True Alpha

True Alpha[BOOKS] ⚡ True Alpha Author Alisa Woods – LUCAS I’m a mess Broken Lost my mate and almost myself In no shape to help anyone Then the sexy girl serving me drinks stumbles into trouble with a bunch of wolves who are bad business—I should kn LUCAS I’m a mess Broken Lost my mate and almost myself In no shape to help anyone Then the sexy girl serving me drinks stumbles into trouble with a bunch of wolves who are bad business—I should know They’re the competition And they’re as dirty at dot com investing as they are predatory on young things like her So I save her Because I may be broken but I’m not an ass Only she shows up the next day at my office As my intern And now the Red pack is after her putting us suare in a pack war—one she doesn’t even understand I’m in no shape to claim a mate— not happening—but if I don’t the Red’s jackass of an alpha will MIA I’m just trying to earn my degree and dig my way out of poverty I was born a shifter— of my bad luck—but I’ve kept that a secret so it doesn’t ruin my life Shifters are monsters Criminals And I’m trying to make something of myself This internship at the hottest internet business development firm in Seattle is my ticket out only the boss is a wolf And insanely hot And he saved my life I’d break all the rules for this guy—except he wants nothing to do with me The wolves who do are the Big Bad Wolf kind The kind I’ve always heard about I’ve got nowhere to turn but to the one guy who doesn’t want me at all Claiming Mia Dot Com Wolves is a super hot complete story with HEA Formerly published as True Alpha. Overall 4 Starsmy Desired True Alpha 1 review I thought this wasn't a good idea she said breathless hoping he wasn't suddenly changing his mind I'm tired of trying to resist you my Guarded True Alpha 2 review If she was on Facebook their relationship status would definitely be it's complicated my Hunted True Alpha 3 review I promise not to try to jump your insanely gorgeous body any That drew him back A smile seemed to be fighting it's way onto his face Well you knowunless you as me to Very nicely Roses would be good my Captured True Alpha 4 review Alphas don't get what they deserve they get what they earn my Sacrificed True Alpha 5 reviewmy Claimed True Alpha 6 review when it comes to love you've just got to follow your heart ARC kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review uotes above are taken from the ARC version of the book and may differ upon publication I received a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for an honest reviewOverall I enjoyed this serial for it's original elements and for the depth given to Lucas' past The premise was good and but for a few elements it was a good story The steamy moments were nice and steamy too I like that it wasn't cookie cutter that one can expect from many shifter stories Now for the not so great For some reason I was not sold on Mia's personality I never felt as though her actions and personality held up to the story being told Also the antagonist's actions didn't make sense until late to midway through the story I definitely think that the boxed set is worth reading If you stick with it you become invested in the characters and what happens to themFirst impressions per volume NO SPOILERSVol 1 Claimed 3 starsSteamy lead check uirky bff check Awkward and a bit clueless but sexyish heroine with a secret double check But my first impressions were shifter story with a dash of 50 shades of grey storyline minus the pseudo bdsm Mia is a bit less awkwardannoying innocent than Anastasia and Lucas is much heroic and principled than Christian Grey But he's also a millionaire with a darkish past Past the 50 shades similarities there is definitely a story there But then I was never sold on the reasons the Red pack went after her nor was I sold on why they just kept coming This continues on through the seriesVol 2 Guarded 2 starsA lot explanation here a bit of an info dump to be honest Also there is another supernatural element introduced without much backstoryVol 3 Hunted 3 starsWe get info on the wolves and shifter abilities which is great More of a story here between the two mains and of a reason for them to even like each other I like that there is character building and relationship building here Also we finally hear from for the first and last time from Mia's mom who is allegedly her reason for working so hard and whose life she wants to improve Also it's hard to believe that her mom doesn't know she's a shifter when she's been shifting her entire life Also the idea of her father who apparently granted her shifter heritage is a massive missed opportunity for depth to her story Also in this volume she has a brief mishap that is a bit of a throw away as wellVol 4 Captured 4 starswe finally see a reason for some things Honestly I enjoyed this volume than the others There is a bit of danger backstory and depth introduced into the other side Mia finally seems to gain personality but it almost seems out of character when compared to the other volumes If this was the person I saw from the beginning I would have liked her much Vol 5 Sacrificed 354 starsSeveral huh? moments Some things were introduced that definitely came from nowhere and they would've been welcome earlier on I definitely want to learn about several characters that popped out of nowhere in this volume In fact the characters introduced here sound like the interesting group The injuries dealt to the hero group were not understandable at all I thought they were the stronger group but they're washed up in this one Mia's inability to leave Evil Red is a confused jumble that I needed to read a couple of times to understand what was happeningVol 6 Claimed 2 starsAnd that's all she wrote A bit anti climactic but overall a good story 💝FREE on iBooks today 7112018💝 Lucas was a mess ever since his mate died he'd even left his father's pack but still helped out with the business But when he saw Mia in trouble he had to help her But doing so made the wolves from the red pack think that they could hurt him by hurting Mia Mia lived in a dorm with her roommate and worked at a bar All that changed when three wolves from the red pack had come at her and tried attacking her The only reason she got out unscathed was because Lucas had stepped in Lucas couldn't stop thinking about Mia after he saved her and was very surprised when she showed up at his business as the new intern But now that she was here he knew that he had to keep her safe She didn't take the danger seriously until the wolves came after her a second time Lucas took her to his home to keep her safe and when they couldn't keep their hands off of each other it looked like things would change for the better for both of them until Lucas learned her secretshe was also a shifter and kept it a secret from everyone because she didn't have a pack Once he knows what she is he let's her know that they have to keep their hands off each other because he doesn't want another mate since he blames himself for his mates death But when an alpha from a rival pack kidnaps Mia all bets are off because now Lucas wants her and nothing is going to stop him Holy shifters Batman This was one hot read with some really great characters So much happens and it had me on the edge of my seat to see what would happen next A decent readI got this first book in November 2014 but just couldn’t see myself being that interested in a serial so I didn’t go on Then yesterday I found this again so I decided to give it a try and reread the first one again and now I’m on the second one And I’m really enjoying themOne reviewer said this “Poorly written It's like a paranormal version of 50 shades As if 50 shades wasn't bad enough” LMAO This reviewer was soooo wrong I don’t even know how she could have said that Yeah there was an explicit sex scene but it was no different than any other romance with a sex scene No whips chains BDSM just sex Really unbelievableNow back to the book If there’s one thing I detest it’s an author who has a MAN biting his lip It’s bad enough when a woman does it all the time but for a man it’s totally ridiculous AND so very feminine Every time I picture that I just want to barf AND I also wonder why authors have their heroes say stupid things like “I killed my mate” when we all know that that’s not true GeezI liked Lucas and Mia and their sexual attraction is nice but not overwhelming However the sex was nice until Lucas found out she was a shifter when she raked her claws down his back Yeah he was a little ticked off that she’d been hiding that from him In the third book I wasn’t crazy about Mia’s attraction to Colin It would have been ok if she’d been away from Lucas for a while and was trying to get over him but he was just in the other office while Mia was drooling over Colin I was tempted to stop reading I was so disgusted with her thoughts and feelings Kind of slutty if you ask meAs of part 5 I really had begun to dislike Mia even So I’m glad I only have one part to go I mean after the battle she’s walking through the woods while Lucas is wounded and being carried and she holding hands with Colin and he’s making it so obvious that he’s lusting after her and she’s acting like a slut again I decided that no matter how it turned out I’d be wishing Lucas had found a better mate OR I wish the author would have written it better It was like half the book was a love triangle and I hate those kinds of books It makes me afraid to read the Dark Alpha for fear it’ll have another triangle in it I did read all 4 of the Wilding Pack Wolves books and really liked themPart 6 was the shortest read because I skimmed most of it since it was mostly sex Mostly it was a good story but it could have been story and a little less sexThere was a little swearing and the F bomb was used 3 or 4 times AwesomeWhat an awesome series I loved it The characters were believable and the story addictive there wasn't anything I didn't like about this series other than the fact that it ended OMG I absolutely loved Mia and her roommate Jupiter They are hilarious together Jupiter is funny and uite uirky with her sense of style Mia is a very hard worker who is working hard to finish school work and try to get her mom out of the crime ridden area she lives in Mia has to do all this while hiding the fact that she is a shifter Enter Lucas a man who saves her in a dark alley Mia ends up being an intern at his family business Mia is wanted by the red pack which Lucas wont allow This would be a very simple solution of claiming her if he wasnt still torn about losing his first mate This book bundle is an excellent buy Six well written books filled with alpha males This bundle is a fun romantic sexy read about shifters Witches I’m looking forward to reading of Alisa Woods’ books My next read from this Author is the Dark Alpha SeriesThis was a fast moving story from the time Lucas saves Kia from the r ed pack wolves at her part time job to when he finds she is a intern at his father's company new age analytical company Mia is a wolf an this is what pack is She never new Her mother knows of them yet doesn't know she apart of them As things heat up with another company of wolves Mia finds theirs good and bad no matter what you are The sex scenes are HOT and steamy and I realize the whole point of the book is Lucas learning to forgive himself and finding his Alpha self but I wanted Alphaness often Mia is about to start her new job as an intern but she shadows with a job bartending in a place that is filled with shifters Mia is a shifter but it has kept it hidden When Mia gets in a bit of trouble she finds herself being protected by Lucas Not in her wildest dreams did she think Lucas would be her new boss The chemistry is there but Lucas wont claim Mia after losing his mate He is down on himself and can't seem to get out of his own head but a threat still surrounds Mia and Lucas finds he wants to be the only one to protect her and perhaps claim herI liked this but I did find that Lucas drained me a bit I had a hard time wondering why Mia would still want him when he was a jerk most of the time Once he does redeem himself it all falls into place though Good start to a new series I had a lot of fun reading Claiming Mia by Alisa Woods The book was well written fast paced and easy to sink into I was captivated by Mia’s personality – she was a go getter and knew what she wanted in her life and from those around herThe romance between Lucas and Mia was fraught with complications and insecurities but was also tantalizingly steamy and at times heart wrenchingly sweet The characters were well fleshed out and voiced in a way that made them easily distinguishableProbably my only ualm is how wishy washy Lucas was about their relationship Don’t get me wrong I understood his hesitation but at the same time in her shoes I would have gone for ColinEither way I enjoyed the story and it’s world building and if you enjoy paranormal romance you will most likely enjoy this It may also appeal to romance readers that usually stick with contemporary billionaire romances as the plot was of a similar vein If that is to your tastes you may enjoy this foray into another popular genre