Courting Disaster (Thoroughbred Legacy #6)

Courting Disaster (Thoroughbred Legacy #6)[Read] ➪ Courting Disaster (Thoroughbred Legacy #6) ➲ Kathleen O'Reilly – What Demetri wants Demetri getsRace car driver Demetri Lucas's life is comprised of two things betting and winning He lives hard and fast and likes women to match But when Demetri gets an opportunity What Demetri wants Demetri getsRace car driver Demetri Lucas's life is comprised of two things betting and winning He lives hard and fast and likes women to match But when Demetri gets an opportunity to help an old friend by purchasing some horses from uest Stables he runs up against the most stubborn woman he's ever met And he wants her Sueaky clean country singer Elizabeth Innis is part of the prestigious Preston clan so when an outsider makes a bid to help uest Stables Elizabeth is furious Even worse when she finally meets the interloper she's ridiculously attracted to him and it's mutual The only problem They mix like oil and waterBut Demetri has a solution a small wager And his prize is Elizabeth. Courting Disaster is the sixth book in the Southern Legacies series and this is painfully obvious in the first few chapters ThBut once O’Reilly gets through the series continuity info dump around page 40 the book picks up the pace and we’re treated to a romance that’s both somewhat traditional and yet unpredictableThe story features a smart hero in Demetri Not bookish not witty not cunning but smart enough to know when he’s being tested and man enough to rise to the challenge Elizabeth isn’t just a virgin heroine — she’s a heroine who happens to be a virgin in part because she reveals 'I don’t want to be one of those music stars that are in and out of relationships and rehab and car accidents and in general being unhappy I want to be happy I deserve that'Demetri’s experience with women helps him to say and do the right things when Elizabeth teases and tests him There’s nothing swoonable than a hero who’s smart enough to say no to a temptress even if it’s the heroine doing the temptingOf course this kind of relationship isn’t sustainable and O’Reilly takes us on an emotional journey that’s thrilling and heartbreaking and of course ultimately satisfyingThe series continuity is the weakest part of the story The first few chapters are a hard slog as we’re introduced to the Preston family Throughout the story secondary characters meander in and out and sometimes they distract rather than complement the romanceThis novel is filled with dangerous traps for a less skilled writer the reckless playboy the virgin heroine the big misunderstanding but O’Reilly never lets her characters descend to cliche Courting Disaster is a keeper for me You can read my full review at Book Thingo Thoroughbred Legacy #6The Preston Family is building a thoroughbred racing dynasty in Kentucky and Australia However disaster seems to be striking at every turn and the family's legacy may be about to crumbleunless they can find out who is targeting the family and their horses This series has characters that made me care It also had mystery intrigue and of course romance I plowed through this series uicklydying to find out what would happen next My only disappointment is that there isn't a 13th book to the series I really want the surprise hero in The Secret Heiress to find his own happinessI have to admit that I'm something of a book cover snob I would never have picked up these books in a bookstore However Flirting with Trouble the first book in the series is by an author I enjoy Because I stumbled across it as an ebook and downloaded it I didn't actually see the cover until I opened the book on my iPod ebook reader Good thing I would have been disappointed to miss out on the Thoroughbred Legacy seriesThe series consists of the following books1 Flirting with Trouble by Elizabeth Bevarly2 Biding Her Time by Wendy Warren3 Picture of Perfection by Kristin Gabriel4 Something to Talk About by Joanne Rock5 Millions to Spare by Barbara Dunlop6 Courting Disaster by Kathleen O'Reilly7 Who's Cheatin' Who by Maggie Price8 A Lady's Luck by Ken Casper9 Darci's Pride by Jenna Mills10 Breaking Free by Loreth Anne White11 An Indecent Proposal by Margot Early12 The Secret Heiress by Bethany Campbell

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  • 251 pages
  • Courting Disaster (Thoroughbred Legacy #6)
  • Kathleen O'Reilly
  • English
  • 03 December 2014
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