan Favorite Michelle Griep Days A Bleakly Manor Brought Together Under Mysterious Circumstances, Clara And Ben Discover That What They Ve Been Striving For Isn T What Ultimately Matters What Matters Most Is What Christmas Is All About Love A Tale Of Two Hearts Pleasure Seeker William Barlow Needs A Wife Immediately To Gain His Uncle S Inheritance, And Mina Scott Is Just The Girl To Make Him Look Respectable Too Bad She Turns Him Down Ought He Give Her A Second Chance The Old Lace Shop Recently Widowed Bella White Is Finally Freed From The Domination Of The Overbearing Men In Her Life, But When She Enters Into A Business Partnership With The Handsome Edmund Archer, She Begins To Wonder If Marriage Is Worth A Second Chance I love a good Victorian read, especially anything that is Dickensesque Charles Dickens , and also especially if it s by Michelle Griep She s become an instant must read author for me Anytime I see that she has a new book out I can t wait to grab a copy and devour it This collection has two books that were previously published in this series The last book is the third book in this series and the new book So if you have already read the first two books, you will be excited to have the next book available to read And, I have to say that I think it s my favorite of the three It was so good If you haven t read any of these books, then you re in for a treat All three books in the series in one lovely book I love the cover Each can be read as a stand alone or in order, however you choose Click the links for my individual reviews if you re interested to know what is in store for you no spoilers 12 Days at Bleakly Manor 4 Read my review here A Tale of Two Hearts 5 Read my review here The Old Lace Shop 5 Read my review here.Content See individual reviews for content in each book.I received a copy from the publisher, Shiloh Run Press, via NetGalley All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.Happy Reading A spectacular collection of Christmas tales that do Charles Dickens proud Each novella is infused with holiday warmth and delicious feel goods Perfect stories that celebrate the season in traditional style There s angst aplenty and plot twists galore on the way to three breath snatching happily ever afters that will make your toes curl Love the Christmasy familiar Victorian setting and Elizabeth Gaskell flair to these stories They honestly read as 100 year old classics Definitely a collection I ll be revisiting each year And I especially enjoyed the audible version There s something so delectable about having a Christmas story read to you Perfect accompaniment to holiday baking and gift wrapping What s not to love about Dickens and merry olde England Three lovely stories all connected by a gold second chance coin.The stories are tied together by Charles Dickens, lots of his quotes from all his books are scattered throughout the tales and his character also appears in the story Set during the Christmas in Victorian England 1850s Very quick and easy to read In the first tale Trio of hearts a bunch of very different individuals are invited to stay at Bleakly Manor and the last person to be there on the twelve night will get his or her wish come true Mina Scott is the main character in A tale of two hearts Mina is persuaded to pretend to be married to Will Barlow to help him become the heir to his uncles estate She is a kind soul and wants nothing than to make sure Uncle is safe and that those in need are helped.The last tale The Old Lace Shop is set in Nottingham and features a lace making factory When Bella s abusive husband dies she inherits a half share in the factory and discovers her new partner is her old love Edmund They have to deal with sabotage, poverty and sadness in this Victorian timed novel Recommended if you like historical fiction romances Nice to read and reread at Christmas time All my thoughts are my own and thank you for an ARC from Net galley and Michelle Griep. Three delightful Victorian novellas bound together by a second chance coin, a twist of Dickens, a smidgen of suspense, and wonderful spiritual content 12 Days at Bleakly ManorThis story reminded me of Agatha Christie s And Then There Were None but without the deaths Put together a group of strangers each with an invitation to a 12 day get together at Christmas time each with a reward if they stay all 12 days Place them in a mysterious old mansion in the country but without much in the way of supplies, and then wait to see what things take place Our hero and heroine were once engaged, but Benjamin Lane left Clara Chapman standing at the alter and she doesn t know why Will they both survive the 12 days and will love return as they learn to forgive and trust one another once again A touch of romance, a hint of mystery, and a cast of quirky characters make this an enjoyable read A Tale of Two HeartsThis is book 2 in the Once Upon a Dickens Christmas series, but it reads well as a standalone This book is delightfully enchanting as you stroll through Dickens era with Mina Scott and William Barlow A topsy turvy tale as William embroils Mina in his attempt to appear married for his Uncle Barlow as Barlow decides which of his two nephews would become his heir Even though William had good intentions to protect his uncle from his cad cousin Percy, the truth from the beginning would have probably saved William as well as Mina from the problems they encountered with Uncle Barlow and Mina s father The Dickens quotes at the beginning of each chapter were perfectly connected to whatever took place in the chapter, and Dickens cameo appearance at the fancy restaurant where William took Mina was a cute touch The play on the title of the story to Dickens A Tale of Two Cities was clever as well This was definitely an enjoyable Victorian read in which Michelle Griep kept me entertained from start to finish The Old Lace Shop This was my favorite novella of the series After becoming a widow whose husband was very abusive, with no heirs, Arabella inherits her husband s many properties. She sells everything except his lace factory and moves to Nottingham Little does she know that her only love, Edmund Archer, is managing the lace factory, and she is now a co owner with him Bella is a very caring person and it shows in the way she reaches out to the elderly lace workers who have lost their sight and are reduced to begging She also reaches out to Edmund s daughter, Flora, as she is crippled and Edmund has been very protective of her Both Bella and Edmund grow in their faith and their determination as they work together to make the lace factory a growing and profitable concern even with spies and arsonists who are trying to put them out of business With a HEA ending, and a twist of Dickens at the end, I want to see what happens next after the sweet epilogue. A delightful collection of Victorian era novellas set at Christmas Some of the best I have had the privilege to read All three animated tales are full of eccentric, charming and some dastardly characters, worthy of Dickens himself, who makes a cameo appearance in each one Centered around the theme of second chances , with a bit of a connection between them, each of these unique tales gives a refreshing look at the gift of grace, forgiveness and redemption Either your faith will move mountains, or your doubt will create them The first two tales were a joy to read again, so packed full of story that it s easy to get lost in them and hard to believe that they are only novellas The writing is excellent, including the newest addition a second chance romance set against the industrial background of the lace market in Nottingham A tough topic of abuse is carefully touched on as a young widow begins again, hoping for a better life A kind heroine who reaches out to the unloved and unwanted, she was easy to root for A few descriptions of factory life reminded me a bit of Gaskell s North and South The peril and competitive business climate added tension to this one Faith and hope are included to add a positive side to the story This one could easily be stretched to make a full length novel Highly recommend to readers who enjoy historical Christian romances with a classic feel A good collection to read and reread at Christmas time An ebook was provided by the publisher via NetGalley All opinions are my own. I think the subheading of the book title says it all All 3 of these tales are charming in a very Dickensian manner While I can t say I m keen on classic literature in general, that which I ve read of Charles Dickens I ve thoroughly enjoyed For that reason, I was drawn to this collection I d also heard great things about this one and the author this was my first book of Michelle Griep s It won t be my last I was very glad I opted to check this one out All 3 of the stories contained within are stand alone tales, but they are all connected by a mysterious second chance coin which brings a redemptive theme into each of the stories, as well as Charles Dickens himself, who is personally a part of each story That was a particularly fun element for me particularly in 12 Days at Bleakly Manor Also, some of the minor characters weave in and out of the different stories and it s fun to see the stories connect with those characters and with the coin The major characters in each tale drew along the solid faith thread of the stories and were immensely likeable I m pretty sure Mina Scott A Tale of Two Hearts and I would be great friends I enjoyed the story lines and the characters, the faith and redemptive themes, as well as the realism and the heartaches included within While I think I enjoyed the first story 12 Days at Bleakly Manor overall the best, I liked the characters the best in the 2nd tale A Tale of Two Hearts and the third tale The Old Lace Shop had such a satisfying ending All in all, I would highly recommend this collection to fans of historical romance and those who enjoy Charles Dickens Special thanks to NetGalley and Barbour Publishing for an ecopy of this book I was in no way obligated to write a review and the thoughts contained herein are my own. Once Upon A Dickens Christmas is absolutely wonderful Each of the stories are so unique and have great characters I love how each story has its own little twist These stories are a very quick and enjoyable read I loved it I highly recommend this book I received a complimentary copy from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review All opinions expressed are mine alone. If you want to get in the mood for Christmas, try these three novellas by Michelle Griep These short tales evoke the bygone days and characters reminiscent of Charles Dickens with their quirky names and actions that illustrate great spiritual truths The fresh stories are quite enjoyable The thing that ties the three stories together is a second chance coin that is passed to those deemed to benefit from it Ms Griep s prose shines as she brings out the point that we all get a second chance through saving faith in Christ The Dickens like characters jump off the page and wend their way into your heart They make me want to watch a whole bunch of Dickensian adaptations I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher on behalf of the author I was not required to give a favorable review All opinions are my own. Such a delightful collection of Christmas stories by Michelle Griep The three stories are loosely tied together by Charles Dickens and a coin that is passed on from person to person reminding each of that second chance gifted by God, even in the direst of circumstances It s amazing that the author can move between vastly different settings during the Victorian era to bring forth these stories that fit so well as a package, brimming with hope, grace, forgiveness, and redemption Each story is well written with a seamless plot and lovable characters 12 Days at Bleakly Manor carries mystery and intrigue as invited houseguests vie for something special if they can last through the twelfth night of Christmas celebration at Bleakly Manor A Tale of Two Hearts showcases two cousins vying for inheritance from an old rich uncle but both become embroiled in lies and half truths Old Lace Shop features former sweethearts broken by cruelty in previous marriage and life circumstances who end up as partners in a lace factory This story is told in first person present tense, which makes it quite unique In all three stories, there are snippets of England s history that provide the setting and events as well as spiritual truths If you re a fan of historical romance, this collection of Dickensian Christmas stories will captive you I received a copy of the book from Barbour Publishing via NetGalley and was under no obligation to post a positive review All comments and opinions are solely my own.

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