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It Had to Be Murder❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ It Had to Be Murder Author Cornell Woolrich – The story that inspired the Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece Cornell Woolrich His name represents steamy suspenseful fiction chilling encounters on the dark and sultry landscape of urban America in t The story that inspired the to Be PDF/EPUB Ä Alfred Hitchcock film masterpiece Cornell Woolrich His name represents steamy suspenseful fiction chilling encounters on the dark and sultry landscape of urban America in the s and s Here in this special collection are his classic thrilers including 'Rear Window' the story of Hal Jeffries who trapped in his apartment because of a broken leg takes to watching his neighbours through his rear window and becomes certain that one of those neighbours is a murderer Also included are such haunting heart stopping tales as those involving a It Had PDF or man who finds his wife buried alive; a girl trapped with a deranged murderer who likes to knife his victims while dancing; and a woman seizing her chance to escape a sadistic husband only to find her dream go terrifyingly wrong. This Rear Window collection of stories 2001 by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from 1969 and earlier In addition to the title story there are an twelve stories primarily from his best years when his stories appeared in Detective Fiction Weekly Argosy and Black Mask among others Overall a fine collection of short stories with a mix that ranges from straight mystery to dramatic psychological suspense★★★★Rear Window Originally titled It Had to Be Murder and the story the HItchcock movie was based on If you've seen the movie then you've got the basic plot But there are definite differences in the original story Jeffries has no girlfriend doing his running about for him He has no nosy female housekeeper he has a houseman and he's the one who operates as Jeffries's legs I have to say that while the story is enjoyable I much prefer the film The characters are fleshed out and it's interesting seeing everything from Jeffries's point of view out the windowI Won't Take a Minute is one of Woolrich's variations on the lady vanishes story Our narrator is Kenny engaged the to the beautiful Stephanie She's just given her boss her notice and one of her tasks during her final wee is to drop off a package after work when they're supposed to be heading out for a night on the town Kenny doesn't like it much he thinks they take advantage of her good nature but she convinces him that it won't take a minute for her to pop into the apartment building and hand over the package Then they'll be on their way But the minute turns into several and then some and Kenny realizes that something has gone very wrong Speak to Me of Death Ann Bridges niece of the wealthy John T Bridges comes police headuarters seeking help for a rather bizarre situation Her uncle has become convinced after consulting a man who supposedly has second sight that he will die on a certain day through Death at the jaws of a lion Now the Bridges live in the middle of civilization nowhere near lions of any sort but her uncle is convinced and the closer the day comes the nerve wracked he grows She wants the detectives to keep her uncle alive until after midnight on the chosen day then when her uncle sees that he has survived life can return to normal But sometimes you just can't escape fate no matter what strange shape it might takeThe Dancing Detective Apparently this is one of Woolrich's freuently printed stories because I have read it in a few collections In this Ginger a dance hall girl loses her best friend when a killer makes a habit of killing girls from the dancing halls Nick the policeman on the case takes a fancy to Ginger and when the killer sets his sights on Ginger she has to hope that Nick will get the messages and clues she's left behind before she becomes another Poor Butterfly in the killer's collectionThe Light in the Window A soldier having just returned highly disturbed from the war decides to surprise his girl by showing up at her apartment unannounced He arrives when he thinks she should have just gotten home from work but the apartment is dark Thinking she's just running a bit late he waits outside for her Then suddenly the her light comes on and he meets an old friend coming out of the building who boasts suggestively of the time he's had The soldier is convinced his girl has been unfaithful and he goes to her apartment on the alert for proof of her guilt And if she's guiltyshe's going to have to be punishedThe Corpse Next Door An irritable man slugs the man in the next when he discovers him stealing his milk from outside the apartment door Horrified that he's killed the man he drags him through the open door the neighbor's and stashes him in the Murphy bed But as time goes by and no one has discovered the corpse he becomes a bit unhinged especially when a new couple moves in next doorYou'll Never See Me Again Another variation on the lady vanishes This time newlyweds Ed Teresa Smiles Bliss have one of those silly arguments that turn into a I'm going home to mother moments Smiles walks out on him promising that he'll never see her again When he goes shamefaced and hat in hand to apologize to her he finds that she's not there and she's apparently disappeared off the face of the earth It looks like she might have been rightThe Screaming Laugh A man who was known as a very disgruntled fellow who never cracked a smile let alone laughed at a joke has died apparently from laughing too hard The local doctor can find nothing to suggest anything but natural causes but he reports the unexpected death to the local sheriff as reuired by law But when Deputy Traynor arrives at the scene he just can't accept that Eleazar Hunt died after reading the book of really bad jokes dropped by the side of his chairDead on Her Feet A policeman is sent to breakup a dance marathon because the sponsors are suspected of being flim flam artists When he gets there he discovers that one of the contestants is uite literally dead on her feet It looks like the only one who could have done it is her partnerbut the cop has other ideasWaltz a very short story not to be confused with Waltz Into Darkness A young society girl is all set to elope with her young man They plan to take off in the middle of the dance hosted by her parents Bu Wes gets just a trifle agitated when she starts babbling to him about the detective who has crashed the party because there's a crook running loose in the neighborhood Maybe a thief maybe a murderer But why should they worry? No one will interfere with them after all they're not murderers The Book That Suealed adapted for radio on Suspense in 1945 as Library Book with Myrna Loy found HERE on youtube A rather uptight librarian finds herself in the middle of a mysterious adventure when a best seller please hear that with all of Prudence's disapproval is returned to the library with pages missing Though she disapproves of trashy best sellers she disapproves of book vandalism even Her determination to hunt down the culprit leads her into much bigger thingsDeath Escapes the Eye An editor for a magazine falls for the slush pile author she and her co editor chose to fill a hole in their latest issue But she has competition from the man's on again off again first wife Even when she disappearsFor the Rest of Her Life A very dark story about a woman who falls for and marries a sadistic wife beater She finds what looks to be an escape with a young loving man but what she expects for the rest of her life may not be what she getsFirst posted on my blog My Reader's Block Please reuest permission before reposting Thanks Five short stories loaded with tension; in true genre short story style they're invariably about a final punchline but Woolrich had a fair amount of skill when it came to ratcheting up the tension and that's what leaves him recognised as a master of his craft It's easy to see why Hitchcock was so enamoured of his work as somebody not enamoured of Hitchcock there wasn't much chance that I'd be overly thrilled with these stories either Cornell Woolrich is probably best known as the guy who wrote the story that became Rear Window and possibly to a lesser extent the guy who wrote The Phantom Lady As a pulp writer who make efforts to break into Hollywood it's probably fairly difficult to pay the bills but fortunately his economic suffering is out gain Originally published under the name It Had To Be Murder the published story of Rear Window differs from the film in key ways But keep in mind this version was first and so one of the key differences between the two involves at what point we learn certain information about our narrator in the film it's made explicit in the first scene whereas the story saves it for the very last line But there are other major differences too the narrator does not have a girlfriend and his housekeeper is male In fact as with much of the pulp noir writing of the time the homosexual element seems at the forefront of story unlike Hitchcock's version which puts marriage and concerns about commitment in the forefront What exactly this says about Hitchcock and Woolrich isn't really my particular academic expertise but I got a great story out of it which is than enough for me The same kind of grueling suspense and attention to detail shows up in the story as does in the movie and in both cases the end is so relieving and satisfying that it's a pleasure to read than once The narrative style too is so enjoyable that it was extremely inspiring Why don't people narrate fiction like this now? BOOK 139 Mid 20th Century North American Crime Readathon Round 5Rear Window is many things 1 It is no doubt the inspiration for 2018's Woman in the Window and the recent Girl on a Train and probably many other works Even Agatha Christie does a spin on this theme and probably the best spin in her 1957 novel What Mrs McGillicuddy Saw one of my favorite of Christie's cozies and one that's unfortunately overlooked And if you're looking for inspiration or want to write a homage why not utilize an amazing talent like Woolrich? and 2 It is one of the few cases in which the film directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring the great Jimmy Stewart the luminous Grace Kelly and Kelly's sensational wardrobe is better than the source material and 3 Although very good Rear Window doesn't represent the best of the author in novella or novel formHOOK 4 stars I didn't know their names I'd never heard their voices I didn't even know them by sight strictly speaking for their faces were too small to fill in with identifiable features at that distance Yet I could have constructed a timetable of their comings and goings their daily habits and activities They were the rear window dwellers around me serves as the opening paragraph A man in a wheelchair is restricted to movement between his bed and his own rear window And he has binoculars What does he see? We become voyeurs along with him It's a fascinating premise certainly How can one not read on?PACE 3 The observance of neighbors partying and dancing dressing and drinking and doing nothing illegal doesn't lead to a fast read as it takes the voyeur and his binoculars a while to realizePLOT 5 he the man in the wheelchair may have seen a man murder his wife and do away with her body But does the murderer notice the man with the binoculars is sitting helplessly in a wheelchair? This is where Hitchcock improves on the story the director ups the tension in a number of different ways adding layers to an already very good final climaxCHARACTERS 4 We seemingly learn about the way Woolrich sees the world there's pain and crime and filth everywhere if you look for it and the way we as readers want to see what our neighbors are up to everyone has secrets right? And many have some very dark skeletons why we see that in the media every dayATMOSPHERE 5 Here we're presented with 2 high rise apartment buildings their rear windows facing each other Seldom is atmosphere the very key the center of a work Seldom is atmosphere and plot melded so beautifully perfectlySUMMARY My overall rating is 42 And my rating might be higher but relativity strikes the film for me is so much better one of my favorites But just like I said this novella isn't among Woolrich's best 2 reviews to come of this author's work that I feel are literary masterpieces the books that is not my reviews I'll say the same about Hitchcock as good as his film of this work is Hitchcock directed at least 3 better films one of which Vertigo currently sits at the number one spot as the Best Film Ever according to a group of worldwide critics and directors It's a survey taken every 10 years For the first time ever Citizen Kane dropped to #2 and I believe Tokyo Story is #3 and 2001 A Space Oddyssey is at #4 and climbing sure to reach #1 in the 2020 vote But I digress wildlyManhattan Love Song 1932 38Rendezvous in Black 1948 36Dilemma of the Dead Lady 1936 40All At Once No Alice 1940 42Rear Window 1942 42Cornell Woolrich average author rating 396And like I said this authors very best work is to be covered in upcoming reviews Rear Window And Four Short Novels is my first exposure to the noir writing of Cornell Woolrich I had been looking for The Bride Wore Black when I found this collection of short novels All in all it was excellentThe 5 novels are Rear Window turned into the excellent movie by Alfred Hitchcock Post Mortem Three O'Clock Change of Murder and Momentum All were used by Hitchcock in some form or other the movie I mentioned and episodes for his TV series for the others I think my favorite was Three O'Clock my least favorite Momentum But I enjoyed them allRear Window is familiar to most Alfred Hitchcock obviously fleshed out the story There are no Grace Kelly and Thelma Ritter in the book Instead he has a man who comes in each day to cook meals Sam plays both roles dropping off the letter to Thorwald and then entering the flat later to find any clues Less of a role is also played by the various neighbours They are really mentioned only in passing But the tension is there built up very nicely in a short period of time I think it was as good as the movie in it own right and that is saying something considering how much I love the moviePost Mortem is nice little story Mrs Mead discovers that her dead husband had purchased an Irish Sweepstakes ticket on her behalf and it turns out to have been a winner Now to find it Her current husband helps her look for it but when it turns out that it is probably buried with him in his suit new hubby turns cold to the idea about exhuming the corpse to find it Who is the strange man who shows up trying to help Mrs Mead? It's a neat little story with a couple of twists and with a neat ending albeit somewhat confusingThree O'Clock features a husband who believes his wife is cheating on him He decides to get his revenge by setting up a bomb in the basement to kill her when she returns home But things don't turn out uite as he planned Excellent short story with building tension until the exciting climax at the end as 3 o'clock approaches As always an excellent twist at the end in fact almost a double twistChange of Murder features a hit man who wants to kill the man who took his wife from him while he was in prison He pays for an alibi in advance but has a change of heart The conseuences of these actions make for a neat endingIn Momentum a man goes to his ex boss to get his overdo pay to prevent his wife and he being thrown out onto the street This leads to a disastrous chain of events that while predictable to me still made for an excellent storyAll in all I enjoyed Woolrich's story telling and writing style very much Short stories can be hit or miss but these were 'hit' Woolrich displayed the ability to get right into a story developing and building tension uickly and coming up with neat tidy endings 4 stars ContentsRear WindowI Won't Take a MinuteSpeak to Me of DeathThe Dancing DetectiveThe Light in the WindowThe Corpse Next DoorYou'll Never See Me AgainThe Screaming LaughDead on Her FeetWaltzThe Book That SuealedDeath Escapes the EyeFor the Rest of Her Life Woolrich does like his last second plot twists but while in most cases I could tell what was coming the brilliancy of the story telling was that it was still thrilling and entertaining to get there A worthy collection of storiesRear Window aka It Had To Be Murder 45There are some plot issues that wouldn't work in a modern context police immediately jumping to search an apartment on a tip off etc but it's sound overall and has good suspense and build up The main character is left a bit mysterious which makes the noir fell compelling and satisfying There have been at least three film adaptations of various kinds none of which I plan to watch because I'm a wuss as I sit here and type this I only just finished reading the story and my husband is out at the grocery store so of course I'm jumping at every little sound I will however enjoy reading the rest of the stories in the collectionPost Mortem 355A fairly predictable story but watching it play out was still fun The way it came together was actually pretty original It's not really a cozy mystery wherein the reader is given all of the clues and just has to decide what to make of them And the ending wasn't realistic as far as the way all of the truth is revealed to the partyies involved but it's a classic detective wrap up A tad chauvinistic but not as bad as someThree O'Clock 355Varying degrees of karma with a slightly ambiguous ending InterestingChange of Murder 45I knew as soon as he changed his mind that he was doomed but watching in what form it would take was brilliant His own plot coming back on his head was rather satisfyingMomentum 45The plot twist was obvious from a couple of pages in but again the interest of the story was in the journey watching the momentum of one murder after another and the fast paced escape drive forward to the inevitable conclusion Among the best Hitchcock films Pretty good for a uick read It was suspenseful but not as exciting or complex as the film adaptation The first half is extremely introspective probably done to give the reader a sense of the character's solitude and boredom but it's a little hard to get into Overall it's an interesting and uniuely told mystery No wonder Alfred Hitchcock was a fan 5 amazing longish short stories in a little paperback but each of them has enough punch to become a feature film obviously The endings reminded me of O Henry

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