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رسالة المسترشدين☄ رسالة المسترشدين PDF / Epub ✓ Author الحارث بن أسد المحاسبي – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The translation notes and commentary of Imam al Harith al Muhasibi’s Risala al Mustarshidin Treatise For The Seekers Of Guidance by Zaid Shakir is intended to serve as a layman’s guide to Islamic The translation notes and commentary of Imam al Harith al Muhasibi’s Risala al Mustarshidin Treatise For The Seekers Of Guidance by Zaid Shakir is intended to serve as a layman’s guide to Islamic spirituality Al Muhasibi presents most of the major ideas that would both serve as the basis for a full program of spiritual development and comprise an insightful overview of a system of Islamic moral psychology He examines in great depth and penetrating insight the psychological motivations and justifications for moral thought and action and correspondingly the associated bases of immorality In so doing he has provided a road map that any person can follow to overcome the guiles of his fundamental enemies the world the ego the whims of the soul and Satan. This book claimed t9o be 'sharia compliant' sufism is basically a guide to handling yourself as a Muslim It focusses on matters of the heart and mind on self control abstinence the nature of knowledge intellect and closeness to God All this advise is strongly basedon the teachingsof the uran and the Prophet Muhammad's peace be upon him traditions Metaphysical and informative Alhamdulillah highly recommended to Muslims It's not a book that is meant to be read in a rush its something to be gone through slowly and with care And to be kept ready for freuent browse through's later Subhan'Allah this book is simply breathtaking Imam Muhasibi's advice is priceless and very practical Further Imam Zaid Shakir's commentary provides further insight to Imam Muhasibi's message This is a surprisingly easy read and I would recommend it to anyone My only advice is to take your time with the book and really try to absorb Imam Muhasibi's wisdom One of the best books I've read in years Zaid Shakir's beautiful English translation and commentary of Al Muhasibi's soul stirring work is refreshingly accessible to all including a lay reader or non Muslim A potent guide and reminder of the work necessary to succeed along the spiritual path of Islam This book was a bit dry and of course hard to follow at times but still a beautiful read for any student of the Islamic tradition Imam Zaid has done an immense service to the English speaking members of the Ummah by translating and adding commentary to this classical text May Allah reward both him and the author for their service What a fantastic book Totally recommended for 'Seekers of Guidance'Based on the teachings and sayings of Imam al Muhasibi the translator Zaid Butt deserves a good amount of credit for elucidating the message so simply and beautifully I would suggest readers not to skip the Introductory note on the Imam and his noteworthy contributions which have apparently inspired the famous works of Imam al Ghazzali Ihya Ulum al Din; The Revival of the Religious Sciences and Hazrat Abu Talib al Makki's work ut al ulub or Nourishment for the Heart What I like about the layout of the book is it is interspersed with stories and lessons related events incidences recorded accounts and then inferring lessons in daily life It is sooo easy to understand the message because the primary focus of this book is to inform and lay out clearly for the reader what historical accounts actually mean when they are allegorically recounted and passed down through the generations I have picked out some excerpts that I felt were worthy of sharing Pls excuse the length of this review as there were so many gems throughout the book that I felt compelled to capture them here The importance of accountabilityEvery time we do something significant we should step back and assess it Was it right? Was it lawful? Should I have done it? Such an accounting is a process that elevates us On the other hand if we fail to take an account of our actions we can easily enter a slippery slope that culminates in profligacy Entry upon that slope begins with small things the Sufi is the child of the moment ibn al Wat He endeavors to live a life consistent with God's plan Insight into that plan as it unfolds in our life can be gained if we contemplate the direction God is leading us towards This understanding once attained helps us to avoid wasting time and energy in the pursuit of those things God is not facilitating for usAddressing our faults and not seeking out faults of othersOne of the greatest blessings God can give us is showing us our faults When we know them we can correct them To be blinded by our own faults and only seeing the faults of others is an indication that God is displeased with us By pointing out the faults of others to the exclusion of our own our faults grow unaddressed until they ruin us The prophet ﷺ was asked Which people are most severely tested? He replied The Prophets peace upon them and then on down from them A man is tested according to his faith” Thus trials and tribulations are a sign of faith and an indication that one has a good standing with God Further we should understand that God does not place on anyone a burden greater than they can bear So if you’re tested by God bear that test with patience and dignity If you’re able to do so you will witness tremendous spiritual gifts and unimaginable benefits”Repair all of those things you need for the journey to the Hereafter Put your tongue in order; put your prayer in order stock up on night prayer uran recitation and litanies If your voluntary fast is like a rusty ship that has not been out on the water for a long while tune up the engine paint the hull scrape off the barnacles and resume using that ship WowWake up from slumber“Think about things based on the reality of every situation Do not be deceived by superficial appearances One who cannot see beyond a superficial level is spiritually asleep One who fails to realise that the world is temporary and is merely a means to help us attain to God is asleep Most of us are sleepwalking and need to wake up A sleepwalker drifts along without purpose He may even commit a serious crime in his state of total heedlessness Only by waking up are we able to realise that we have strayed from the path and then find the ability to right ourselves”The Hereafter as our ultimate concern “If you chose to chase the world know that God will take it away from you Some people will ask ‘How is it then that so many wrongdoers are so prosperous in this world?’ This inuiry can be answered in several ways First of all the world means nothing to God so He gives it freely to whomsoever He chooses However He only gives religion to those He loves Secondly the world is a source of their long term detriment and is leading them to their ruin Istidraj Finally it is not a source of true enjoyment and only deludes its possessors by blinding them to the real enjoyments of life Based on this meaning God taking away the world from such people is removing the joy from their lives despite their abundance of material possessions”“One of the fundamental bases of our success is focus; focusing on the fact that we were created to worship God and to serve others Everything else in the world should be subservient to these two facts Once we accept that we were not created to make money drive a particular car marry a person who looks a particular way find the ultimate mind altering experience wear a certain brand of sneakers etc then we will find focus If we do not accept that we were created to worship we will chase money cars sneakers men women drugs clothes and none of it will bring us any real happiness”Whims of the soulThe whims of our soul are rooted in our physical hence carnal nature They pull us away from our spiritual nature By conuering them we assist our soul in its effort to move towards its angelic nature The angelic nature is one that inclines towards obedience to God as the angels are incapable of rebellion to God”Hasan al Basri said ‘God has not made for the believer a source of rest and comfort other than Paradise’“This world is a place of work toil and struggle It is not a place of comfort and ease God mentions in the uran O you human You are toiling mightily to reach your Lord and surely you will reach him 846 He has not promised us perpetual bliss in this world yet we are surprised or disappointed when we encounter trials and tribulations”Love of God“the space occupied in our hearts by the love of something in God’s creation is proportionate to the size of that thing whereas the space occupied in our hearts by God’s love is proportionate to the vastness of God’s infinite bounty grace and light Is there any basis for comparison here?” “Let patience accompany you in every situation Patience is one of the keys to divine assistance God mentions in the uran that one of the ualities of those who escape the general condition of loss that afflicts people attempting to lead lives divorced from divine guidance is that they counsel one another towards patience 1033”“A believer is constantly tested and he has to literally reaffirm his truthfulness in an unending succession of situations We should further note that truth being dynamic has the power to revitalize souls restore hope replenish hearts and engender spiritual growth Those who are spiritually alert readily perceive this truth Falsehood being static encourages spiritual inertia and eventually spiritual death”“One who cannot see beyond the creation to witness the existence of its creator has been veiled That veiling in and of itself constitutes a proof for God for God’s existence is so self evident He is the only force powerful enough to veil Himself from His creation” Reliance is for one who trustsTrust Tawakkul in God is defined as relying on God to bring good and to ward off harm in both worldly and other worldly affairs Imam al Jurjani defines Tawakkul as ‘Trusting in that possessed by God while despairing from that possessed by people’ At the heart of this definition is trust”On cautiousness“ described by the prophet ﷺ as the best manifestation of true religion He mentioned “Excessive knowledge is beloved to me than excessive worship and the best manifestation of true religion lies in cautiousness’”“God mentions Every soul will experience death and then you will be given your recompense in full on the Day of Resurrection Therefore whoever is pulled back from Hell and entered into Paradise is the victorious one And what is the life of this world except a deceptive enjoyment? 3185”Souls Resonating with each other “Our hearts respond differently to different people There are people that we instinctively find repulsive and there are others we have a great receptivity towards One reason for this is the nature of the interaction of our souls with other souls in the pre temporal realm before entering this world This process is described by the Messenger of God ﷺ in the following hadith ‘The souls are assembled hosts those that recognise each other find harmony while those that are unfamiliar with each other find dissonance’”One of the sages said “The heart is like a house with six doors You are warned ‘Do not allow anyone to enter any of the doors lest they ransack your house’ The heart is the house and the six doors are speech vision hearing smell the two hands and the two feet Whenever any of these doors are breached the house is pillaged”There are several other parts that the book contains so many deep messages and I’m doing a injustice by not drawing attention to others but these are the ones that spoke to me I hope this review is helpful to you This book is a perfect manual to exercise and be conscious of one's humility at all times What a great contribution to our race and time Praises for the works of such awliya Imam Shakir has done his fellow Muslims a tremendous service in translating the work of Imam Al Muhasibi Not only does he translate the text from the complex nuanced intricate Arabic he adds his own commentary He provides great examples and instruction weaving through verses of the uran and the ahadeeth of the Prophet S It's a great text for anyone wanting to know about how to live as a Muslim specifically one who wants to learn what the character of a Muslim should be It's one of those books I'll be returning to often as it's got an almost meditative uality to it I have one huge complaint with the book though the actual text This book is written by a native English speaker published in 2008 in the US and has not one but two editors Still it is REPLETE with spelling usage and punctuation errors There is one such error on almost every page I am a very charitable reader I am after the message of the book not the structureformatmechanics But in this book sadly the grammar and usage errors were so abundant as to actually be distracting I've got a fix for this though Imam Shakir is close family friends with my mom's best friend and her husband is a bigwig at the Nawawi Foundation and I've actually edited one of his essays and am credited which was very nice of him I'm going to talk to them to see if Imam Shakir would be at all receptive to me doing a grammatical overhaul of this text I want to go over it with a fine tooth comb Free of charge fi sabeel illah I don't even need to be credited for the work I don't care I just want to be able to fix it and make it better So inshaAllah we'll see maybe something will happen and I'll be able to edit this review later with the message that I've done my revisions and will offer a cookie as a prize to anyone that finds so much as a misplaced comma in the newest edition ; needs to be read by people very accessible by anyone Decent translation but has room for improvement A primer for the science of Tassawwuf This book is simply wonderfulWhether you are a new Muslim an average Muslim or a learned Muslim this book has something that everyone can benefit from It really is a layman's guide to Islamic spirituality but in my opinion the commentary by Imam Zaid Shakir adds inspiring reminders that really brings the message of Imam al Muhasibi rA to complete fruitionMay Allah swt give Imam Zaid Shakir strength and motivation to continue his endeavors of re illuminating the torch of Islamic guidance and spiritualityVery much recommended

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