Out of Darkness, Shining Light

Out of Darkness, Shining Light Reading Out Of Darkness, Shining Light Author Petina Gappah Pandorajewelry70off.us This Is How We Carried Out Of Africa The Poor Broken Body Of Bwana Daudi, The Doctor, David Livingstone, So That He Could Be Borne Across The Sea And Buried In His Own Land So Begins Petina Gappah S Powerful Novel Of Exploration And Adventure In Nineteenth Century Africa The Captivating Story Of The Loyal Men And Women Who Carried Explorer And Missionary Dr Livingstone S Body, His Papers And Maps, Fifteen Hundred Miles Across The Continent Of Africa, So His Remains Could Be Returned Home To England And His Work Preserved There Narrated By Halima, The Doctor S Sharp Tongued Cook, And Jacob Wainwright, A Rigidly Pious Freed Slave, This Is A Story That Encompasses All Of The Hypocrisy Of Slavery And Colonization The Hypocrisy At The Core Of The Human Heart While Celebrating Resilience, Loyalty, And Love. all I want is to go somewhere no one has ever been, and gaze at the sky and look for miles around to see nothing but trees and hear nothing but birds David Livingstone was a Scottish physician, missionary and explorer who was determined to learn the source of the Nile River He also hoped to use his influence to stop the east African Arab Swahili slave trade He died in Africa in 1873 from Malaria and Dysentery His heart was buried under a tree where he died and his remains and his journal were carried over 1.000 miles where they could be returned to Britain where he was interred at Westminster Abbey Whoever heard of a party of people marching across a strange land with a dead body But they did just that This book is told in time before David Livingstone s death and after, when a group of his loyal servants mummified his body and carried it over 1,000 miles so that it could be returned to his homeland They did not need to do this They choose to do so The journey reportedly took nine months Were
Scottish explorer and medical missionary, David Livingstone, relentlessly searched for the source of the Nile, the world s longest river In the final two years of his life, he still had Nile madness In the opinion of Livingstone s acerbic cook Halima, the Nile had been there since time began The river would continue to flow whether the source was found or not Halima s advice, go home to your children, find a wife to warm your bed Livingstone refused to return to England despite becoming ill and frail He died in 1873 in what is present day Zambia How is Livingstone to be interred He will not rest easythose who are buried away from home walk abroadthey know no rest He must be buried in the way of his faithHe mustbe buried on ground that is consecratedwe cannot bury him here Halima s suggestion We will smoke himdry him in the sunHe would be light enough to carry thenwe bury his heart here and carry his bones to his own land In the handwritten diaries of Jacob Wainwright, a former slave, Wainwright documents the burial of Livingstone s heart and innards at the base of a Myula tree Sixty nine men, women and children decide that Livingstone s body, encased in a cylinder of bark, covered in sailcloth and weather proofed with tar, must be carried on poles by a rotation of two men, along with his writings and maps They embark, on foot, taking a perilous journey of over 1,000 miles, from Zambia to Zanzibar, to ultimately repatriate his r
Sometimes I worry that I am too stingy with 5 star reviews I ll read something and think it s great, but not quite 5 stars for me.Then I read a book like this The books I save my 5 stars for, so that my 5 stars really mean something This book is fantastic I learned about Livingtone and his expeditions, something I didn t really know about previously The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorite books, and similarly, this book took us into the intricacies of Africa in the face of colonization I also appreciated the insight into the slave trade in Africa, during a period of time when it was being outlawed in the UK, and the dynamics of how the slave trade worked This book touches on a ton of important history in a way that is deft, nuanced, and sympathetic I felt like it truly captured some of the moral ambiguities of religion, colonization and the slave trade.The author is also excellent at writing from two points of view and capturing very different and essential characters It honestly felt like I was hearing from two real people who had vastly different life experiences I liked Halima than Jacob, but found them both to be sympathetic in their ways Writing from both of their points of view really allowed the reader to see things from two perspectives without feeling pushed or forced into one viewp
Thanks to Simon and Shuster for the ARC at BEA 2019 This book was an interesting and relatively novel story about the people who brought British colonizer David Livingstone s body back to England While I found the writing and style interesting and enjoyed the descriptions of a colonizing central Africa , I found the main plot line to be ehh and not nearly as interesting as the stories of the people carrying Livingstone s body A quick and interesting historical fiction b
Compelling story told about the death of Livingstone from the story of his African companions. this book is already appealing to my reading taste buds I really love the plot of it and how the plot is Can t wait to read this. 3.75This book journals the aftermath of Dr David Livingtone s death English physician, missionary and humanitarian It is delivered from two POVs his female cook, Halimi and from Jacob Wainwright, a Christian missionary Dr Livingstone has bestowed himself a man of great significance among their people He is deified because of his contributions to their village He is referred to as Bwana Master Daudi, and Halimi, is his favorite slave to a white muzungu I thoroughly enjoyed the spirited narration coming from Halimi s POV Her prose is funny, witty and sharp She is a refreshing character to read in such a dark and unusual situation Her deep inquisitiveness and assertiveness sets the story for minor conflict I found myself rooting for her as she professes her deep yearning for freedom from slave and patriarchal norms in 1870s Zambia, Africa Wainwright s POV was beautifully written, but much slower paced It reads technically to their journey, rather than a traditional story arc I do believe the book falls in creative non fiction.Her story telling is vivid with great sensory details I like how she also chose deeply contrasting characters both in a truly extraordinary situation Wh
Give it a 3.5 star rating Characters well drawn, humorous touches to the story. I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review. Out of Darkness, Shining Light describes the story of David Livingston and the themes of strength, determination, love, loyalty and courage The characters were well developed and it had a very interesting plot A fascinating story, well wri

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  • 24 May 2019
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